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BIG ways we provide industrial maintenance differently than everyone else

1. We pride ourselves on the ability to problem solve

  • We collaborate with customers to find them the right solutions
  • We will never provide a solution excessive or inappropriate to your needs
  • We try to find innovative solutions to reasonably solve problems and meet your needs for cost, schedule and performance

2. We source a wide range of solutions so our customers do not have to

  • We take multi-source inconveniences off the customer's hands
  • We hire great people in-house so the customer 2024 European Cup match predictionsgets great value from people that they are familiar with
  • Our employee turnover in our installation crews is half the industry average
  • We personally oversee, supervise and provide quality assurance to any subcontractors we employ
osha certification card shows commitment to safety

3. We demand safety from the top down

  • Our safety processes and procedures are fully transparent, available on ISNetworld for all to see. ISNetworld certifies us as "A+"
  • ISNetworld certifies BIG as "RAVS+", putting us in the top 10% of all contractors
  • Our team briefs, analyzes, and applies mitigations to every job we do, every day
  • We empower every team member to stop a job if they see an unsafe situation
  • We empower every team member to procure any equipment needed on the spot to complete a job safely
  • 100% of our team holds OSHA 30 certifications.
  • 100% of our team hold respirator, First-Aid/CPR Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsand Blood-borne Pathogen certifications
  • 10% of our team holds a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) qualification
  • 10% of our team holds a certification as a Construction Health and Safety Technician, accredited by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • 10% of our team hold OSHA 500 certifications
  • We track all safety expenditures in a separate budget line so we put our money where our mouth is
  • We encourage our subcontractors to supplement their safety and training programs by participating in ours

4. We treat everyone fairly

  • We want to be fair to our customers, the members of our team, and frankly, ourselves
  • BIG will not do business with companies with questionable business practices
  • BIG does not tolerate team members who do not align with our core values
  • We do not take advantage of customers with urgent needs
  • We do not work for customers Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddswho try to take advantage of us, or treat our team members poorly while on-site

5. Our insurance program reduces risk for our customers

  • We exceed every customer's insurance requirements
  • We check every job's technical scope against coverage to ensure peace of mind for our customers

6. Details, details, details

  • We emphasize the "little things" in execution: clean jobs, done safely and on time.
  • We show up on time reliably. It is that simple

7. We do "a little extra" each time

  • We always try to outperform our scope just a little bit at no cost to the customer
  • Everyone likes a good surprise and loves great value

8. Our subcontractor screening process evaluates for:

  • Technical competency
  • Safety, health and training programs
  • Financial responsibility
  • Business licenses and certifications
  • Experience Modification Ratings
  • Insurance capacity
  • Client references

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