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overhead concrete repair example

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Fast, Durable Solutions To Extend Asset Service Life

Banks Industrial Group Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsis a Philadelphia based maintenance company that provides overhead and vertical concrete repair service. Most repairs are performed and ready for service on the same day. Our proven Belzona materials cure in hours and do not require the use of formwork, with only minimal support during application. Hi-build, fast-cure qualities allow work to be completed with minimal downtime, especially compared to conventional concrete which requires forms, shoring and 28 days to cure.

We Repair:

  • Damaged concrete for vertical and overhead applications
  • Concrete columns, beams, archways, and bridges
  • Window lintels, sills and balconies


  • Fast curing for minimal downtime – most repairs are done and ready for service in hours
  • Hi-build allows up to 5-inch depth vertical, 3-inch depth overhead in a single lift
  • No shrinkage regardless of thickness applied
  • Greatly reduced need for formwork and shoring allows fast repair
  • Lightweight and durable – stronger than concrete
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Feather edge and tint to match existing substrate
  • European Cup Online Football Betting OddsSolvent free materials reduce health and safety risks

Need Concrete Repairs?

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Over time, concrete structures may crack and spall due to factors such as poor installation, corrosion of rebar, freeze-thaw cycles, chemical attack, temperature fluctuations and impact damage. While concrete repair itself is a complex task, vertical concrete repair presents a unique set of challenges that demand specialized techniques and expertise.

Gravity, limited access and long curing time make repairing vertical concrete difficult.  Gravity acts against the repair material in vertical and overhead repairs, leading to slumping and poor bonding. Contractors use formwork to provide temporary support and containment until the fresh concrete cures and gains sufficient strength. Unfortunately, prep work and the 28 day cure-time needed for concrete cause Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsdowntime, financial losses and hindered access.

Solution: Use Rapid-Cure, Hi-Build Polymer Repair Materials

When it comes to vertical concrete repairs, selecting the right repair material is crucial to ensure effective restoration, durability, and long-lasting results. In many cases we use proven Belzona 4141 Magma Build epoxy composite for overhead and vertical repairs.

Belzona 4141 Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Odds, ensuring the restored area quickly regains its structural integrity. It can be applied without formwork and only minimal support, reducing prep work. Additionally, it exhibits exceptional adhesion properties, enabling it to bond strongly with various substrates, even on vertical and overhead surfaces. This strong bond reduces the risk of delamination or detachment over time.

Belzona 4141 also offers excellent chemical resistance, safeguarding the repaired area from corrosive substances commonly found in industrial environments. The repair material has a proven track record, with successful applications of concrete repairs worldwide.

Vertical and overhead concrete repair is a specialized endeavor that requires meticulous planning, technical expertise, and experienced professionals. Overcoming gravity, ensuring proper surface preparation, and achieving seamless material application make this a complex process. By understanding and addressing these difficulties, Banks Industrial Group can ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your concrete infrastructure.

Overhead Concrete Repair Case Study

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before and after example of vertical concrete repair of spalling

Concrete wall spalling was repaired without use of forms and cured in hours.

before and after example of overhead concrete repair in parking garage

Overhead concrete repaired in parking garage.

Belzona 4141 application diagram

Use of a former is optional, 4141 will not slump, even on overhead applications.

How To Repair A Concrete Ceiling Without Forms

Watch a short video demonstration European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsshowing how Belzona 4141 is used to repair overhead concrete.

Banks Industrial Group is Philadelphia's Source for Overhead & Vertical Concrete Repair

Banks Industrial provides overhead and vertical concrete repair services. We are safety-oriented, ISNetworld certified A+, and fully insured to reduce your risk.

Banks Industrial provides overhead and vertical concrete  repair services for ceilings, walls, beams, columns, balconies and lintels in commercial and industrial buildings. We understand the high cost of downtime and work diligently to apply an effective, long-lasting repair with a fast return to service. For more information about concrete repair and our other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.