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Seal-A-Tank Tank Base Sealing

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Storage tanks are expensive assets that require proper maintenance to operate successfully. Any damage can lead to costly repairs and unplanned downtime. Tank base corrosion, in particular, can quickly Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsreduce tank reliability and increase the total cost of ownership.

Tank bases corrode due to water infiltration and poor drainage. Water and moisture can infiltrate tank bases in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cracks caused by storage tank settlement and movement
  • Sealant failure around the chime area due to tank expansion and contraction
  • Void cavities between the tank floor and concrete base
  • The cracking and shrinkage of hot bituminous materials
  • Intermittent immersion in rainwater
  • Fire sprinkler/tank deluge systems creating water pooling and ponding around the base

Need Tank Base Sealing?

To close gaps and protect tank bottoms against corrosion, Banks Industrial Group (BIG) provides tank base sealing services and repairs deteriorated concrete bases and tank chime fillets. Our Seal-A-Tank polymeric tank chime sealing system is proven to outlast conventional sealants and offers numerous benefits.

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Longer Tank Life Belzona sealing prolongs tank base service life by preventing water infiltration at the tank chime
Better Reliability  BIG’s tank base sealing improves tank reliability and boosts productivity by avoiding costly downtime
Simplified Maintenance 2024 European Cup match predictionsBelzona sealing outlasts conventional sealants by many years, simplifying maintenance needs and reducing the risk of tank bottom replacement/demolition 
Tank Movement Accommodations Belzona’s strength and flexibility accommodate tank expansion and contraction without seal failure
Microporous Barrier  A breathable, microporous barrier releases trapped moisture below the base while preventing external rainwater intrusion
Environmental Fortifications Chemical- and heat-resistant properties enable long-term performance in harsh environments
Easy Repairability The sealing is easily repaired, if the need ever arises
Leak Detection Chemical and hydrocarbon leaks create dark stains, leading to easy detection by inspection teams
Flood Protection Sealants are shown to prevent tanks from floating off their foundations during flood conditions due to water intrusion protections
Convenient Installation Fast, safe installation by our factory-certified crews (no hot work permit required)

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Conventional tank chime sealants are prone to rapid failure when exposed to weather, UV light, and intense operating conditions. Cracks, voids, 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionand sealant disbondment at the chime angle permit water and atmospheric contaminants to collect under the tank base and cause corrosion. Corrosion development is further aggravated by:

  • The pooling of rainwater
  • Fire sprinkler and deluge systems
  • Wet insulation along the tank base

If left uncorrected, this corrosion will eventually create through-wall defects that threaten to destroy or contaminate products and cause tank bottom failure. The subsequent downtime, clean-up, repair, and safety issues can be painful and expensive.

Leaking Tank Base Caulk Seal

Failed caulk seal.

Tank Base Voids Can Allow Water Ingress

Tank base voids.

Water Under Insulation

Water under insulation.

Cracked Tank Base Concrete

Concrete expansion cracks.

Polymeric Chime Sealing Improves Tank Reliability by Preventing Corrosion Damage

Seal-A-Tank polymeric tank chime sealants are more durable and last longer than conventional mastic sealants and bitumens. This has the benefit of reducing maintenance costs while improving the reliability of the storage tank.

Seal-A-Tank's main advantages are flexibility, breathability, and a 10-year service life. The solution’s elastomeric 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionflexibility accommodates tank expansion movements while its tenacious grip prevents disbondment and water infiltration. The microporosity of Seal-A-Tank makes it breathable, so any water trapped underneath the base is able to evaporate while external water is sealed out. These characteristics give you dependable corrosion protection for longer service life and improved reliability.

Application is rapidly performed and can often be accomplished while the tank remains in service. Materials are safe and solvent-free. Typically, no hot work permit is required for installation.

Foundation Repair and CUI Repair Services

For situations that involve pooling water or damaged concrete foundations, Banks Industrial Group can also make repairs and corrections including tank chime fillets to divert water and condensation away from the chime.

We also offer CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) repair and a unique method to prevent moisture hidden under insulation from collecting at the tank wall bottom. This method involves raising the lower 2024 European Cup match predictionsportion of the insulation to expose the chime angle and allow trapped water to drain away from the tank surface. By making the tank chime plainly visible, BIG’s method makes API 653 inspections easier as well.

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Watch this short video explaining our Tank Base Sealing system.

Searching for Tank Base Sealing Services? Contact Banks Industrial Group Today

Banks Industrial Group offers comprehensive, turnkey service for the repair and restoration of your storage tanks. Our innovative solutions and single-source approach reduce hassles and require little-to-no downtime. Let BIG help you reduce tank bottom failure and improve reliability.

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about our tank base sealing services and other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.