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Ensure compliance with Europa League winner odds 2024 standards for safe access when loading and unloading job trailers with our heavy-duty semi-trailer steps.  Our Semi Steps offer a secure and dependable walking surface, providing you with peace of mind. 

semi-trailer portable steps at rear of storage trailer

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  • OSHA Compliant: Semi Steps meet OSHA standards, heavy-duty railing on both sides protects from trips and falls
  • Durability: Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum
  • Weather Resistant: Will never rust, warp, or rot – stairs are low maintenance and will last much longer than wood or steel
  • Slip Resistance: Features heavy-duty 3” grip strut channel decking for optimal, multi-directional slip prevention.
  • Ideal Width: The 4’ wide clearance facilitates two-way traffic and accommodates bulky item loading
  • Portable & Reusable: Semi Steps offer a durable yet lightweight design, ensuring easy transport and trailer loading
single and double top step models semi-trailer steps
BIG offers portable stair systems for semi-trailers, featuring a single top step on the left and a double top step on the right.

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semi-trailer portable steps provide access to job site work trailer

Semi Step aluminum portable steps offer convenient access to the work trailer on this job site. The double top step model is shown, note the last step is up into the trailer.

Why Use OSHA Compliant Semi-Trailer Stairs?

Semi Steps comply with the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety standards, providing a safe access solution for 48" tall semi and flatbed trailers. Choosing an OSHA Semi Step stair system offers a multitude European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsof advantages, including:

  1. Safety: Ensures worker protection by reducing the risk of falls and injuries thanks to design features like proper tread depth and handrails
  2. Legal Compliance: Semi Steps aid in meeting safety regulations, avoiding legal issues, or fines due to non-compliance
  3. Operational Efficiency: Semi Steps allow for smoother and faster trailer loading/unloading, leading to improved productivity
  4. Portability: At a light weight of 95 lbs, Semi Steps can be effortlessly relocated or raised into the trailer
  5. Employee Morale: Enhance company reputation, boost morale, and increase productivity by using safe equipment like OSHA stairs

Semi Step Specifications

single top step model semi-trailer portable stairs
semi-step single top step dimensions
double top step model semi-trailer portable stairs
semi-step double top step dimensions
semi-trailer portable stairs with platform
semi-step platform dimensions
Semi Step Trailer Stairs
Height (without platform): 40" tall to accommodate Europa League winner odds 202448" trailer (last step up into trailer)
Height (with platform): 48" (platform is flush with the back of trailer)
Width: 48" between handrails, 51" out-to-out
Riser Height: 8"
Tread Depth: 9.5"
Step Guardrail: 36" high
Platform Guardrail: 42" high
Platform (optional): 48" X 57" (W x L in the direction of travel)
Double Top Step (optional): Additional 9.5" to depth of standard top step for a total of 19"
Weight Capacity: Live load: 100 lbs per sq ft ; Point load: 300 lbs over a sq ft area

Semi Step Brochure Download

Simply click on the image or this link to download the Upside Innovations Semi Steps brochure.

Ready To Purchase Portable Semi-Trailer Stairs? Look No Further Than BIG!

We offer sales for Upside Innovations Semi Step, the ultimate in safe access, portable aluminum semi-trailer steps. Orders ship from our Philadelphia metro area distribution center.  Trust BIG to cover all your semi-trailer stair needs!

Banks Industrial Group excels in providing thermal insulation, protective coating, concrete services, and other industrial maintenance and repair solutions. We offer innovative and budget-friendly solutions designed to reduce downtime and ensure your facility operates smoothly. To learn more about our Semi Step prefabricated aluminum semi-trailer stairs, we invite you to reach out to our team by calling 856-687-2227 today.