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Banks Industrial Group provides factory-authorized sales and installation of premium A-SAFE warehouse safety barriers. Our A-SAFE product line is tested and proven to provide reliable accident prevention in warehouse and industrial environments. Unlike steel barriers that bend and pull out of the floor, polymer A-SAFE safety barriers absorb impact energy, then European Cup Online Football Betting Odds. This protects pedestrians, structures and forklifts, reducing maintenance cost, increasing uptime and improving operating efficiency.

flexible warehouse safety barriers crash test

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  • Proven Safety: Scientifically engineered, PAS 13 impact tested, and verified by third-party TÜV NORD
  • Reform After Impact: Flexible polymer construction enables A-SAFE barriers to absorb repeated vehicle impacts and reform for continued protection
  • Maintenance Savings: A-SAFE polymer barriers are flexible and absorb impact energy which prevents damage to forklifts when bumped or scraped
  • Floor Protection: A-SAFE barriers absorb and disperse 80% of impact forces to protect anchors and prevent floor damage
  • Never Needs Painting: Colored polymer does not chip or scrap like steel barriers
  • Cold Storage Options: Cold storage barriers withstand impacts without cracking in extreme temperatures down to -22°F

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Watch A-SAFE flexible safety barriers deflect forklift collisions then reform for continued protection of people, assets and vehicles.

A-SAFE Safety Barrier Categories

Protect people and assets with flexible guard rails, bollards, column guards, and rack protectors.

Guard Rails

A-SAFE guard rails separate traffic to prevent worker injuries and shield assets from forklift collision damage.

Warehouse Guard Rails


A-SAFE safety bollards protect pedestrians, equipment, doorways and structures against forklift impacts.

Safety Bollards

Column Guards

A-SAFE column protection guard rails shield building columns and supports of any size and shape from forklift impacts.

Column Guard Rails

European Cup Online Football Betting OddsRack Leg Protection

A-SAFE RackGuards protect warehouse pallet rack legs from forklift scrapes and bumps during loading / unloading.

Pallet Rack Leg Protectors

Safety Curb

A-SAFE Step Guard barriers shield against forklift impacts in charging areas, pedestrian pathways, and storage zones.

Forklift Safety Curb

Flexishield Column Protectors

A-SAFE FlexiShield column protectors stack modularly to fit all square and rectangular universal columns.

Column Protectors

Ready To Purchase Warehouse Safety Barriers? Look No Further Than BIG!

Warehouse safety barriers are essential for a secure, efficient workspace. Banks Industrial Group offers expert consultation and fast, seamless installation to minimize operational disruptions. From protecting Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsaisles and loading docks to managing forklift traffic, BIG provides customized solutions to meet your needs. Our well-stocked inventory is ready for immediate dispatch from our Philadelphia-area distribution center. To learn more about our warehouse safety barrier solutions, we invite you to reach out to our team by calling 856-687-2227 today.