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A-SAFE pallet rack protectors

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Keep your warehouse racks safe from damage and collapse with A-SAFE pallet rack 2024 European Cup match predictionsprotection systems from Banks Industrial Group. RackGuard pallet rack leg protectors and iFlex EndGuards from A-SAFE increase warehouse safety and efficiency by:

  • Protecting the structural integrity of pallet racks from impacts and collisions
  • Reducing the risk of collapse by transferring energy around the rack leg rather than through it

RackGuard pallet rack leg protectors and iFlex EndGuards are both designed to flex and recover after impact. Thanks to the strength of polymer construction, our pallet rack protectors provide lasting protection, even after multiple collisions.

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Watch Crash Test Video

Need Pallet Rack Leg Protectors?

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Proven Safety Scientifically engineered and tested for safety
Damage Prevention Patented energy absorption system dissipates impact forces 
Structure Protection The polymer construction cushions and defends rack columns against fork bumps, scrapes, and penetration
Rack Leg Protection RackGuard transfers impact force around the rack Europa League winner odds 2024leg instead of through it, protecting the leg structure
Firm Grip Friction grips firmly hold RackGuards in place
Cold Storage Option Available Cold Storage models withstand impacts without cracking in extreme temperatures down to -22°F
Absorb Forklift Blows EndGuards absorb and deflect glancing blows from turning forklift trucks
ANSI Compliance Maintain compliance with ANSI MH16.1 standards for utilization of steel storage racks
Resilient Surface Surfaces are food-safe, easy-to-clean, and water-resistant
No Floor Damage EndGuards absorb and disperse impact forces to protect anchors and prevent floor damage
Maintenance Savings Self-colored, UV stable polymer does not rust and won’t need a new paint coat
Repair Savings Impact energy is dissipated, reducing damage to the guard rails, floor, and forklift
Expert Consultation A consultation with BIG will uncover the ideal solution for the vehicles at your facility
Convenient Installation Fast, safe installation with minimal disruption by our factory certified crews

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European Cup Online Football Betting OddsiFlex RackGuards prevent impact and scrape damage to the front and sides of rack legs during loading and unloading. Built with frictional grip points and rubber compression hinges, iFlex RackGuards fit tightly around rack legs of all sizes for secure impact protection. Every RackGuard is supplied with a specially developed toolkit for easy installation and removal.

iFlex RackGuards are used to:

  • Protect rack legs, stock, and pallets against forklift and pallet truck damage
  • Dissipate impact energy around the leg rather than through it
  • Protect racking uprights against fork penetration damage

Protect Vulnerable Rack Ends

iFlex RackEnd pallet rack guard rails shield the ends of aisles where turning forklifts can impact rack structures. The circular end posts on RackEnd guard rails provide additional protection on the most susceptible impact points. Innovative spinning collars built into the end posts also 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionenhance impact deflection and dissipation.

iFlex RackEnd pallet rack guard rails are used to:

  • Protect pallet racks from damage and collapse
  • Deflect glancing blows from turning forklift trucks
  • Prevent forklift fork impact damage
pallet rack leg guard demo

Pallet rack leg protectors shield against forklift impacts.

heavy duty pallet rack end guard rails

Customized heavy-duty rack end guard with bottom fork protection.

Rack Protection Options

pallet rack leg protector

RackGuard Leg Protector
Impact Rated for 6,600lb. @ 1.8mph

cold storage pallet rack leg protector

Cold Storage Rack Leg Protector
Impact Rated for 6,600lb. @ 1.8mph

pallet rack end protector

EndGuard Pallet Rack Guard Rail
Impact Rated for 18,600lb. @ 5mph

a-safe pallet rack topple guards

Pallet Rack Topple Guards
Rated 880lb. point / 2,200lb. distributed

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Banks Industrial Group Is Your Source for A-SAFE Pallet Rack Protectors

BIG provides single-source service for the sale and installation of A-SAFE pallet rack protectors. We are safety-oriented, 2024 European Cup Football Result PredictionISNetworld certified A+, and fully insured to reduce your risk. If desired, we can also train your staff to perform the installation.

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about our pallet rack protectors and other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.