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OSHA Compliant Industrial Stairs

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Keep your facility safe! Quickly provide OSHA compliant access and fall protection with ErectaStep crossover stairs, ladders and safety swing gates

ErectaStep stairs, ladders and modular platforms Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Odds by meeting or exceeding OSHA requirements right out of the box. Compliance with OSHA regulations on working and walking surfaces, fall protection, industrial stairs and industrial ladders requires diligence and dedication by facility managers looking to keep their industrial workplaces safe. Facility or safety managers may not have the time or experience needed to research every applicable code when designing industrial platforms, stairs and ladders for their facilities.

Fortunately, our line of ErectaStep products makes compliance easy. Every component is designed and engineered to meet OSHA requirements. Assembly is easy. Do it yourself or hire us to take care of the installation.

ErectaStep stairs, ladders and modular platforms, Rollastep ladders and YellowGate safety swing gates meet OSHA requirements under the following codes:
  • OSHA standards part 1910 – including 21 different subparts
  • OSHA 1910.29 - performance of handrails and railings (fall protection systems)
  • OSHA 1910.25 - performance and measurements of industrial stairs
  • OSHA 1910.144 - color specifications for hazard awareness
  • OSHA 1926.451 - performance and loading of platforms or scaffolds
  • OSHA 1910.23 - performance and specifications of industrial ladders

Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsSee below for more information on OSHA Requirements for stairs, ladders and platforms.

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Need Safe Access?

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ErectaStep crossover bridges, ladders and platforms are for private facilities not open to public use. They are typically used at industrial sites like tank terminals, power stations, factory floors and manufacturing spaces where only designated employees work. ErectaStep rooftop crossover stairs are used on building roofs with restricted access.

Advantages: Infinitely customizable to accommodate European Cup Online Football Betting Oddspipe crossovers and conveyor belt bridging as well as maintenance access platforms.

  • 3x3 Modular Platforms
  • Medium Duty Platform - 50 psf load requirements
  • Handrails with crossbars

Key OSHA Regulations:
Must be designed to carry a load five times greater than the anticipated load, but never less than a load of 1,000 pounds. Both handrails and guardrails must be capable of withstanding a minimum of 200 pounds of pressure applied from any direction at any point along the rails.

  • Risers & Tread: 8" open riser, 9.5" tread
  • Stair Width: minimum 22"
  • Railings & Guardrail: railings required on open sides of stairwells and 42" high handrail on the side, preferably right side descending
  • Railing Crossbars: space between no more than 19" apart
  • Landings: landings at the top and bottom are minimum of stair width and 30" minimum in direction of travel
  • 2024 European Cup Football Result PredictionDoor Swing: landing must extend 21" beyond end of door swing (a 36" door requires platform that ends at no less than 57")

The diagrams below show in detail how ErectaStep crossover bridges, ladders and work platforms comply with OSHA requirements.

OSHA Compliance Diagram for Guardrails and Handrails
OSHA Compliance Diagram for Ladders
OSHA Compliance Diagram for Stairways and Platforms

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Are you wondering how to distinguish between OSHA and IBC stair requirements?

We have created an illustrated blog post that explains the differences and requirements of each type. Read here to gain a better understanding of this puzzling topic.