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Ensure European Cup Online Football Betting Odds compliant access to mobile office trailers and modular buildings with our top-of-the-line Omni Step adjustable office trailer steps. As an authorized dealer of Upside Innovations prefabricated aluminum stair systems, Banks Industrial Group guarantees the highest quality, durability, and stability for our customers. Our Omni Steps provide a safe and reliable walking surface, giving you peace of mind. Contact our team now for a pricing estimate and all your inquiries will be promptly addressed. Don't hesitate, reach out to us today.

omni step aluminum office trailer steps

2024 European Cup Football Result Prediction

  • OSHA Compliant: Omni Steps meet OSHA safety code standards
  • Durability: Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum
  • Weather Resistant: Aluminum will never rust, warp or rot
  • Fast Installation: Prefabricated components can be assembled on-site in about 10 minutes without welding or special tools
  • Slip Resistance: Designed with serrated ridges to disperse water and enhance multi-directional grip
  • Adaptable: Platform leveling legs offer 8" of adjustability to accommodate uneven surfaces or future modifications
  • Reusable: Bolt-together design and adjustable height mean these portable stairs are genuinely portable, enabling easy reconfiguration and relocation
omni step aluminum office trailer stairs
Upside Innovations OSHA compliant mobile office trailer stair system.

Get Office Trailer Stairs Price Estimate

omni step mobile office stairs provide easy access to a job trailer

Our portable steps for office trailers are equipped with adjustable height for easy leveling and are crafted to comply with OSHA standards, making them the perfect choice for trailers that move between various job sites.

Why Use OSHA Compliant Office Trailer Stairs?

The primary purpose of adhering to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards is to ensure the safety and health of workers. OSHA compliant stairs help prevent accidents such as slips, trips, and falls. Key benefits of choosing an OSHA compliant Omni Step  include:

  1. Safety: OSHA-compliant stairs ensure worker safety by preventing slips and falls through features like proper tread depth, riser height, handrails, and non-slip surfaces
  2. Legal Compliance: OSHA compliant stairs aid in meeting safety regulations, avoiding legal issues, or fines due to non-compliance
  3. Flexibility: Omni Step design accommodates varying surface elevations at different job sites while ensuring adherence to OSHA standards
  4. Employee Morale: Using compliant equipment, like stairs, boosts a company's image and shows a dedication to safety, enhancing employee morale and potentially increasing productivity

Omni Step Features

Four Sizes Available

omni step portable stair sizes diagram

Choose from four different sizes of Omni Step office trailer stairs, each with adjustable height options. Reach out to our sales team with your specific requirements, and we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Height Adjustable Legs & Pivoting Risers

height adjustable omni step office trailer stair pivot riser illustration

Omni Steps feature height-adjustable design with telescoping legs and pivoting stair risers, ensuring seamless adaptation to various job site landscapes. This innovation keeps the stairs Europa League winner odds 2024aligned with trailer door heights while meeting OSHA standards effortlessly.

Omni Step Entry Options

loading dock step entry configuration options

Omni Step configuration options: left entry, straight approach, right entry.

Omni Step Specifications

Omni Step Mobile Office Trailer Steps
Platform Dimensions: 56.75" x 41"
Height: 21"-26", 28"-35", 35"-44", 42"-52"
Width: 37.625" between handrails (or one handrail and the building), 41" out-to-out
Riser Height: 7" – 8.8125" (gets smaller or bigger as threshold height lowers or raises)
Tread Depth: 9.5"
Guardrail: 42" high
Handrail: 36" high
Weight Capacity: 100 lbs/sq ft Live Load, 300 lbs over a sq ft area
Material: Mill finish aluminum extrusions and sheet

Omni Step Brochure Download

Simply click on the image or follow this link to access and download the Upside Innovations Aluminum Omni Steps brochure.

Ready To Purchase Portable Office Trailer Stairs? Look No Further Than BIG!

We offer top-notch sales and installation services for Upside Innovations Omni Step, the ultimate in OSHA compliant, adaptable Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsoffice trailer steps. Most orders are in-stock and ship from our Philadelphia metro area distribution center. And if you need it, we can even provide training for your staff to handle the installation. Trust BIG to cover all your office trailer stair needs!

Banks Industrial Group excels in providing thermal insulation, protective coating, concrete services, and other industrial maintenance and repair solutions. We offer innovative and budget-friendly solutions designed to reduce downtime and ensure your facility operates smoothly. To learn more about our Omni Step prefabricated aluminum office trailer stairs, we invite you to reach out to our team by calling 856-687-2227 today.