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flexible guard rails prevent forklift accidents in busy warehouse environment

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Physical barriers are key to creating safe and efficient warehouse facilities. Barriers—such as pedestrian guard rails, traffic barriers, and forklift curb guards—enhance workplace safety by:

  • Protecting workers from potential dangers
  • Shielding equipment from collisions and other workplace accidents
  • Fortifying structures against impact damage

To enhance workplace safety, Banks Industrial Group sells and installs A-SAFE warehouse guard rails. Suitable for both warehouses and other industrial facilities, A-SAFE guard rails use state-of-the-art polymers called MEMAPLEX and multi-component engineering for superior performance and longevity. A-SAFE’s design enables the barriers to flex and fully recover after repeated impacts, leading to fewer repairs, lower annual maintenance, and greater worker protection.

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Need Guard Rails?

Below, we explore the benefits of A-SAFE warehouse guard rails:

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Proven Safety Scientifically engineered and tested for safety
High Performance 80% impact absorption
Bounce Back Flexible design absorbs forklift hits and returns to shape after multiple impacts
Pedestrian Protection Separates forklift traffic to reduce accident risk, 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionsafeguard, operations and save lives
Asset Protection Protect equipment and structures from vehicle collision, preventing costly damage and downtime  
Driver Direction Define traffic routes and provide visual guidance to drivers
Repair Savings Impact energy is dissipated, reducing damage to the guard rails, floor and forklift
Floor Protection A-SAFE barriers absorb and disperse impact forces to protect anchors and prevent floor damage
Maintenance Savings Self-colored, UV stable polymer does not rust and won’t ever need a new paint coat
Cold Storage A-SAFE barriers withstand impacts without cracking in extreme temperatures down to -22°F
Surface Resilience  Surface is food safe, hygienic sealed, wipe clean and water resistant
Expert Consultation A consultation with BIG will uncover the ideal barrier solution for the vehicles at your facility
Convenient Installation Fast, safe installation with minimal disruption by our factory certified crews

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Warehouse operators typically use steel barriers to protect their assets and infrastructure. Over time, forklift drivers inevitably hit these barriers again and again. To remain functional after repeat impacts, steel barriers must be professionally repaired and serviced.

If a steel guard rail is hit hard enough by a forklift, not only does it need to be replaced, but collision will also damage the floor where the rail was bolted. In these scenarios, facility operators must contend with:

  • Loss of product
  • Vehicle damage
  • Operator injuries 

In addition to these cost factors, the resulting downtime will also negatively affect your bottom line. Unplanned downtime has a ripple effect—it can significantly increase costs, threaten production goals, and often causes downstream problems that magnify its consequences.

Read more about the cost of ignoring repairs.

Flexible Warehouse Guard Rails from A-SAFE Create Long-Term Savings

A-SAFE warehouse guard rails offer better protection and longer lifespans than steel barriers. Flexible polymer is three times stronger than steel and absorbs 80% of impacts. A-SAFE’s polymer construction enables the guard rails Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsto rebound to their original positions for continued protection. A combination of the internal mechanical design and the flexible polymer also redirects the impact away from the floor anchors, significantly reducing the chance of floor damage during a collision.

A-SAFE barriers also protect forklifts from damage. Metal guard rails deflect impacts and shield what is behind them at the expense of the forklift and the guard rail itself. Once a metal guard rail is hit, not only do you have to repair or replace the barrier, but you have to fix the vehicle as well.

Altogether, A-SAFE guard rails save you from costs associated with the following:

  1. Downtime
  2. Barrier replacement
  3. Vehicle damage
  4. Floor repair
  5. Equipment/infrastructure damage
  6. Human injury

In addition to these savings, no repainting is required. The self-colored yellow polymer hides scrapes for lasting visibility. Overall, you can expect a return on investment in just 19 months or less from reduced maintenance needs, lower repair costs, general incident prevention, and downtime avoidance.

Read more about the appropriate physical barriers for your needs.

Modular Guard Rail Configuration Options

a-safe single guard rail

Forklift Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 13,000lb. @ 6mph

a-safe single guard plus

Forklift/Pedestrian Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 13,000lb. @ 6mph

a-safe double guard rail

Double Forklift Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 17,600lb. @ 6mph

a-safe double guard rail plus

Double Forklift/Pedestrian Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 17,600lb. @ 6mph

a-safe pedestrian guard rail

Pedestrian Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 7,000lb. @ 5mph

a-safe cold storage single guard rail

Cold Storage Forklift Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 18,400lb. @ 6mph

a-safe cold storage single guard rail plus

Cold Storage Forklift/Pedestrian Guard Rail
Impact Rated for 18,400lb. @ 6mph

a-safe cold storage pedestrian guard rail

Cold Storage Pedestrian Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 10,200lb. @ 5mph

a-safe forklift curb guard

Forklift Curb Guard
Impact Rated for 5,600lb. @ 4mph

a-safe pedestrian column guard

Column Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 7,000lb. @ 5mph

a-safe column guard rail plus

Heavy Duty Column Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 12,000lb. @ 6mph

a-safe parking garage single guard rail

Parking Garage Guard Rails
Impact Rated for 4,400lb. @ 10mph


How many times can you hit an A-SAFE barrier before they break? What is the typical longevity?

The answer is… it depends. The longevity is highly dependent on the environment and the application area. Wear and tear may begin to show after 2 years depending on the number of impacts to the barrier. Obvious signs might be stretch marks if the barrier is hit in the same spot consistently over time. Europa League winner odds 2024Without consistent impacts, the longevity is a lifetime. That said, if you have one particular weak spot, the individual rail or section can be replaced by themselves as a result of the modular design. There are a few regular preventative maintenance checks you can do to extend or maintain the lifetime - namely checking the torque settings on the anchor bolts to 50kg (110 lbs).

How fast can a standard forklift hit the barrier and still be safe?

How much stronger than steel are A-SAFE barriers?

How do A-SAFE barriers prevent your floor from being damaged?

Can I secure a bollard or rail to asphalt?

Will the base plates corrode?

What temperatures are the barriers good to?

Will A-SAFE flexible barriers maintain their color outdoors?

What colors do they come in?

How do I integrate a gate into the protective scheme?

What is the difference between mFlex, eFlex, iFlex and Atlas?


What OSHA regulations exist around safety barriers?

The simple answer is none, comprehensively, for guard rails. OSHA still maintains the “general duty” standard which is a catch all for employing appropriate safety products. That said, the EU maintains a standard known as PAS 13, that sets standards for guard rails and their performance.

Who tested the A-SAFE barriers?

Are A-SAFE flexible barriers safe to use in a food processing facility?


How long will it take to get a quote?

Since the barriers are designed and verified to be fit for purpose, Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsit takes 24 to 48 hours during normal business days to receive a quote.

How much more do A-SAFE polymer guard rails cost than steel?

What’s the warranty on A-SAFE flexible barrier products?


Can I install them myself?

Yes, customers can install these themselves. We provide installation instructions, with special care paid to install of the anchor bolts.

Do you offer install training? How many people does it take to install?

How much of a gap should be between the A-SAFE guard rails and the protected asset?

Save Money and Protect Your Workers with A-SAFE Warehouse Guard Rails from Banks Industrial Group

Banks Industrial Group provides single-source service for the sale and installation of A-SAFE warehouse guard rails and safety barrier systems. We are safety-oriented, ISNetworld-certified A+, and fully insured to reduce your risk. If desired, we can also train your staff to perform the installation.

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about our A-SAFE warehouse guard 2024 European Cup match predictionsrails, and other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.