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For Warehouses, Logistics & Manufacturing Facilities

Our A-SAFE Step Guard 2024 European Cup match predictionssafety curbs offer unmatched protection against low-level forklift collisions in charging zones, walkways and storage areas. These innovative barriers shield against pedestrian harm, structural damage, and downtime associated with forklift repairs. Constructed to absorb numerous hits from forklifts weighing as much as 14,100 lbs, they also function as a handy step, boosting driver safety when getting in and out. Crafted from robust Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Odds polymer, these safety curbs are designed to flex and absorb the energy from collisions.

a-safe step guard safety curb being stepped upon

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  • Floor Level Safety: Prevents injuries and damage in forklift charging areas, walkways and warehouse storage spaces
  • Better Than Steel: Unlike conventional steel safety curbs, Step Guards do not dent, deform, pull out of the floor or damage forklifts when impacted
  • Resilient: Step Guard's distinctive built-in memory feature allows it to consistently bend, absorb shocks, and reshape itself after every impact
  • Proven Strength: Step Guards are tested and demonstrated to withstand multiple impacts for repeat performance
  • Cost Efficiency: Flexible design reduces replacement and maintenance expense from forklift damage
  • Easy Installation: Step Guard's installation is quick and minimally disruptive, requiring two or four bolts per curb unit

Need Forklift Safety Curb?

Why Use Step Guard Forklift Safety Curbs?

Unlike steel safety curbs that often sustain damage upon impact, A-SAFE Step Guards also protect the forklift and the curb itself. This improves efficiency, reduces downtime and saves maintenance expense. Here's why:

  1. Forklift Charging Areas: In these zones, collisions and abrasions from forklifts are commonplace. Implement Step Guards to effortlessly establish a protective buffer area between lift trucks, preventing them from colliding.
  2. Driver Safety: Step Guards ensure a secure footing for operators as they mount and dismount forklifts, preventing foot and ankle injuries.
  3. Floor Level Protection: Its low center of gravity ensures stability and offers robust resistance against impacts from forklifts at the warehouse floor level. Ideal for safeguarding racks, machinery, and infrastructure from potential damage.
  4. Improve Warehouse Efficiency: By minimizing worker injuries and  forklift maintenance, you boost warehouse operational efficiency and financial performance.
step guard safety curb forklift bump

Flexible Step Guard safety barriers safeguard your equipment from forklift collisions, all while preserving the integrity of the forklift.

Innovative Step Guard Design & Development

Watch a short video highlighting A-SAFE's development, new materials and design technology used to create the innovative Step Guard safety curb.

Step Guard Technical Information

Step Guard Forklift Impact Rating

step guard impact rating graphic

Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Odds3 Step Guard Sizes

47.25 inch a-safe step guard profile

47-1/4" Step Guard, 15,800 Joules tested impact energy.

35.4331 inch a-safe step guard profile

35-9/16" Step Guard, 15,800 Joules tested impact energy.

23.622 inch a-safe step guard profile

23-5/8" Step Guard, 10,400 Joules tested impact energy.

Specifications & Material Properties

A-SAFE Monoplex™ Step Guard Safety Curb Specs
Height: 7-9/32" (185mm)
47-1/4" Step Guard Weight: 40 lb / 15,800 Joules
35-9/16" Step Guard Weight: 31 lb / 15,800 Joules
23-5/8" Step Guard Weight: 20 lb / 10,400 Joules
Temperature Range: 41°F to 104°F
Ignition Temparature: >752°F
Flash Point: 662°F to 698°F
Toxicity: Not Hazardous
Chemical Resistance: Excellent - ISO/TR 10358
Weathering Stability: 5/5 Excellent (Gray Scale)
Light Stability: 7/8 Excellent (Blue Wool Scale)
Surface Resistivity Anti Static Ohm Rating: 1015 - 1016 Ω
Hygiene Seals: No

Ready To Purchase Floor Safety Curbs? Look No Further Than BIG!

We offer top-notch sales and installation services Europa League winner odds 2024for A-SAFE Step Guards, the state-of-the-art in impact absorbing, rebounding safety curbs for warehouse, logistics and manufacturing applications. Most orders ship from our Philadelphia metro area distribution center. And if you need it, we can even provide training for your staff to handle the installation. Trust BIG to cover all your safety curb needs!

Banks Industrial Group specializes in warehouse maintenance and repair services. For more information about A-SAFE Step Guard floor safety curb sales and installation or our other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.

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