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osha compliant roof access stair system

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Reliable fall protection is an essential part of workplace safety. Exterior roof access systems, in particular, require dependable construction and safety guards to prevent worksite accidents. 

In the past, cage- and well-protected fixed ladders were considered valid roof access solutions. However, regulations are changing, and cages/wells are no longer considered valid safety parameters for new ladders. Now, 2024 European Cup match predictionsall new fixed ladders must be equipped with personal fall arrest systems or ladder safety systems. Additionally, existing cage/well-protected systems will need to be overhauled in a similar manner by 2032. 

If you need a safer alternative to dangerous roof ladders and cages, Banks Industrial Group (BIG) has a solution: exterior roof access stair systems.

Need Roof Access?

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Banks Industrial Group sells and installs exterior roof access stair systems. Produced by Upside Innovations, our stair systems comply with the latest fall protection rules from OSHA and can also be customized to comply with ADA, IBC, Europa League winner odds 2024and local building codes. 

All of our roof access stair systems are built with prefabricated, industrial-grade aluminum parts. Every component easily bolts together, eliminating the need for onsite welding. Once assembled, the industrial-grade aluminum construction provides the stair system with a long lifecycle that is free of rust, rot, and warping. 

Our consultants work to determine the ideal size and configuration needed to meet your site requirements. Our solutions have unlimited configurations and can be designed to reach any height. Whether you need a stair set for a two-story warehouse or a large industrial Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsplant, we can develop a solution that is perfect for the application. 

BIG’s roof access stair solutions provide the following benefits:

  • OSHA-, ADA-, and IBC-compliant for a safer working environment
  • Durable aluminum construction for long service life—will never rust or rot
  • Custom design to suit your exact requirements—any platform size, any layout
  • Standard slip-resistant extruded decking, optional grip strut and bar grating available
  • Maintenance-free—clean, attractive finish
  • Expert installation service is available

Banks Industrial Group for Fast, Code-Compliant Exterior Roof Access Stair Solutions

With the help of Banks Industrial Group, you can find a stair solution that satisfies all of your workplace requirements. Durable, easy to install, and compliant with the Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddslatest OSHA, ADA, and IBC regulations, our industrial roof access stairs will improve workplace accessibility while also enhancing workplace safety. Call BIG today to learn more about our exterior stair solutions.

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Are you wondering how to distinguish between OSHA and IBC stair requirements?

We have created an illustrated blog post that explains the differences and requirements of each type. Read here to gain a better understanding of this puzzling topic.