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Expansion Joint Sealing & Repair Service

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Durable, elastomeric sealing and rapid rebuild of damaged slab ends

Banks Industrial Group provides rapid expansion joint sealing and repair of deteriorated concrete areas around the joint. Applications include roads, bridges, parking garages, buildings, hallways, floors, roofs and containment areas. Our polymeric solutions are quickly applied and give you long-lasting results that withstand expansion movements, high traffic, abrasion and chemical attack. Benefits include:

  • Reduce maintenance cost and prolong substrate European Cup Online Football Betting Oddslife by keeping water and debris out of the joints
  • Polymeric solutions outperform and outlast conventional joint sealing materials
  • Elastomeric joint sealing compounds provide 25% expansion flexibility with tenacious bonding characteristics to better bridge cracks and accommodate expansion/contraction movements
  • Long-lasting repair of broken or spalled slab edges at joints in concrete floors subjected to heavy traffic from forklifts and hard wheel vehicles
  • Repair compounds are stronger than concrete and have greater chemical, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Specialized, chemical resistant sealing and repair of expansion joints in containment areas where environmental contamination must be prevented
  • Expert consultation – we carefully assess your 2024 European Cup match predictionssite to find a solution that will provide long-lasting results
  • Materials are fast curing for less downtime during repair
  • Safe – no hot work required, no harmful VOCs or smells
  • Horizontal and vertical solutions available

Need Expansion Joint Repair?

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In order for an expansion joint to function properly it must allow for movement while enduring wear from traffic, weathering and chemicals. Conventional mastics are very sensitive to surface contaminants and have a short tooling time, making the proper sealing of wide joints very difficult to achieve. They also have poor tear and cut resistance which makes them unsuitable 2024 European Cup match predictionsfor use in high traffic areas. Other systems such as elastomeric pad joints suffer from disbondment and leaks.

Failed joint sealing increases the risk of:

  • Concrete spalling and cracking
  • Shortened substrate service life
  • Increased maintenance cost
  • Leaking structures
  • Trip hazards and driving hazards
  • Loss of chemical containment

Solution: Long-Term Polymeric Repair Methods

Banks Industrial Group offers you a high-performance, cost-effective alternative with up to 25% flexibility and excellent resistance to weather, abrasion and a wide range of chemicals. Our hybrid polymer system cures quickly for minimal downtime and adheres strongly to most surfaces including concrete, stone and steel. Installation is safe 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionbecause our solvent free, Belzona materials mix and cure at room temperature without need for hot work.

Suitable for bridges, roadways, parking garages, industrial facilities, warehouses, public buildings and chemical containment areas.

How Can We Help You?

BIG provides single-source repair and sealing for damaged expansion joints. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

View our Building Maintenance infographic
Warehouse Floor Expansion Joint Sealing & Repair

Replacement of deteriorated joint seal in warehouse floor.

Roadway Expansion Joint Sealing

Roadway expansion joint sealing.

Chemical Containment Area Expansion Joint Repair

Vertical joint repair in chemical containment area.