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Improve Industrial Safety and Fall Protection - 5 Main Components - Unlimited Configurations

ErectaStep Crossover Stairs Components

1. Industrial Work Platforms

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The universal 3′ x 3′ access platforms are infinitely expandable through common bolt hole patterns, which allow stairs, handrails and other platforms to be attached to any side. Platforms are stamped from a single piece of aluminum and feature slip resistant surfaces. *Patent Pending.

2. Industrial Handrails

Part # 11395 – Weight 21 lbs.

ErectaStep handrails are a single standard size and bolt to any platform side through a matching bolt hole pattern. Each Europa League winner odds 2024handrail is constructed out of round pipe with an OD of just slightly less than 2″. Standard powder coat color is OSHA safety yellow to meet regulations. *Patent Pending.

3. Aluminum Industrial Stairs

Part # & Weight Listed Below

The ErectaStep metal step unit offers a 26″ wide walk surface with slip resistant treads in 9″ vertical increments (only). The ANSI Safety yellow powder coat meets standards out of the box. Units ship broken down for lower shipping costs and are easy to assemble. Stairs can be combined to reach the required height. *Patent Pending.

4. Tower Platform Supports

Part # & Weight Listed Below

The tower support’s bolt hole configuration match the bolt holes on the ErectaStep platform. This 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionallows a tower attachment to span the seam of two platforms or to be located on as many as 4 sides of a single platform system regardless of stair location. *Patent Pending.

5. Platform Ladders

Part # & Weight Listed Below

The Platform Ladder component provides both tower support and additional access to areas unsuitable for stairs. Industrial ladders are constructed entirely of aluminum and bolt to bottom of platform, without supplemental parts. Six different heights can be stacked to reach the required height. *Patent Pending.

ErectaStep Platforms

One Platform–Endless Expansion

ErectaStep’s modular design accommodates requirements from a single 3′ x 3′ access platform to unlimited platform areas. Shown above are a 3′x 12′ walkway configuration and a 9′ 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionx 9′ platform. Each of these designs can easily be expanded with the aid of tower supports. Platforms do not need intermediate support until you exceed three.



Effortless Assembly

Our patent pending platform design allows industrial handrails and crossover stairs to attach to common bolt holes on any side, allowing any configuration without drilling or fabrication. Configurations can be altered and components can be re-purposed at any time.

Components Bolt Together

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26″ walk surface • 9″ vertical increments • Combine for added height
ErectaStep 1 Step Stairway

1 Stair
Part # 90001
43 lbs.

ErectaStep 2 Step Stairway

2 Stair
Part # 90002
59 lbs.

ErectaStep 3 Step Stairway

3 Stair
Part # 90003
131 lbs.

ErectaStep 4 Step Stairway

4 Stair
Part # 90004
145 lbs.

ErectaStep 5 Step Stairway

5 Stair
Part # 90005
167 lbs

ErectaStep 6 Step Stairway

6 Stair
Part # 90006
180 lbs.

Platform Tower Supports

Europa League winner odds 2024Bolts to any side of platform, regardless of stair location • Stackable • Can span two platforms if required
ErectaStep 1 Step Support

Tower Support 1
Part # 90011
17 lbs.

ErectaStep 2 Step Support

Tower Support 2
Part # 90012
20 lbs.

ErectaStep 3 Step Support

Tower Support 3
Part # 90013
72 lbs.

ErectaStep 4 Step Support

Tower Support 4
Part # 90014
78 lbs.

ErectaStep 5 Step Support

Tower Support 5
Part # 90015
91 lbs.

ErectaStep 6 Step Support

Tower Support 6
Part # 90016
97 lbs.

Industrial Ladders

Bolts to bottom of platform, without supplemental parts • Stackable to reach higher heights
ErectaStep 1 Step Ladder

Ladder 1
Part # 90031
47 lbs.

ErectaStep 2 Step Ladder

Ladder 2
Part # 90032
53 lbs.

ErectaStep 3 Step Ladder

Ladder 3
Part # 90033
57 lbs.

ErectaStep 4 Step Ladder

Ladder 4
Part # 90034
59 lbs.

ErectaStep 5 Step Ladder

Ladder 5
Part # 90035
61 lbs.

ErectaStep 6 Step Ladder

Ladder 6
Part # 90036
63 lbs.

Watch Video

We Can Configure in Minutes!

Watch our demonstration of the rapid design system used for configuration of ErectaStep safety crossovers.