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cooling tower basin coating and leak repair before and after example

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Banks Industrial Group provides cooling tower coating services and repair Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsfor components damaged by corrosion, erosion and chemical exposure. Our team is available to coat and repair:

  • Deteriorated basins
  • Deteriorated pans
  • Deteriorated sumps
  • Leaking seams
  • Corroded pipes
  • Worn fan shafts
  • Damaged fan blades

With the help of our expert team, you can extend the service life of your equipment by repairing any cracks or leaks and protecting components against future damages.

Need Cooling Tower Leak Repair?

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Minimal Downtime BIG rapidly repairs corroded metal basins and components with minimal downtime
Eliminate Leaks Our team seals active leaks to protect structures and reduce water and chemical expense
Reduce Costs Repairs from BIG are a fraction of the cost of component replacement
Long Lasting Protection Protect against erosion/corrosion and chemical attack with specialized epoxy coatings
Extended Service Life Extend the service life of your cooling tower with repairs and avoid replacement
Restored Efficiency BIG’s repairs restore lost operating efficiency and decrease energy consumption
Easier Maintenance Save time and money on future cleaning and preventive maintenance with BIG’s protective coatings
Basin Services BIG also repairs and coats concrete basins

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Constant exposure to water and chemicals causes cooling tower damages. Over time, water and chemical exposure causes corrosion and structural weakness in metal/concrete basins, pans, and seams. Eventually, leaks will develop, which in turn causes:

  • Increased water consumption
  • Higher chemical treatment costs
  • Possible property damage around and below the tower

Corrosion will only get worse until it is fixed. This hurts energy efficiency and raises the risk of a breakdown that will leave your facility without process or comfort cooling. The resulting consequences include:

  • Outage
  • Lost productivity
  • Longer repair times
  • Extreme metal loss
  • Possible replacement of cooling tower
  • Safety issues

Water circulation pipes suffering from external or internal corrosion Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsmay also be at risk for leaks and failure

Check for these problems during fall maintenance and be proactive about fixing them. Sometimes corrosion can be covered by silt and other debris in the tower basin. In the case of circulation piping, corrosion can be hidden within the pipe itself or under thermal insulation. Signs of corrosion are often obvious if you look for them.

Specialized Epoxy Composite and Protective Coatings Rebuild Metal Loss and Extend Service Life

The Banks Industrial team replaces and reinforces areas of extreme metal loss with specialized plate bonding and carbon fiber repair methods. Our methods restore lost wall thickness and structural integrity to corroded cooling tower basins and water circulation pipes.

We blast down corroded metal, rebuild it where needed, and then apply protective coatings to withstand water exposure and chemical attack. Our premium Belzona materials are incredibly durable, Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsnon-toxic, VOC free, and provide years-long protection. Belzona compounds do not require hot work and have a rapid cure time for fast return to service.

Have you already tried a "low-cost" coating only to see it fail after a few years? Our Belzona materials are properly applied and proven to withstand corrosive environments and chemical attack for long-term protection.

Fan Shaft Repair

Banks Industrial Group rebuilds scored fan shafts using fast-curing metal rebuild compounds. Repairs can usually be completed in-situ which allows for faster return to service. On site repairs can help you avoid long waits for replacement parts.

Fan Blade Restoration

Banks Industrial Group also restores eroded cooling tower fan blades. Cooling tower leading edges break down over time with wear and use, leading to a loss in operating efficiency and an increase in component-damaging vibrations.

BIG provides single-source service for the repair and protection of cooling tower basins. We can also 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictiontrain and equip your staff to perform repairs.

active leak seal on a sheet metal cooling tower basin

Active leak seal done with surface tolerant epoxy plate bond to cooling tower basin.

corrosion repair of water circulation pipe

This corroded circulation pipe was repaired with a composite wrap to restore structural integrity.

cooling tower fan blade repair before and after

This worn fan blade was rebuilt with epoxy materials and protective coated to extend its service life.

cooling tower fan shaft repair before and after

Repair of scored fan shafts can often be completed in-situ with minimal downtime.

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about our cooling tower coating services, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.