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General Concrete Repair

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Fix spalling, scaling, cracking, holes & general deterioration

Banks Industrial Group handles a wide variety of concrete repair needs that can arise at industrial facilities such as petrochemical, chemical, water treatment, food processing, power generation and manufacturing plants. Our experienced crews will evaluate areas of damage and recommend the best repair method Europa League winner odds 2024and materials for your needs.

  • Save money – repair deteriorated concrete rather than fully replace
  • Correct safety concerns such as uneven slabs, holes and other trip hazard
  • Refurbish deteriorated stairs and walkways
  • Stop falling debris - patch vertical and overhead cracks, spalling and leaks
  • Fix areas of damage around grates and drains
  • Repair damaged expansion joints / seal expansion joints from leaks
  • Stop water leaks in concrete foundations, walls, vaults and pipelines
  • Rehab pump foundations and other machinery foundations
  • Rebuild and seal concrete containment areas
  • European Cup Online Football Betting OddsWe offer a wide range of specialized materials with long-term resistance to freeze/thaw damage, chemical attack, corrosion, erosion, abrasion and impacts

Need General Concrete Repair?