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Concrete Leak Seal Grout Injection

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Repair concrete cracks, seal active water leaks

Banks Industrial Group provides grout injection services. We stop water leaks from cracks and joints in concrete structures. Crack injection is cost-effective and durable. It will extend the service life of concrete structures. We offer expert Europa League winner odds 2024installation of polyurethane and epoxy systems. Our staff can help to determine which system is the best choice for your specific structure. Applications include: basements, elevator pits, parking garages, manholes, pipes, pump stations, water tanks, utility vaults and containment areas.


  • Active leak repair using hydrophilic polyurethane crack injection
  • Fix damage caused by concrete shrinkage, settlement and freeze/thaw movement
  • Manhole leak sealing and curtain wall grouting to prevent infiltration and inflow
  • Soil stabilization for concrete structures using hydrophobic polyurethane grout injection
  • Epoxy crack injection to repair structural cracks and wide cracks
  • Expert consultation to match the best repair method to crack characteristics


  • Save money – Extend the service life of concrete structures
  • No excavation required which reduces repair cost
  • Easy to perform in confined spaces
  • Injection pressure forces sealant throughout crack where it completely fills voids and gaps
  • Effective, long-lasting results
Watch Video

Watch this demo of Avanti grout injected to stop vertical leaks within a manhole wall.

Need Concrete Leak Sealing?

As with any concrete repair, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With that in European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsmind, here are some typical concrete crack repair problems that we solve:

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Active water leaks in concrete structures cause deterioration and decreased service life. They also present a safety hazard and possible damage to equipment. Other settlement problems can also occur as a result of voids forming next to the structure. These problems will worsen over time if left untreated.

Solution: Use polyurethane crack injection to seal water leaks

Polyurethane crack injection stops active water leaks in concrete cracks and joints. No digging needed. Polyurethane grout is pressure injected through pre-drilled holes inside the structure. This resin seeks out moisture and expands into a foam that completely fills the crack. It bonds to wet surfaces and rapidly cures into a flexible seal. This elasticity permits expansion/contraction movements without breaking the bond.

Problem: How to stop water leaking from cracks in concrete tank without draining tank

Concrete tanks crack from foundation settling, freeze/thaw movements, impacts and equipment vibration. Water leaks Europa League winner odds 2024need immediate attention and can be difficult to repair. Traditional repair methods require draining, cleaning, and surface prep of a tank at considerable time and expense.

Solution: Seal leaks with hydrophilic polyurethane crack injection

Seal non-structural cracks from the outside of the tank without emptying it. Europa League winner odds 2024 grout injection seeks out water. Contact causes a chemical reaction and a foam that expands to completely fill the crack. This foam forms a strong bond and creates a watertight seal. It remains flexible to accommodate concrete movements without breaking its waterproof seal.

Problem: Manhole water infiltration increases treatment cost and causes overflows

Cracks and seams in manholes let groundwater and run-off infiltrate the sewer system. This costs money for extra treatment when "clear water" combines with wastewater. Furthermore, increased water volume strains infrastructure and can overflow during a storm event. Overflows may result in environmental fines and cleanup cost. Excess water infiltration often requires expansion of infrastructure to handle the increased flow.

Solution: Restore lost capacity by sealing leaks to stop water infiltration

Use polyurethane grout injection to stop active leaks from concrete cracks and joints. A hydrophilic (water seeking) polyurethane resin injected into the crack seeks out moisture. Upon contact with water it expands into a foam that fills the crack with a flexible seal.

Use curtain grouting for situations where there are many cracks. Hydrophobic (water repelling) polyurethane resin creates a waterproof seal outside the structure. There is no need for excavation. Grout is pressure injected through interior holes. It then expands to permeate loose soil and fill voids. This creates a solid water repelling barrier.

The highly expansive nature of hydrophobic polyurethane grout allows its use to temporarily stop a gushing leak. Longterm leak repair is then completed with hydrophilic polyurethane crack injection.

Problem: How to repair a concrete crack causing risk of structural failure

Structural cracks in load bearing concrete need repairs to return lost tensile and compressive strength. These cracks are often found in slabs, decks, columns, beams and walls. Water intrusion into these cracks leads to spalling and corrosion Europa League winner odds 2024of rebar. This deterioration can worsen until structures begin to collapse. 

Solution: Use epoxy crack injection to restore structural integrity

Epoxy injected under pressure into the crack "glues" the concrete back together. The cured epoxy forms a rigid bond many times stronger than the concrete itself. These bonds restore tensile and compressive strength and structural integrity. Performing this type of repair generally does not suit dynamic cracks subject to movement. While the rigid epoxy will not crack, it is possible for the concrete to re-crack.

How Can We Help You?

BIG provides single-source service for the repair and leak sealing of concrete cracks. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

expanding foam from polyurethane grout injection example

Polyurethane foam injection reacts with water creating an expanding foam. This fills cracks with a flexible, waterproof seal.

example of chemical grout injection repair of leaking concrete crack

Water seeping through this concrete crack is stopped with grout injection repair methods.

before and after photo of concrete tank leak repair

Cracks in this concrete water tank are sealed with polyurethane grout injection.

before and after grout injection repair of concrete seam water leak

Grout injection is used to stop water leaking from an overhead concrete seam.

epoxy injection structural crack repair

Epoxy crack injection is used to restore structural integrity to this concrete tank.