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For Warehouses, Logistics & Manufacturing Facilities

Banks Industrial Group offers A-SAFE safety bollard sales and installation service. Unlike conventional systems, these bolt-down bollards flex and reform repeatedly after collisions. Their design effectively absorbs and deflects impact, Europa League winner odds 2024minimizing damage to vehicles and the bollard, leading to lower maintenance costs and better protection for pedestrians, equipment and infrastructure.

a-safe monoplex bolt-down rebounding bollards

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  • European Cup Online Football Betting Odds: A-SAFE safety bollards are tested and demonstrated to withstand heavy-duty impacts for repeat performance without damage to the bollard, flooring, or vehicles involved
  • Impact Absorption & Recovery: A-SAFE bollards absorb impacts and revert to their original shape, unlike steel bollards that can deform and require repair or replacement
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: A-SAFE bollards endure multiple impacts with less need for replacement, lowering maintenance and replacement costs – it pays for itself with every bump and scrape
  • Easy Installation: Fast and easy to install by bolting to the floor, avoiding any disruption to your facility during installation
  • Improve Safety: Prevent accidents by providing clear visual guidance and segregating forklift traffic from pedestrians
  • Protect Machinery & Structures: Prevent damage and downtime from everyday forklift and lift truck bumps and scrapes

Need Safety Bollards?

Why Use A-SAFE Warehouse Bollards?

Unlike steel bollards 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionthat often sustain damage upon impact, A-SAFE bollards also protect the vehicle and the bollard itself. This improves efficiency, reduces downtime and saves long-term maintenance costs. Here's why:

  1. Prevent FLT Downtime: A-SAFE bollards are flexible to absorb impact energy which protects forklifts from collision damage and need for repair
  2. Reduce Maintenance Cost: A-SAFE bollards are resilient and quickly return to their original shape for repeated use, reducing the need for bollard replacement
  3. Prevent Floor Damage: A-SAFE bollards absorb and dissipate impact energy away from the floor, this prevents them from breaking loose, causing downtime for floor repair
  4. Never Paint: Yellow polymer resists scratches, scuffs and dents caused by everyday impacts and will never chip, peel or rust like a steel bollard
bolt-down bollards provide forklift traffic segregation

Warehouse bollards protect structures and segregate traffic while allowing worker access.

Warehouse Safety Bollard Applications

A-SAFE Bollards deliver unparalleled impact strength, making them versatile for a broad range of uses – from safely dividing pedestrian spaces to protecting dock doors and areas for distributing goods.

bolt-down bollards protect machinery protection

Protect Industrial Machinery

Safeguard your investments from costly impacts and 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionrepairs that can erode profits.

safety bollards protect emergency exit area

Doorway Protection

Shield emergency exits and loading bay doors effectively, perfect for busy, high-traffic environments.

monoplex bollards protect FLT charging station

Protect Forklift Charging Areas

Cushion charging areas from forklift damage to maintain seamless operations.

safety bollards protect structural support columns from forklift impact

Column & Building Protection

Safeguard buildings, walls, columns, structural support and other vital infrastructure areas.


The Secret to Monoplex Bollard's Extreme Strength and Flexibility

Is it possible for a bollard post to embody cutting-edge technology? Absolutely! The remarkable durability and adaptability of the Monoplex Bollard stem from its distinct, three-layer monocast construction, a true innovation in design.

  1. Impact Zone: Crafted for peak impact resistance and the ability to regain its original shape, the Impact Zone is the first line of defense, absorbing the brunt of any collision.
  2. Energy Dissipation Zone: Following the initial impact, the energy is swiftly redirected into our innovative, ultra-flexible Energy Dissipation Zone, where it's effectively spread out and minimized.
  3. Strength & Flexibility Zone: This zone is the culmination of our design, marrying robust tensile strength with an optimal level of flexibility to neutralize any lingering forces from the impact.

Monoplex Bollard Demo

Watch a short video demonstration showing how the Monoplex Bollard returns to shape after being impacted.

Monoplex Safety Bollard Options

Delivers superior protection against repeated impacts for machinery, infrastructure, and electrical enclosures. Indoor use only.

monoplex bollard 130
monoplex 130 bollard dimensions illustration

Monoplex 130 Standard Safety Bollards
Monoplex Bollard Brochure Download

monoplex bollard 190
monoplex 190 bollard dimensions illustration

Monoplex 190 Heavy Duty Safety Bollards
Monoplex Bollard Brochure Download

iFlex Safety Bollard Options

Versatile for use across the entire facility, offering protection for corners, doors, high-risk impact areas, and equipment. Effectively halts vehicle entry while maintaining pedestrian accessibility. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

yellow bolt down bollards

Warehouse Bollards
Impact Rated for 9,400lb. @ 4mph
iFlex Bollard Brochure Download

industrial bollards with collar

Warehouse Bollards with Wear Collar
Impact Rated for 9,400lb. @ 4mph
iFlex Bollard Brochure Download

heavy duty bollards

Heavy Duty Bollards
Impact Rated for 22,000lb. @ 3mph
iFlex Heavy-Duty Bollard Brochure

cold storage bollards

Cold Storage Bollards
Impact Rated for 9,400lb. @ 4mph
Cold Storage Bollard Brochure

Ready To Purchase Safety Bollards? Look No Further Than BIG!

We offer top-notch sales and installation services for A-SAFE Safety Bollards, the state-of-the-art in impact absorbing, rebounding bollards for warehouse, logistics and manufacturing applications. Most orders ship from our Philadelphia metro area distribution center. And if you need it, we can even provide training for your staff to handle the installation. Trust BIG to cover all your bolt-down bollard needs!

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about bolt-down bollard sales and installation and our other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.

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