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anti-slip epoxy coating applied around drain area

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Banks Industrial Group provides specialized anti-slip coating service for tough industrial environments. Better traction for floor surfaces improves safety and increases productivity by reducing injuries and job site hazards. We assess client challenges, recommend a tailored solution and provide ongoing maintenance support. We use premium Belzona epoxy non-slip coatings and other urethanes proven to stand up to harsh operating conditions for long service life.


  • Improve forklift safety by preventing skidding on ramps and loading docks
  • Provide safe footing 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionon wet or slick walking surfaces to prevent falls and injuries
  • Long lasting solutions that out perform conventional anti-slip tape and paints
  • Application is safe, VOC free and no hot work required
  • Cures rapidly at room temperature for fast return to service
  • Excellent resistance to chemical spills and splashes
  • Solutions available for applications under total immersion


  • Concrete and metal stairs, walkways, ramps and catwalks
  • Dock leveler diamond plate, material handling equipment
  • Warehouse, loading dock, food processing, dairy and water treatment facility floors
  • Pharmaceutical, hospital and laboratory floors
  • Chemical containment and maintenance area floors

Need Anti-Slip Coating Service?

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Anti-Slip Solution Adhesive Tape Paint Urethane Epoxy
Light Pedestrian Traffic
Vehicular Traffic
Constantly Wet
Chemical Spills & Splashes
UV Light
Textured Surface
Temperature Shocks
Seamless Finish

Enhanced Safety and Beyond: The Benefits of Anti-Slip Epoxy Coatings

Belzona epoxy anti-slip coatings stand out as a superior choice for preventing slip accidents when compared to anti-slip adhesive tapes and paints. These adhesive tapes can wear down quickly. Belzona epoxy coatings provide a resilient, long-lasting surface that can withstand heavy traffic, chemical spills, water immersion and industrial environments.

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  1. High Traction: Epoxy and urethane coatings can be customized with various aggregates like quartz, aluminum oxide, or silica to create a textured surface. This textured finish ensures excellent traction even when wet.
  2. Durability: These coatings handle heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and equipment movement. They resist abrasion, impact, and wear, ensuring long-term performance.
  3. Water Resistance: Epoxy and polyurethane coatings prevent water penetration by creating a waterproof barrier on the substrate. This maintains the structural integrity of the underlying material and prevents water damage or corrosion.
  4. Chemical Resistance: Chemical containment areas are exposed to a wide range of corrosive and hazardous substances. Epoxy and urethane coatings are known for their exceptional resistance to chemicals, acids, solvents, and other aggressive compounds. They can withstand chemical spills and protect the underlying substrate.
  5. Quick Installation: Fast curing times minimize downtime during installation. This benefits commercial and industrial facilities where operational disruptions need to be minimized.

From enhancing safety to safeguarding against chemical exposure and water damage, anti-slip epoxy coatings offer a comprehensive solution to a variety of challenges. Whether in industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial kitchens or water treatment plants, the benefits of non-slip epoxy coatings make them a wise choice for anyone looking to improve both safety and functionality.

loading dock leveler diamond plate with safety yellow non-slip coating

Dock leveler diamond plate coated with durable epoxy aggregate and urethane top coat.

detail of yellow anti-slip aggregate texture

A close-up showcasing the texture of the vibrant 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionyellow anti-slip aggregate.

Anti-Slip Coating Applications Include:

slippery loading dock leveler diamond plate

Slippery when wet loading dock leveler diamond plate.

epoxy anti-slip coating applied to loading dock leveler plate

Our specialized anti-slip coating provides a durable solution.

Loading Dock Leveler Diamond Plate

Banks Industrial Group offers the solution for slippery loading dock levelers. Our innovative epoxy grip aggregate and durable urethane top coat system can withstand daily warehouse traffic, providing long-lasting slip reduction and enhanced safety. Check out a quick demonstration of our product in action here.

yellow non-slip floor coating used for walkway in warehouse

Our non-slip coatings improve warehouse safety and withstand heavy traffic.

yellow anti-slip floor coating in manufacturing work area in manufacturing facility

Slippery work area safety and efficiency are enhanced by this anti-slip coating.

Warehouse Walkways & Work Areas

Reduce accident risk from slick walkways with BIG's specialized non-slip coatings. Our durable 4411 Granogrip and 5231 Suregrip epoxy systems cure rapidly at room temperature, minimizing downtime (often within 24 hours). With excellent wear and chemical resistance, as well as strong adhesion for high traffic environments, our coatings won't peel away like adhesive strips.

steps with Belzona anti-slip epoxy coating

Belzona anti-slip epoxy coating ensures a secure grip on these steps.

storage tank catwalk with Belzona anti-slip coating applied to tank roof

Anti-slip coating increases safety and stability with a storage tank catwalk.

Steps & Catwalks

Enhance the safety of your workers as they navigate steps and catwalks. Our innovative coatings create a slip-resistant walking surface that prevent accidents 2024 European Cup match predictionsand ensure secure footing. Our solutions provide an unparalleled level of traction, even in challenging conditions, giving your employees the confidence to move around with stability and ease.

slippery forklift ramp made safe with Belzona anti-slip aggregate coating

Anti-slip coating prevents forklift skidding on this access ramp.

door ramp with anti-slip coating in safety yellow

Safety yellow door ramp featuring a durable anti-slip coating.

Ramps & Slopes

Our high-quality anti-slip coatings ensure the safety of your workplace. Say goodbye to forklift skidding on access ramps. Minimize the risk of accidents caused by pedestrian slips and falls on walkway slopes.


Non-slip coating creates a safe walking surface around drain area.

floor drain area with slip resistant Belzona 5231 epoxy floor coating

Belzona 5231 has excellent tolerance for chemicals and wet conditions.

Floor Drain Areas

Enhance the safety of your work environment by incorporating our innovative slip-resistant coatings for drain areas. With water, splash, and spills posing potential hazards for workers, our products offer an extra layer of protection to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

laboratory floor freshly coated with Belzona 5231 for slip and chemical resistance

Belzona floor coating provides slip and chemical resistance for this laboratory.

drum pad with chemical resistant nonslip coating

Concrete drum pad chemical containment area with specialized anti-slip coating.

Lab Floors & Chemical Containment Areas

Chemical splashes and spills will be no match for our coatings. This makes them the perfect choice for laboratories and chemical containment areas. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the best system for your needs.

positive grip coating applied to metal roller

Belzona 1821 Fluid Metal increases positive grip 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionperformance on this roller.

mechanical gripper with coarse grip epoxy coating

Mechanical gripper enhanced with a durable positive grip coating.

Positive Grip Metal Coatings

We prep metal surfaces and apply durable positive grip coatings to enhance performance of various equipment such as conveyor drive drums, rollers, fork lift grab arms, vehicle step ups, and loading ramps. Belzona 1821 Fluid Metal maintains its grip over time without polishing, peeling, or wearing away.

How To Apply Belzona Anti-Slip Granogrip Coating

Watch a short video demonstration showing how Belzona 4411 anti-slip coating is applied to reduce slip hazards on walking surfaces.

Philadelphia's Source for High-Performance Anti-Slip Coating Service

Banks Industrial Group understands the importance of safe and reliable flooring systems in industrial settings. We provide state-of-the-art anti-slip and high-performance coatings that withstand heavy traffic, chemicals, and extreme conditions, promoting workplace safety and efficiency. We are safety-oriented, ISNetworld certified A+, and fully insured to reduce your risk.

Banks Industrial Group provides non-slip industrial floor coating service for concrete and metal surfaces. We understand the high cost of downtime and work diligently to apply an effective, long-lasting solution with a fast return to service. For more information about nonslip coating and our other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.

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