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Put paddle passes the Hanzang love deep in the waves
2024-06-11 08:58:03  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

● All media reporter Liang Mengting

Drum sound on the Shaxi River,Dragon Boat Opening the City。"Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival" as the carrier,Use a dragon boat race,Promote the traditional national festival culture,Create a strong festive atmosphere。

At 9 o'clock on June 10,Three Yuan District, Xinkou Town,Citizen、Visitors come from all directions,or climbing around and looking around,or long dragons arranged along the river,Only to see the annual dragon boat event- "Dragon Leaf Fragrant Dragon Boat Festival · National Unity Family" 46th Dragon Boat Race。

On the river surface,13 Dragon Boat Teams from the city rubbing fists、Wind Wind Fa,Always prepare 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionto stage a "speed and passion" on the water;,The flow of people is looking forward to,Quietly waiting for the start of the competition。

The finishing touch ceremony,200 meters of straight dozens to start the start。"咚,咚 咚 ... "The drummer raised the drum、Get cheerful drum,With the powerful drum point,Hands chop waves、You chase me,A dragon boat is like the arrow of Li Xian,Go straight to the end of the end。

Bend over、Pagoda、Get up,Patsume flipping,Dragon boats on the track open on the river to open layers of water,Leave a road of waves,attracted the audience on the shore to cheer in unison。"The Dragon Boat is so exciting! The festival atmosphere in the town is also very strong,It's really a bad trip! "Ms. Yang, Ms. Yang, came from Xiamen,Only to experience this event in person。

Different from previous years,There is a special team among the participating teams this year -the dragon boat team composed of Tibetan compatriots in our city。"I used to watch the dragon boat race on TV,Participate in it this time,What I really experienced what is ‘Tongjiao’ s Jiali ’。"This year is the fifth year of Tibetan cadre Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsJiang Yongba in Sanming,The first time I participated in the dragon boat competition,Let him spend a special Dragon Boat Festival in a foreign country。

The Sanming College Team of Sanming College Fights Board,Drummer Yang Liqing told reporters excitedly,Dragon boat is a group movement,Everyone works together to complete the competition,For them is an incentive,Follow -up will make persistent efforts,Continue to break through yourself。

Dance with "Dragon",Good drama link。In the field,Dragon Boat Flying for the fierce,Outside the field,The interactive link is also full of fun。

Fold the folding leaves into a triangle,Basha rice and fillings ... not far away,Tibetan cadres and local villagers and local villagers' Ling Rongbao Bao Zongzi,It is fun with the people who cheered on the shore。"This is the first time I have experienced bags of rice dumplings,It feels very novel,Local villagers are very enthusiastic hospitable,Under their guidance,I wrapped a lot。"Tibetan cadre Rogon La Zong said。

Dragon Boat Race,Is a beautiful city business card,It is also an important manifestation of a city's spiritual European Cup Online Football Betting Oddscivilization style,It is a vivid portrayal of the family unity of the family。

Municipal Party Committee Civilization Office、Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau as a guidance unit for this event,Relevant person in charge said,I hope I can use this platform,Let Tibetan cadres be better integrated into Sanming,Promote the exchange and collaboration between Tibetan cadres and Sanming local cadres。At the same time,Also let them feel the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation,Building a consciousness of the Chinese nation community。

Empowerment,Relaxation。In the passion collision of landscapes and paddles,High integration of culture and sports,Inject new vitality into the construction of spiritual civilization,The flower of national unity blooms more brilliantly。

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