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Sanming: Explore "Ecological+" new road to release ecological dividends
2024-06-11 08:56:33  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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In the past three years,2.1 million mu of camping forests in Sanming City,Forest coverage rate is 77.12%,ranked first in the "China Green Capital" list for four consecutive years。(Photo by Lin Wenbin, all media reporter Lin Wenbin)

○ "Economic Reference News" reporter Lin Kai

As the nation's first comprehensive pilot market for forestry reform and development,Sanming City in recent years has explored new roads such as "ecological+finance", "ecological+ticket", "ecological+carbon exchange", "ecological+transaction",Continue deepening the reform of the collective forest right system。2023,Sanming's total output value of the forestry industry is nearly 130 billion yuan,Farmers per capita -related income 7600 yuan、About 1/3 per capita disposable income of farmers。Current,Sanming's forest storage volume has reached 210 million cubic meters。Forest Ticket、Forestry carbon tickets and other 6 innovative results were included in the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、The "Reform Europa League winner odds 2024Plan for Deepening the Collective Forest Rights System" issued by the General Office of the State Council。

Optimize top -level design

Accelerate "Three Power Division"

"Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Pilot Market of Sanming National Forestry Reform and Development" approved by the State Forestry Bureau as follows,Sanming City formulated and improved supporting measures such as "Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting Forestry Reform and Development",Build a policy system of "1+N+X"。Establishing 2024 European Cup match predictionsa pilot city construction leadership group,Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee、Mayor as the team leader and the first deputy leader,County (city、District) Establish a corresponding work coordination mechanism,Form a grasp to the end、Like the coordinated liability chain。Pilot the pilot city work as the assessment content of the forest system,Decomposure into 6 aspects of 22 key tasks,"January One News" urges implementation,and strengthen positive incentive,16 collectives and 41 individuals who have performed outstandingly in the forest reform work in the past 5 years。

Sanming City has also established Lin Changyu、System of cooperation and assessment and evaluation of departments,​​Innovation "Lin Chang+Judicial escort", "Three Tour, Three Governors and Three Implementation" and other working mechanisms,Build a forest -length system organizational system with a level 4 -level linkage。Implementing the "Four Hua" patrol of the forest guard、Grassroots Forestry Law Enforcement "One Belt Three" model,Strengthen the "One Lin and One Police" joint service、Forest Fire Differential Fighting Link,Forestry Station's standard rate is at the forefront of the country。2023 Pine material width disease epidemic area decreased by 7.4%year -on -year,The incidence of forest fire is at a historical low。

According to Zheng Jianbo, a member of the party group of Sanming Municipal Government,While optimizing the top -level design,Sanming City is fragmented for forest land operations、Questions with low operating benefits,Accelerate "Three Power Division",Promoting moderate scale operation of forest land,Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of forest land。

First, let the business right。Carry out the right to contract farmers、Forest land operation rights sharing registration,Cumulative renewal of 35,000 copies of the new certificate、9.5 million mu,Category to solve 32,000 problems leftover in history。Establish Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsa state -owned forest farm differentiated performance management incentive mechanism,Encourage state -owned forest farm、Forestry leading enterprise cooperation operation,Sanming's scale operating area accounts for 57%of collective forests,Average incremental income per mu increases more than 4,500 yuan。

The second is to implement the right to dispose。Implement "Four relaxation、Active "method,Eliminate the accumulation of artificial goods forest、Age、slope、Index and other restrictions,Carrying out artificial commodity forests for approval by area approval,Let Lin Nong have a greater right to self -harvest,Realize multi -operation multi -income。

Third is to protect the right of income。Explore Charity Forest Compensation and Natural Forest subsidy income rights pledge loan to repurchase natural forest pilots。In the past three years,Sanming City completed the key ecological location commodity forest and purchased 53,000 mu、Natural Forest Raising 36,000 acres,2023 Farmers' total income of nearly 7 billion yuan。

Explore "Ecological+" new road

Promoting "Two Mountains" conversion

Sanming City while consolidating ecological advantages,Mainly from a single wood,To give full play to the forest ecology、Economy、Multi -functional forestry transformation of social benefits,Realization mechanism through exploring ecological value,Make the various functions of the forest more fully played,The road of green development is wider and wider。

Explore the new road of "Ecological+Finance"。For Linnong、Forestry companies' financing difficulties,Introduction of inclusive financial products such as "Fulin Loan" and "Yilin Loan",Exploring forest power mortgage loan contract for compulsory notarization services and fast disposal mechanisms。Sanming City has issued a total of more than 23 billion yuan in total forestry credit,balance of nearly 9.3 billion yuan、About half of Fujian Province。

Explore the new road of "Ecological+Ticket"Europa League winner odds 2024。Sanming Forestry Bureau Forestry Reform Director Wu Hui said,Through exploring the forest ticket system,Discounts the assets of forestry rights,Innovation launched "Forest Ticket 2.0",New channels to open up social capital to invest in forestry。Current,Sanming City has made a total of 700 million yuan in forest tickets,benefit nearly 80,000 people in Linnong。

Exploring the new road of "Ecological+Carbon"。Solidly promote the construction of pilot markets for forestry carbon exchange in the country,Implementing the "Three Constructions and Two Creation" operation of forestry carbon exchange,Make the country's first forestry carbon ticket and realize across regional transactions in the country,Expand application scenarios such as "carbon exchange+conference carbon neutralization",Driving forestry carbon exchange transactions nearly 30 million yuan。

Explore the new road of "Ecological+Trading"。According to Zhan Guangdan, manager of the trading department of Shaxian Rural Property Rights Exchange Center,As a normative city (state) pilot,Sanming City relies on Fujian's Shaxian Rural Property Trading Center Platform,Promote the flow of forest power、Online transactions such as agricultural and forestry materials service procurement,The cumulative turnover of the center exceeds 1.6 billion yuan,Make full efforts to build marketization、Large -scale ecological property trading platform。

Fusion of three industries

Release the ecological dividend

Current,The forestry industry has entered a new stage of the development of three industries。Sanming City Focus on Forestry, One, Two, and Three Industries Integration and Development,Formed a fusion of three industries、The situation of mutual promotion development,Ecological advantages are constantly transformed into development advantages,Constantly release ecological dividends。

— Grasp the secondary production。Interest the bamboo and wood industry chain into 11 key development European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsindustrial chains,Introduction to the high -quality development work plan of the bamboo industry,Construction Yongan、Youxi、Shaxian and other bamboo processing characteristic parks,Develop bamboo fiber use、Bamboo Biochemical Utilization、Zhuxin Material Development and other refined processing industries,In 2023, the output value of the forestry industry was 1009 billion yuan。

Create the creation of the Sanming National Forestry Science and Technology Park as a carrier,Vigorously cultivate Muhe、Maple and other precious broad -leaved tree species,Construction of large -diameter material base,Promote "precious tree species、Forest Landscape、Wood high value "。In the past three years,2.1 million mu of camping forests in Sanming City,Forest coverage rate is 77.12%,ranked first in the "China Green Capital" list for four consecutive years。

—— Promoting a birth。Vigorously develop the forest economy,Do foot bamboo、medicine、Tea、bacteria and other articles,Building bamboo shoots and bamboo、seedlings flowers、oil tea、Gangmei、Dendrobium candidum and other "one county, one product" industrial base。Current,Sanming City's economic operation area 4.48 million mu,In 2023, the economic output value of the bottom of the forest was 17.9 billion yuan。

。Holding the 18th Strait Forestry Expo in a row,Actively expand "Forest Hanging Nourishment+Bird Watching Leisure、Chinese medicine physiotherapy、Education and Research "new format,40,Realizing a turnover of 1.9 billion yuan in 2023。

Sanming City proposed to 2025,Forest accumulation over 199 million cubic meters,The total output value of the forestry industry exceeds 140 billion yuan,The proportion of forestry income in farmers' disposable income increased year by year。From 2035,Forest coverage is stable at 76.8%,The total output value of the forestry industry exceeds 180 billion yuan。

Chen Ping, director of Sanming Forestry Bureau, said,Sanming City will be targeting the "Reform Europa League winner odds 2024Plan for Deepening the Collective Forest Rights System",Focus on "Forestry Development、Forest farmers increase income、Forest District Prosperity ",Promote the comprehensive pilot pilot of forestry reform and development to expand into depth,Continue to explore the new road for the national forestry reform and development、Tree benchmark、Contribution。 

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