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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Sanming City Cultural Tourism Market steadily recovers
2024-06-11 08:55:08  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

Dragon Boat Festival holiday,The city receives a total of 1.3598 million tourists,increased by 16.32%year -on -year,Total tourism revenue of 766 million yuan,year -on -year increase of 28.15%,The total reception of 222,000 people in the city at 4A or above the city,Realizing ticket income of about 9.7304 million yuan。The city's holiday cultural and tourism economy maintained a steady recovery state。

Non -Heritage Experiment Singing Lord。Dragon Boat Festival holiday coincides with China's eighth culture and natural heritage day,The city's cultural benefit people's activities continue to be new,Holding "Protection and inheritance of Non Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Odds-Heritage History Pulse" 2024 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day series activities、The 6th dialect display activity、"Green Du Sanming Sharing Non -Heritage" Sanming City Non -Heritage Project Photography Contest launched、"Inheritance Hakka Culture Cut out of the non -heritage charm" paper -cutting work exhibition、"Hakka Wenmai · Guyun Long" Guqin production skills public welfare lecture、Hakka non -heritage representative project "Li's Troubleshooting and Fang Medicine Treatment Law" public welfare lectures such as non -heritage lectures,Participate in online and offline exhibitions and interactive participation,Let the participants experience the unique charm of non -heritage projects; the Dragon Boat Festival theme activities are wonderful,Wanshouyan Site Museum "Xiang Yue Dragon Boat Festival and‘ 粽 ’is not‘ child ’” theme social activity、Mingxi Community Baozi Tongzi Competition、Qingliu "Reading Non -Heritage -Dragon Boat DIY" enters the campus activities、Ninghua "You Most" 粽 "online knowledge competition activities, etc.,Constantly inherit and promote the Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsexcellent traditional culture of China。

Short -distance travel is favored。Dragon Boat Festival Holiday weather is rain and rain alternate,Let short -distance travel、The surrounding tour becomes an important way to travel during holidays,Return to the holidays and the surrounding self -driving travel vehicles hot,Each scenic spot gives full play to the main role of the main force,The special activity of the "Dragon Boat Festival Ai Cao Cao Qing Zongzi Peng" special activity and "Ledo Good Voice I sing everyone" -Lie Ye Singer Series,Shaxian Snack Theme Park holds "Funny Clown Group Show",Lotus Mountain、Daxianfeng · Chamei and other scenic spots in scenic spots are endless,Scenic area reception continues to heat up; the Dragon Boat Festival on the Dragon Boat Festival,Scenic area reception continues to heat up; the Dragon Boat Festival on the Dragon Boat Festival、Shaxian District Strait Cross -Strait Dragon Boat Dragon Boat Race attracts citizens to watch on the spot,Tourism of the event。

Holiday discount attraction。Wanshou Hot Spring Sales Dragon Boat Festival special ticket、Yubang Village launched a special snack package、Tea Beauty launched two people and one person 2024 European Cup match predictionsfree,Taoyuan Cave-鳞 隐、Swan Cave、Jinshan Mountain and other scenic spots implement measures to benefit the people,For the elderly、Active soldiers、Disabled people、Fire rescue workers and other people give votes for free,Yuhua Cave、Guxi Xinghe、Union terraced、Jiu Tai Town and other scenic spots for the entrance examination、Graduates of college entrance examinations,Introduction of preferential policies for ticket -free or ticket purchase,Start the graduation season market。(All media reporter Chen thirsty correspondent Shang Jiawei) 

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