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Back to the new and civilized mutual learning: the deserved meaning of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation (in -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics)
Peng Gang
2024-06-11 08:53:10  Source: People's Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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Modern civilization of the Chinese nation,If it is the "Chinese nation",If it is "modern"。Back to open a new、Inheritance and Development of China Excellent Traditional Culture,Civilization mutual learning、Absorbing from all beneficial results of human civilization,Then create and develop new forms of human civilization,It is the deserved meaning of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation。

At the cultural inheritance development symposium,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed a major proposition for building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation。Modern civilization of the Chinese nation,If it is the "Chinese nation",If it is "modern"。The former requires us to return to the new,Creative conversion of excellent Chinese traditional culture、Innovative development; the latter means that we must strengthen the exchange of civilization exchanges,Draw nutrients from different civilizations,Among them, the important thing is that China and the West Mutual Learning。Both are the deserved meaning of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation。

Return to open a new, activate tradition

Return to the new is a common situation in the history of civilization,Especially the important cultural characteristics of the modern power and power。The world changes are becoming more and more intense,We all felt the power of technology and business in profoundly changing society,I felt huge uncertainty。But the more this,The more people want to return to the source of their own history and civilization,See where you come from,Think about whether where you come here can bring the source of inspiration and vitality to the present。In the constant changing era,We have to pursue those things with constant value。

In the history of Chinese civilization,People continue to return to the pre -Qin,Back to our civilization, seeking revelation。"Although Zhou is old -fashioned,Its life is new。"Pre -Qin Zhuzi has always been the source of inspiration of future thoughts。"Three Generations Imagination" has always been the return of Confucian continuous development。Song Ming Confucianism is a model of Chinese culture back to the new model: Facing Europa League winner odds 2024the impact of Buddhism,Confucian Doctor from Han Yu from the Tang Dynasty、Li Yan advocates rebuilding Confucianism,Then Zhu Xi returned to the Song Dynasty to return to the Confucian classic to propose science,Further to the Ming Dynasty Wang Yangming Ji Song and Ming Confucianism,Confucianism is based on itself,Back to open a new,Rejuvenating vitality,contributed valuable mental resources to the continuation of Chinese civilization。and Confucianism, Education, Sutra, especially the ramology,Then it will rise again during the danger period of the late Qing Dynasty,Provides the basis for the improvement of the improvement movement of aspirations。

History,Western civilization has also returned to the classical source many times to find revelation,Open new ideas。Philosopher、Mathematicians Whitehai once said: "The 2,500 years of Western philosophy is just a series of footnotes of Plato philosophy。"The Renaissance is the sprout of modern western culture,But it was originally expressed like the resurrection of ancient Greek Roman culture。Germany in the 19th century,Many cultural giants also re -enter ancient Greece。Philosopher Hegel said in the "Records of the History of Philosophy": "The name of Greece is mentioned,In the heart of educated Europeans,Especially in our Germans,Naturally, it will cause a sense of homeland。"Many people in Europe and the United States today are consciously activating classical concepts to understand the present。In the legal system,Some basic systems of the law system in mainland China,For example, some basic rules of the contract law,Still continuing the Roman law two thousand years ago。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Chinese excellent traditional culture is the cultural root of the Chinese nation"。Today,We have better conditions、stronger consciousness to dig、Promoting traditional culture。We have to inherit the excellent traditional culture of China,Actively embrace the changes and challenges of modern society,To create new cultural forms and ideological achievements with the characteristics of the times。Back to the book, it does not mean that it is self -proclaimed,and open tolerance does not conflict contradictions。The development process of modern civilization of the Chinese nation,must be the fundamental to return to Chinese civilization,constantly open new forms、New content、Process of new results。

Civilized mutual learning, innovation transcendence

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Implement the global civilization initiative,Acting with civilized exchanges beyond civilization barriers、Civilized mutual learning beyond civilization conflict、Civilized tolerance beyond civilization superior,Working together to promote the progress of human civilization。"in today'Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddss world,One of the important aspects of the mutual learning of civilization is Chinese and Western mutual learning。To promote civilization mutual learning、Chinese and Western Mutual Learning,It is necessary to achieve three "transcendence"。

Beyond civilized barriers,Communication and mutual learning have always been the only way for the development of civilization。Ancient Chinese civilization constantly borrowed from other civilization development self。Historically Chinese civilization through absorbing Buddhist civilizations passed from India,Promote the formation of Song and Ming Confucianism。After the 20th century,China is introduced to the most essence of Marxism, the most essential part of Western modern civilization,Promoting the era of Sinicization of Marxism,Promote the development of Chinese civilization into a new stage,Successfully walked out of the Chinese -style modern road,Created a new form of human civilization。

Philosopher Russell said: "The contact of different cultures was once a road sign for human progress。"The source of Western civilization ancient Greek civilization drawn the nutrition of ancient oriental civilization。Scientific historian George Sadon pointed out: "The foundation of Greek science is completely East,No matter how deep the Genius of Greece,Without these foundations,It may not be able to create anything that can be compared with its actual achievements "。History,Europe was full of interest in China,"China Hot" in the Enlightenment era。

Beyond civilized conflict,Exchange and mutual learning to achieve innovation transcendence。"East China Sea West Sea,Psychological Same "。Civilization is similar to,Reflects the commonality of people who transcend time and space,Make peace、Development、Fair、Justice、Democratic、Freedom gradually becomes the common value of all mankind。Diversity and differences between civilization,For people to know themselves deeply in communication and mutual learning、Long -term tonic、Innovation beyond provides conditions。For example,Ancient Greek Culture's emphasis on logical thinking、Exploration of non -practical truth、Encouragement of curiosity,We still have reference value for we who are threatening to be creative。

Chinese civilization focuses on order and freedom、Balance between responsibility and rights,Repertians when I reflect on people of contemporary Western insight。Modernization of Western countries emphasizes conquest and use of nature,Cause environmental pollution、Resource exhaustion and other serious problems,And the excellent traditional culture of China adheres to "the unity of heaven and man", "Shun Tian Ying Shi", "、There is a festival for use "。Development of civilization,Back to European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsthe book to open a new,Activate their excellent traditions;,Realize innovation transcendence in the reference and absorbing。Civilized communication and mutual learning does not mean losing yourself,but becoming better、The greatest self。

Beyond civilization superior,Abandon the concept of distinguishing civilization and barbaric with ethnic groups。Chinese civilization has always been accepted by Hainan、The mind and demeanor of both acceptance and accommodation,Do not divide civilizations and barbaric by ethnic groups、The advantages and disadvantages of distinguishing culture,Instead, look at the external world with an open eyes。The more prosperous and strong,The more this is, the more this。Current,Human beings need to surpass civilization level theory,"Beauty and beauty,Beauty of Beauty,The United States and the United States and the United States "。Civilization does not mean conquest and transformation,but respect、Appreciation、Learn and achieve others。

But to this day,Some people in the West still uphold the theory of civilization,The value system generated by specific regions of a specific era is regarded as "universal value",and create many concepts of two -point method of civilized levels -democracy/autocracy、freedom/authoritarian, etc.,For countries that do not meet their standards, accusations and interference,Even the Bing Ge is in each other。This unequal civilization view is the root of many contradictions and conflicts in the world。

The unique value pursuit of modern civilization of the Chinese nation

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Chinese civilization has been stretching for more than 5,000 years、Top long,During the long -term evolution,,Formed the Chinese view of the world、Look at society、The unique value system of seeing life、cultural connotation and spiritual quality "。Value is the deepest core of civilization。In the backbone of new and civilized mutual learning, especially Chinese and Western mutual learning,We will have clearer cognition of the unique value system of the Chinese people,This unique value system is also the unique value pursuit of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation being created。

Emphasize the group's ability instead of individual first in terms of social values。Chinese civilization adheres to virtue、Group standard,Treasure the dislike of righteousness。The modern civilization of the Chinese nation adheres to the people first、Group standard。Western modern civilization lays the base of the individual's above value,Its economy、Politics、Logic starting point for order of society,All provide theoretical and institutional basis for individuals who chase their own interests。Atomic individuals to satisfy their own desire,While bringing great vitality to modern society,It also gives other countries and nations in the world、Europa League winner odds 2024Bring a deep disaster to the vulnerable class and group of Western society。

Emphasizing the people as the center instead of capital -centered。Chinese civilization has always been highly vigilant for the profitability of capital,The traditional social ideal of "the world is the public" has a natural fit with socialism。Chinese -style modernization adheres to the people -centered development idea: economic efforts to achieve common prosperity,Political development of people's democracy,Cultural opposition to measure everything、Emphasize mental prosperity,etc.。Western modernization is the modernization of capital -driven。Capital is regarded as the dominance of the society。

Emphasize unity and unity opposite in the concept of governance。The historical blood of Chinese civilization has never been interrupted。Since the Qin and Han dynasties,Opposition to the division of the country、Maintaining the integrity of the country becomes the political bottom line of the Chinese,Maintenance unification becomes the political consciousness of Chinese civilization。mainstream political power、The concept of mainstream value and the unity of mainstream ideological and cultural,It is a distinctive feature of traditional Chinese social governance。Contemporary China develops a unified tradition of Chinese culture at a higher level and gives them a new era of connotation,Rich and diverse modern society and modern culture make it vibrant。Politics and religion、Region、Differential and even tear between races,It is a lingering nightmare for contemporary West。

Emphasize in the ecological view that the unity of heaven and man instead of conquering nature。Chinese civilization adheres to "the unity of heaven and man" and "the benefit of each other": the concept of "integration of all things" and "neutralization" is viewed by nature,Awe of nature with the mentality of "Taoism Nature" and "Shun Tian Shi Shi","Take it degree、Naturally。Chinese -style modernization inherits excellent Chinese traditional ecological culture,Persist in green water and green mountains is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan,It has important value for the challenges such as the environmental climate facing human beings.。Western modernization goals with conquest naturalization。

Emphasizing the construction of a community of human destiny instead of each other in the world view。Chinese culture claims and differences。The concept of the community of human destiny advocates that countries around the world are sympathetic、Equal coexistence,Dialogue negotiation、Construction sharing。This is a manifestation of the prominent peace of Chinese civilization。Almost 400 years ago,Matteo Ricci wrote in his diary: "In China," it can be said that its territory is almost wide and boundless、2024 European Cup match predictionsThere are countless population、There are a variety of and extremely rich kingdoms in the kingdom ... They are completely satisfied with what they have,I don’t look at the conquest。In this regard,They are completely different from Europeans; Europeans often dissatisfied with their government,What other people enjoyed。Now,The Western countries seem to have been grinding and exhausted the idea of ​​being dominated by the world "。Western modern mainstream concept,regarding international relations as the relationship between competition limited resources in the world。

The contemporary world faces many severe challenges,Emerging technology is constantly shaking the existing ethical principles,The hegemonic behavior continues to impact the world peace,populism is constantly tearing social structure,The fierce game between different forces in the world even brings war fire,This makes us worry about the prospects of the world。At the same time, we also see,Different civilization communication and mutual learning,Objectively speaking, it is far better than in the past。Humanity is the most creative、The maximum progress、The most vibrant time,Also often different cultures、Communicate between different people、When the blending is most sufficient。The ancient traditional rejuvenation glows vitality,Modern civilization constantly reflect on its own lack,It is the continuous progress of humans、The opportunity to move towards a higher and better civilized form。Chinese -style modernization is the "Old State New Life" of the Chinese nation。Back to open a new、Inheritance and Development of China Excellent Traditional Culture,Civilization mutual learning、Absorbing from all beneficial results of human civilization,Then create and develop new forms of human civilization,It is the deserved meaning of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation,It is also an inevitable choice to provide a Chinese solution for building a better world。

(The author is Vice President of Tsinghua University)

"People's Daily" (09th version of June 11, 2024)

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