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Promote the old change of the new,Help high -quality development (promotes consumer goods to replace the old new)
2024-06-11 08:50:38  Source: People's Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Accelerating product update is an important measure to promote high -quality development,To encourage and guide a new round of large -scale equipment updates and consumer products to change the new。”

This year is the key year for achieving the "14th Five -Year Plan" planning goals and tasks。A new round of large -scale consumer goods is replaced by the old,It will promote high -quality durable consumer goods to enter the lives of residents,While better satisfying the needs of the people's good life,Release more powerful development motivation,Constantly consolidate and enhance the economic recovery to a good situation。

Recent,Reporter goes in depth,Interview with various regions and departments to carry out cars、Home Appliances with good experience and good experience with new and home improvement, kitchen and bathrooms,Exploration of support policies and guarantee mechanisms required for consumer goods with new jobs for old changes。

— Editor

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,"Must keep in mind high -quality development is the hard path of the new era"。

Promoting consumer goods with the old change is to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern、Important measures to promote high -quality development。

March this year,The "Promoting Large -scale Equipment Update and Consumer Products with Old Change of New Action Plan" issued by the State Council is proposed,"Coordinating and expanding domestic demand and deepening supply -side structural reforms" "Promote high -quality durable consumer goods to enter the lives of residents,Unblocked Resource Cycle Line Utilization Chain,greatly improving the quality and level of the national economic cycle "。Subsequent,The Ministry of Commerce and other 14 departments issued the "Promoting Consumption Products with Old Change and New Action Plan",Clarified the specific task of consumer goods with the old replacement。

Various departments in various regions follow the new trend of the new situation of consumption,To improve technology、energy consumption、Eat emission and other standards are traction,Policy as an incentive,Drive with unblocked cycle,Working hard to achieve "It's easier to get to the old、More willing to change new ",Focus on expanding domestic demand,Promoting consumption continues to expand,better meet the needs of the people's beautiful life。

Great market space with the old replacement,is an important starting point for expanding consumption

"Not only can you‘ one -stop ’replace the new Europa League winner odds 2024with the old,You can also enjoy subsidies,It's really convenient and affordable。"in the car mall in Yubei District, Chongqing City,Consumer He Wei has ordered a new car with the old replacement。Introduction to the person in charge of the mall,Recent time,Stores have significantly increased in the amount of new orders in the store,reached more than 50 orders in April。

Great market space with the old replacement,is an important starting point for expanding consumption。Hong Yong, an associate researcher at the E -Commerce Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Research Institute,Further promote the stable growth of consumption,Pay attention to encouraging and promoting consumer goods to change the new with old,Make the new demand for new release,Form more new growth points。

Jingdong Data Show,March,The number of new users increased by more than 140%year -on -year。Meituan data display,Since April,"Replacement with the old" search volume increased by more than 140%compared with the same period last year,Electric vehicle batteries increased by more than 13 times year -on -year with new search volume,refrigerator、Air conditioning and other appliances increased by new search volume with old -fashioned new search exceeding 120%。Suning Tesco data show,In April, the new order with old -fashioned new orders accounted for about 40 % of the overall sales volume,"May Day" holiday National Suning Tesco Store increased by 70%year -on -year with new orders.。

Consumer products are in line with the law of the old market.

"My Refrigerator、The TV has been used for almost 10 years,I heard that there is a policy of replacing the old new policy,Just take a look at。"in an electrical store in Beijing,Captain Cai Jia, who came to buy home appliances,New products on the market are not only more functions,The appearance is also more novel。After understanding the relevant policies,She took 5 new home appliances in one breath。

China Automobile Industry Association, etc., conducted 2024 new energy vehicle consumer consumption survey results display,Super 60 % of the interviewees believe that the introduction of a new policy of car "is very necessary",Among them, nearly 30 % of the old cars are replaced、Plan for buying new energy vehicles。

The person in charge of the market operation and consumption promotion department of the Ministry of Commerce said,Car、Home Appliances、Homewear, kitchen and bathroom market, large comprehensive volume,Strong effect,A considerable part of the product has a longer service life,High energy consumption emissions,Great upgrade potential。

Consumer products are popular with enterprises with old -fashioned new replacement.

"Promoting Consumer Products with Old Change of New Action Plan" focuses on cars、Home Appliances、Home Instyle, Kitchen, Bathroom and other key commodity categories,Increase policy guidance support。For example,Added a car in the national automobile circulation information management system to change the new module,Unicom relevant 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictiondepartments car data,Development with old new small programs,Provide a unified car with the new subsidy of the old and new subsidies,Gives funding for relevant parties。

Shanxi、Zhejiang、Shandong、Hunan、Guangdong and other places have introduced detailed measures,Car、Home Appliances、Home and other companies have responded to,Launched a discount package。Jingdong Automobile announced the joint brand investment of 500 million yuan,Help the car to change the new for the old。Suning Tesco and more than 30 home appliance companies to carry out new activities with old replacement,Consumers enjoy the discount of “paying for new 10%of the old 10%of the old 10%”,It can also be superimposed with local government subsidies。

Consumer products have continued to improve with old -fashioned experience.

"Old mobile phone recycling sold 1,000 yuan,It feels very surprising。"Su Li, consumers in Yangpu District, Shanghai, open a second -hand idle transaction application,Fill in the model and performance configuration of the old mobile phone on the old machine recycling page,Soon, there will be staff members who come to the door。Staff's opponent battery、Function、screen appearance, etc.,The two parties agreed on the recycling price of the mobile phone,The payment of the old phone reaches Su Li’s account in real time。This application data shows,Mobile phones recovered in the first quarter、Computer、Tablet and other electronic products increased by 43.9%year -on -year,"May Day" holiday recycling business increased by more than 52%year -on -year,Among them, home recycling increases more than 61%。

With the development of new models such as "Internet+second -hand",Consumers are shorter with the old chain of the old、Cost lower、Experience is better。 realizes the "online+offline" omni -channel fusion of old mobile phones,Consumers can choose to buy in the new way in the mobile phone product detail page,Obstable the deductable estimated amount by clicking the "Old Machine Evaluation" process。When buying 3C products at,It can also achieve up to 6 cross -product categories with old -fashioned new service,idle waste mobile phone、Computer、Appliances such as home appliances can be very convenient to deduct discounts。Meituan rely on online and offline linkage capabilities,Provide consumers with more convenient replacement of new services。Data display,Since April,The number of merchants provided by Meituan with new services increased by more than 660%year -on -year,Significant growth。

Drives more effective demand and promote the supply side to accelerate innovation

"Unblocked the new channel with the old replacement、Stimulate greater new demand,Can be described as more in one fell swoop。"Wang Qing, deputy director of the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council said,my country's consumer market is generally entering the "incremental era" to enter "incremental and stock with stocks"。Implementation of consumer goods to change the new 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionfor the old,可以Drives more effective demand and promote the supply side to accelerate innovation,It is conducive to promoting the consumer market to speed up from "whether there is" to "good",Forms a higher level of supply and demand dynamic balance。

Stimulate greater consumption potential -

At the end of April,"Understanding the Emperor Auto Cultural Digital Consumption Festival and 2024 Chongqing 6. 18 E -commerce Festival" under the Chongqing Municipal Commercial Committee was launched at the Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street,attracted many citizens to participate。Activity scene,For the old replacement of the old, it has become the focus of consumers' attention。"Many consumers understand the policy and process of changing the old new policy through activities,Preliminary replacement intention was reached on the spot。"I know the person in charge of the Emperor Che,Since March,Understand the Emperor of the Che Emperor to accept Beijing、Chongqing and other places for car consumption subsidies to distribute work,drive over 6.5 billion yuan in car consumption。

"Since the introduction of the old policy for the old,,Related order growth is obvious,Especially the sales of new products。"Relevant person in charge of BAIC Futian said,Encourage consumers to buy updates with the old change、More technical content、Products with better quality,Promote consumption upgrade。Automobile's new policy is in line with consumers and enterprises、Expectation of the industry,It will provide a strong motivation for changing "capacity" for the car market。 and the China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association and other joint release of the "3C Digital Elderly Change New Service Report" believes,Current consumers are buying mobile phones、Computer and other 3C products,More and more favored to change the new for the old,This has led to shorten the cycle of electronic products,Increase brand sales,Inspired more brands to invest in innovation,Promote the positive circulation of the industry。

Zhang Lin, deputy dean of Meituan Research Institute, believes,Online and offline integration service model Promote consumer goods to change new in old,can help merchants broaden the business category,It can also bring more convenient new experience to consumers,It is conducive to further stimulating consumer vitality,To better play the role of the old replacement of newly expanded consumption。

Promoting product accelerated innovation —

In the Dongfeng Lantu Auto Show Hall located in the Xingcheng Mall in Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei,Many consumers are buying new cars。"For more than 6 years in the old car,Want to change a new car with larger and fueling fuel,Just catch up with the event discount and place an order。"Consumer Guo Kai said。At the end of April,Wuhan announced that consumer goods use the new plan for the old change,Focusing on new energy vehicles and other sectors to invest 20 million yuan in consumer coupons。Guo Kai calculated,Subsidies for corporate replacement plus government 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionsubsidies,The price of the car can be discount nearly 40,000 yuan。

"Change the new for the old,Old products replace new kinetic energy。"The person in charge of Dongfeng Lantu Automobile said,Instead of the old replacement and the elimination of backward products and capacity,Not only is it conducive to promoting the high -quality development of the industry,Also win more innovative space for enterprises。At the same time,Enterprises can also develop technology development based on the needs of more users,Better adapting to continuously upgraded consumption trends,Introduction of more intelligentization、Green、Personalized new products。

Optimize the use of resources —

For waste mobile phones that cannot be continued to use,Passed with regular disassembly、Classification、Refine and re -use,Can generate higher added value。"30%to 40%of the total mass of a mobile phone is various metal materials,Including gold、Silver、钯 钯 钯 钯 钯 precious metals; 40%to 50%are plastic; the remaining part is other materials,such as glass、Ceramics, etc.。"Yu Keli, Secretary -General of the China Material Regeneration Association,Scientifically use the dismissed mobile phone for environmental harmless treatment and efficient resource -based use,With significant economic and social benefits。

With better products and services,Provide consumers with a variety of、Personalized business

Consumer products are all walks of life with the relationship between the old and new work、Thousands of households,Need to cooperate in all aspects、Comprehensive force,Take more targeted measures for different consumer products,Promote high -quality durable consumer goods more to enter the lives of residents,Unblocked Resource Cycle Line Utilization Chain,Improve the quality and level of the national economic cycle。

Further improve the recycling cycle and use chain —

As an important part of the new consumption chain in the old -fashioned new consumption,How to estimate the old goods、Who can recover、How to deal with,Not only is it directly related to the consumer with the old consumer experience,It also affects the effectiveness of the development of new jobs for the old and new jobs。Make the recycling cycle of old products more efficient and smooth,It is a key link to promote the stimulation of older and new consumption。

"‘ Internet+recycling ’is an important direction for improving the recycling chain。"Hi recycling general manager Chen Feng said,Many consumers have encountered problems with old furniture。For example,Old wardrobe does not belong to domestic waste,Consumers often need to deal with themselves。Consumers want to buy a new wardrobe,But I don’t know how to deal with the old wardrobe。Hi recycling through cooperation with the e -commerce platform,Speed ​​up the establishment of a "new+recycling" logistics system and new model,Provide consumers with home appliances、"Old for furniture and other products、Give new、Disassembling one -stop "service,Make consumers 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionchange new with the old replacement。

Build a more transparent value evaluation system of old commodity -

"A reasonable and transparent evaluation system,It is important to better stimulate the willingness to change the old and new to the old。"Gao Honghai, the person in charge of the technical technology of Chongqing Auto Mall Chongqing Automobile Mall。The reporter saw in Chongqing Know the Emperor Auto Mall,The inspector drove a used car into the intelligent test and evaluation equipment "D -BOX",Manually click the corresponding detection key in the operating room,Equipment will automatically turn on the detection process。After ten minutes,A copy contains a model、Car condition、The detection and evaluation report of data such as maintenance insurance will automatically generate。This test report is combined with recent similar model transaction data,Help consumers better understand the reasonable range of vehicle valuations。

The person in charge of the Consumption Promotion Department of the Ministry of Commerce said,The second -hand car information query platform will be established,Make the car condition information more transparent、The price of the car is more fair,People will be more assured when buying used cars,Not only is the price reasonable,It is also more guaranteed after -sales。

Provide richer and more diverse new consumer products selection —

Ultra -large LCD TV、Dislavs with automatic drying and automatic drying、Super large suction range hood、The first -level energy efficiency is the door to open the door ... The national consumer goods sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce are replaced with old -fashioned operations — Shandong Station and 2024 National Home Appliance Consumption Season,Thousands of products have attracted the attention of many consumers。

"Follow the trend of consumption upgrade、Constantly innovate high -quality supply,It is the most direct factor that stimulates consumers to change the old willingness of the old to change.。"Hong Yong suggestion,On the one hand, it is necessary to encourage enterprises to accelerate the development of green health products,Let consumers choose more assured; on the other hand, it is necessary to encourage enterprises、Personalized business,With better products and services,Better to change the old consumer demand。

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce said,It will work with various regions and departments to implement policies,Promote the car for "energy"、Home Appliances Change "Zhi"、Home Instant Kitchen and Bathroom "Huanxin",Let the old -fashioned policy benefit more consumers,Promoting high -quality development。

"People's Daily" (01, June 11, 2024)

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