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Xinhua Time Review | Dragon Boat Festival, feel the cultural bond connecting the world
2024-06-11 08:48:34  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 9th. Question: Dragon Boat Festival,Feel the cultural bond connecting the world

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yin Siyuan

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June 8,A woman participated in the wrapping dumplings in Malacca, Malaysia。That day,Malaysia Malacca Malacca City Holds the "2024 Dragon Boat Festival" series of activities,People wrapped with dumplings、Dragon boat and other methods to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival。Xinhua News Agency (photo comprehensive)

Dragon Boat Festival in the middle of the summer,Repeated day in the Qing Dynasty。Dragon Boat of the Chinese Race、Food Demon、Pecca sac、hanging wormwood 菖,Welcome to the Dragon Boat Festival。At the same time,Dragon Boat Run also staged around the world,Between the splattered paddle and competition,The profound connotation of Chinese culture is intertwined with the rich and diverse humanistic traditions of countries around the world,Symphony of the diversified integration of world culture。

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China。2009,UNESCO included the Dragon Boat Festival in the List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage Works List,This is the first holiday in China to be selected into the world's non -heritage。In recent years,The popularity of Chinese culture is constantly heating,Dragon Boat Festival also resonates with the same frequency at home and abroad。

In recent years,People from different cultural backgrounds participate in the Dragon Boat Festival celebration,Draw cultural nutrition in communication。In the Dragon Boat Festival series activities held in many places in China,The figure of international friends can be seen everywhere。Bangladesh Student Akai participated in the Dragon Boat Festival experience activities in Chongqing,In -depth understanding of Chinese folk customs; Turkish girl Jianan has lived in Tianjin for many years,She feels the power of hard work and solidarity in Dragon Boat Competition; Zhayag, the leader of the Dragon Boat Team of the Pogkamedon Dragon Boat in the Philippines, participated in the 2024 China-ASEAN International Dragon Boat Open,China is the birthplace of the dragon boat activity,For their young players,It is a "Dream Journey" to come to China to participate in the Dragon Boat Race。

Before the Dragon Boat Festival this year,The Dutch overseas Chinese community holds the Dragon Boat Festival,Lion dance Europa League winner odds 2024performances are wonderful; Germany held the first Frankfurt International Dragon Boat Friendship Tournament,Mimin's lively and extraordinary ... Cross the region、Language、National、Culture and other differences,Friends of paddles,Dragon Boat Festival to the world,Show people's unique charm,It also reflects the civilization pursuit and spiritual style of contemporary Chinese。

Globalization process continues to accelerate,Humanistic exchanges have gradually become an important form of interaction between the country。Cultural and sports exchange activities are increasingly richer,Provide a larger stage for the people's hearts,Further deepen the mutual understanding of countries、Promote mutual respect for people from all countries,To promote the integration of different cultures、Different civilization exchanges and mutual learning made contributions。Frankfurt City Mayor Joseph delivered a speech at the first Frankfurt International Dragon Boat Friendship Tournament,Hot folk communication、A vigorous cultural exchanges and scientific research cooperation allows the people of Germany and China to increase understanding、mutual benefit and win -win。

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May 25,In Frankfurt, Germany,Dragon Boat team participates in the competition on the River in the United States。The first Frankfurt International Dragon Boat Friendship Tournament and 2024 Frankfurt China opened on the day of the opening ceremony of the China Festival,From China、2024 European Cup Football Result PredictionGermany、Dragon Boat Team in Italy and other countries competing on the same stage,Live and colorful Chinese cultural exhibition activities attract a large number of audiences to participate。Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Fan

The continuous increase in the global scope of traditional Chinese culture is also a vivid manifestation of China's soft power improvement。In recent years,The unique charm of Chinese culture is increasingly prominent in the collision with different civilizations。The ideas contained in Chinese culture、Humanities、Moral specifications,Not only the core of Chinese thought and spirit,The important value of its important value to solve human problems is also increasingly recognized by the international community。China actively builds a platform for conversation between different civilizations,Opportunities for the development of different civilizations with the strong vitality of economic development,A credible、Cute、The respectable Chinese image is gradually established in the international community,Continue to show the diverse charm and vitality of Chinese culture to the world。

This year's Dragon Boat Festival coincides with the Civilization Dialogue International Day that the United Nations has just established。7th,The 78th UN General Assembly negotiated through the establishment of a civilized dialogue international day resolution proposed by China,It is announced 2024 European Cup match predictionsthat June 10th is a civilized dialogue international day。countries around the world are in love with cultural exchanges、Mutuality and Mutuality,It is a better life of people from all countries、An important prerequisite for the harmony and peace of the world。Chinese civilization will be with the civilization of various countries,Give full play to the role of cultural bond connecting the world,Provide humans with correct spiritual guidance and strong spiritual motivation,Make greater contributions to world peace and development。

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