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What to "save" vision? --Outdoor sports、Optimal therapy and other intervention measures or to reverse myopia
2024-06-11 08:46:19  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

As the classrooms and playgrounds are increasingly replaced by virtual meetings and digital equipment,The time for the children to watch the screen surge,Outdoor activity time drops sharply。To adapt to short vision tasks,Children's eye shaft becomes long。The elongation of the eye shaft increases the definition of close -up images on the retina,But it will also make the distant objects look blur,Then lead to myopia。

A prediction indicates,To the middle of this century,Myopia will affect half of the world's population。This means,Within decades,The incidence of myopia may double。But the doctor of the Indian Alawen Ophthalmology Hospital Nilan Paval believes,This prediction seems too gentle,The incidence of myopia may increase to 3 times the original。

British "Nature" magazine website pointed out: Outdoor 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionactivities are the best measures to prevent myopia。Scientists are also actively looking for other methods,Including introducing the outdoor environment into the indoor、R & D -based intervention measures based on light and drugs,I hope it can reverse this disturbing trend。

Introduce the outdoor environment into indoor

Random test indication,About an hour of outdoor activities every day can significantly reduce the incidence of myopia for children and adolescents。But the facts proof,It is difficult to persist in these measures。This prompted many ophthalmologists to actively find methods to introduce the outdoor environment into indoor。

A study in 2015 found,Equipped with brighter ceiling lamps than usual,plus a brighter blackboard light,You can reduce the incidence of primary and secondary students from 10%to 4%。There are also scientists trying to use glass and steel to create a "bright classroom",Let more natural light enter the learning environment。

Some scientists have a different approach,Create a natural visual environment that promotes retinal focus in the classroom。In the nine classrooms of Lijiang City, China,A doctor's team posted a custom wallpaper in the classroom,These wallpapers show the visual complexity and space layout of the park。Classroom ceiling is painted into a blue sky environment,Its Shanghai 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictiongull soar、Balloon and kite flutter with the wind。

Team discovery,Children in these outdoor scene classrooms,The degree of elongation of the eye shaft is far lower than the children in the white wall classroom。This easy -to -implement method indicates,Outdoor activities are beneficial,alone is not the only reason。

Optot therapy glasses into the eyes

Scientists are also trying to send different wavelengths of light to the eye,To prevent and suppress myopia。

Australian researchers used special phototherapy glasses to carry out pilot research。This kind of glasses will emit blue and green light,Its selling point is to relieve the time difference and improve sleep quality,But also shows potential in solving myopia。

Dopavision, Berlin, Germany, test a virtual reality headset。The headset can transmit short -wave blue light to the point where the retina is connected to the optic nerve。In experiments on rabbits,This therapy significantly improves the dopamine level in the eyes of the rabbit。Current,The company is conducting a larger -scale clinical trial in Europe。

Raphael Greetz, a biological engineer at the University of Alabama Birmingham, pointed out,UV rays may be the key to preventing and treating myopia。And Cincinnati Children's Hospital biologist Richard Lang and his colleagues are also testing the effect Europa League winner odds 2024of similar lighting systems。

Red light therapy is controversial

Most of the current light -based intervention measures are concentrated on red light,This type of therapy is called repeated low level red light therapy。This is a desktop device similar to a microscope,Low the low -intensity red light directly to the user's eyes。This method was originally developed for different eye diseases,It is considered to be able to play a role by enhancing the blood flow in the eyeball。

In a one -year study,Discovery of the Ophthalmologist team of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China,twice a day、The possibility of children suffering from myopia for children with three minutes of red light every Friday,It is half of the treatment of children without accepting children。

However。It is reported,A 12 -year -old girl once used the retina after using the red light therapy instrument。Lisa Astron, a visual scientist at Houston University in the United States, released a report,It is believed that this treatment may cause heat damage to the eyes。

but but,Supporters said that this therapy is safe。Queen Bellster University's Ophthalmology Team and their collaborators plan to try this intervention in the classroom。

National Science、Joint Chairman of the Research Committee of the Institute of Engineering and Medical College Kevin Furik emphasized,Despite 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionthe increasing myopic intervention and treatment measures,But going outdoors is still an excellent choice。Researchers and public health officials should find more methods,Let the children go outdoors。(Reporter Liu Xia)

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