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New features of new major in undergraduate
2024-06-11 08:43:11  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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5month24Day,Middle school students in Weifang Fifth Middle School in Weifang, Shandong Write a paper airplane with the wish of college entrance examination。Photo by Li Haitao/Bright Picture

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Henan Nanyang Fifth Complete School Student Self -study in the classroom。Photo by Yan Shuai/Bright Picture

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Editor's Press

Before the college entrance examination this year,The results of the record and approval results of the 2023 general colleges and universities published by the Ministry of Education showed that the newly added record of 1456 new filings、217 professional points for approval,Adjust the degree awarding the door or the professional point of 46 professional points。where,24 types of new majors in the new undergraduate,From 2024, college entrance examination enrollment。What new features are newly added? What kind of choice will be provided for candidates?,Let us and candidates、Parents pay attention to。

As the saying goes,Three Paper ",Three Paper ",What majors to choose are closely related to the future career planning of candidates and even the road of life,Therefore,Each year's undergraduate adjustment is subject to candidates、Parents pay attention to。

Message display announced by the Ministry of Education,There will be 24 new undergraduate majors this year for college entrance examination enrollment。Smart visual engineering、Smart Marine Equipment、Health Science and Technology ... Expert Analysis,These "wisdom rate" high、New majors with rich types,With "serving national strategy、Aiming area requirements、Strengthen cross -fusion、Highlight the four characteristics of employment orientation "。

Added a new professional to the industry,Employment in one end。For the majority of students,I chose a new professional,I chose a new runway,I chose a piece of "Blue Ocean"。In order to allow students and parents to have a more detailed understanding of new majors、Make better judgment,The reporter conducted an interview。

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Think of what the country wants、Urgent country in urgent country、In the need for the country,Break the discipline professional barriers、Deepening the cross -fusion of the subject、Focus on cutting -edge technology development,It is an important part of the professional optimization reform of ordinary higher education disciplines。In this new professional,Material Smart Technology、Soft material science and engineering、Electronic information materials and other majors clearly reflect this feature。

Speaking of newly added materials intelligent technology,Tan Xiaojuan, deputy dean of the School of Intelligence Science and Technology of Beijing University of Science and Technology, said,The uniqueness of this discipline lies in the innovation of its research method。"This research method is designed to promote the development of new materials from the traditional 'experience trial and error' mode to digital、Intelligent 'new mode transformation。"Ban Xiaojuan said,"Materials Intelligent Technology Discipline and other related disciplines,Such as material science and engineering、Artificial intelligence、Material molding and control engineering is closely connected,Share basic theory and technology application with these disciplines。But it is also obviously different from these disciplines。For example,Different from material science and engineering mainly focuses on traditional material characteristics research and application development,Materials Intelligent Technology Discipline pays more attention to the cross -fusion of technology,The calculation model will be calculated、Data analysis and intelligent technology integrates into the material development process。”

This year,South China University of Technology will add soft material science and engineering major。Why do you want to open this new major? Wang Linde Ge, deputy dean of the Ministry of Software at the University of Science and Technology of China, said: "From the national level,Soft material science and engineering involve new materials、Biomedical、Electronic information、Aerospace and other key strategic emerging areas and industries in China and other key development of my country。Open this major,Cultivate high -end talents in this area,It is the only way to solve the technical problem of 'card neck' technical problems in related fields in my country,It is also the key to Europa League winner odds 2024realizing industrial upgrading。From the perspective of the region,High -end new electronic information in the key development of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area、Semiconductor Integrated Circuit、Electric car、Strategic emerging industries such as biomedicine,Also requires high -level talents in soft material science and engineering。”

Pay attention to culture and art to become stronger specialty

Construction of service cultural strong country、strong humanities and art disciplines,This is another distinctive feature of this new professional,The universities that have opened these majors also have deep discipline strength。

Chinese Classical Major in Chinese Classics,and existing Chinese classical literature,The same belonging to the National College of Renmin University of China。Only two words,What is the difference? Introduction to Yang Qingzhong, Dean of the National College of Renmin University of China,The main teaching and research subject with Chinese classics with ancient Chinese classics,It is designed to cultivate and be able to inherit ancient Chinese language and ancient classics,Good at studying ancient Chinese students from the perspective of adults。"Chinese classical literature is one of the important part of Chinese classical science,It is the basic course serving Chinese classical learning。Text of Traditional Primary School、Yin Yun、Training,The version of the school 雠 雠、Catalog、collation,All the foundations and methods of studying and governing classics。But after the differentiation of modern disciplines,These knowledge is used as a second -level discipline for related institutions,It has become a special research object,It has caused a split between methods and service objects。Setting in Chinese classical majors is trying to avoid this phenomenon,to create a new major that can present the Chinese classical knowledge system as a whole。"Yang Qingzhong said。

"Entering‘ Primary School ’,Cisae ‘Sinology’,Beyond ‘University’,Points in 'Second Combination',This is the core psychological path set by Chinese classical majors。"Yang Qingzhong said,"Entering‘ Primary School ’,It is to play a good elementary school, that is, text、Literature、Basis of Chinese (Language Language in the Frontier)。Cisae ‘Sinology’,is the research method of absorbing foreign Chinese learning、Research concept、Research 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionresults。‘university’ ‘university’ ‘university’ ‘university’,mainly refers to classic learning,Except for traditional classics、Zi Xue also includes history、Literature and other areas。Points in 'Second Combination',is the need to echo the development of the times,Comb the root pulse,It is truly standing in the world's academic forest service for the philosophy and social sciences of Chinese characteristics。”

Ice and snow dance performances added by Harbin Institute of Physical Education,On the one hand, echo the characteristics of the local ice and snow regions,On the one hand, it is closely related to inheritance and innovation ice and snow culture and art。According to school planning,This major requires the first -class undergraduate major in the country and province,It aims to be for the ice and snow acting troupe、Club、Ice and Snow Competition、Teaching and auxiliary industry and other institutions to cultivate application -oriented talents,Provides a solid guarantee for promoting the innovation and development of the ice and snow economy。

Life Life Healthy Life and Happy Life

Health science and technical majors that point directly to the health of the people,Equally attractive attention。

Wang Jingchuan, deputy dean of the Future Technology School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said,Health Science and Technology majors are guided by the national strategic needs of "facing the health of the people",Dedicated to cultivate strategic leading talents that lead the future health scientific and technological innovation of human beings。"This major is for human health full life cycle,Artificial intelligence、Big Data、Virtual reality technology and biological information、Gene technology、Prevention medicine、Cross -fusion of knowledge content such as exercise transformation medicine,Research biological genetic factors、Environmental factors、The impact of hygiene factors and other impact on the health expectations of residents。"Wang Jingchuan Introduction。

With the health pressure of the elderly population, it gradually increases,Sports recreation major is actively serving healthy China strategy、It is born in the context of meeting the increasing health service needs of the people。Director of the Science and Technology Department of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education、Zhu Lin, the person in charge of sports health care, said: "The establishment of sports health care Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsspecialty not only reflects national strategic demand,It also reflects regional demand。2021,Guangzhou 60 years old and above is 1.848 million people。Conservative estimation,Guangzhou City needs about 180,000 relevant personnel。"Zhu Lin Introduction,Curriculum settings of this major added to the elderly nursing、Introduction to the elderly medicine、Elderly Psychology、Old health services and management targeted courses,and Education、Medical background courses interact with each other,It aims to cultivate students' innovative spirit、Professional literacy and practical ability。

This newly added professional announcement,"Fragrant" coffee science and technology has caused high attention。

Introduction to Yang Xuehu, Dean of the School of Tropical Crops of Yunnan Agricultural University,China is coffee production、One of the big consumer countries,Yunnan is a big coffee province。Data display,Coffee planting area in Yunnan、output、Agricultural output value accounts for more than 98%nationwide。"Large consumption、Under the background of large industrial volume but scarcity of talents,The establishment of Coffee Science and Technology of Yunnan Agricultural University is at all times.。This major is committed to cultivating new coffee products、New process、Research on New Technology、Application talents for development and engineering design capabilities,They will engage in product development in the coffee industry and related fields、Scientific research、Engineering design、Quality detection and quality control,Let high -quality coffee add a sense of happiness to people's lives。"(Reporter Li Qi)


■ Smart Marine Equipment Professional

Cheng Liang, Dean of the School of Marine Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology: This major is targeted at the development of new marine products,Meeting informationization in the field of marine engineering、The urgent needs of intelligent technology。This major can strengthen marine engineering、Mechanical Engineering、In -depth integration of discipline knowledge such as intelligent technology,Dedicated to cultivate the professional foundation of marine engineering,Master artificial intelligence、Big Data、High -quality new engineering talents of multidisciplinary knowledge systems such as mechanical and electrical control。

■ Ecological restoration major

Nanjing Forestry University Forestry Cao Europa League winner odds 2024College、Dean of the School of Water and Water Conservation Jiang Jiang: The major targets the service of serving the national ecological civilization and the construction of beautiful China,Major strategic needs for the country's "carbon peak carbon neutralization",It aims to cultivate students to master the principle of ecological restoration、Degenerate land ecological restoration、Basic professional knowledge such as water ecological protection and repair,In order to strengthen the protection and system governance of the integrated protection and system governance of landscapes, forests, lakes and sands、Improve regional ecological security reserve talents。

■ Biological breeding technology

Chen Quanjia, Dean of the Agricultural College of Xinjiang Agricultural University: This major is one of the guided majors in the training of new agricultural sciences。Xinjiang Agricultural University Biological Breeding Technology includes two directions: plant biological breeding technology and animal biological breeding technology,Tightly combined with the development needs of the modern seed industry,Consolidate molecular design breeding、Gene editing、Smart breeding theoretical foundation and cutting -edge technology,Services modern seed industry and related fields,Focus on cultivating composite application -oriented new agricultural talents。(Reporter Li Qi interview and sort out)

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