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UN Security Council passed a resolution to call for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip
2024-06-11 08:38:15  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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June 10,In the United Nations Headquarters in New York,The UN Security Council called for a draft resolution of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip。Xinhua News Agency (Photo by the United Nations/Easekinder De Beibei)

Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, June 10th (Reporter Wang Jianang) The UN Security Council passed the resolution No. 2735 on the 10th,Call for "immediately、Comprehensive and thorough "stopping fire,Pakistani conflict that ended for 8 months as soon as possible。

This resolution was supported by 14 countries among 15 member states of the European Cup Online Football Betting OddsSecurity Council,Russia abstain。Decision to urge Israel and the Islamic Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) "No delay、Unconditional implementation resolution。

The resolution proposes a plan to achieve comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in three stages。The first stage mainly includes "immediately、Comprehensive、completely cease fire,Release includes women、The seizure of the elderly and wounded,Return some of the deaths of the detainee person,and the exchanged Palestinian people who have been detained ",At the same time,Israeli army withdrew from the Gaza Strip "Popularized Area",Let the Palestinian people return to all parts of Gaza Strip, including the northern region,and safely and effectively distribute humanitarian assistance materials on a large scale。

According to the resolution,The second stage will achieve permanent ceasefire,"In exchange for all the detainees who are still in the Gaza Strip, the person who is still in the Gaza Strip is released,Israeli Army full withdraw from the Gaza Strip "。The third Europa League winner odds 2024stage will begin "Gaza Strip Large -scale Reconstruction Plan",and return the remains of all deaths who are still in the Gaza Strip。

Resolution say,If the first stage of negotiations exceed 6 weeks,The ceasefire will continue,until the negotiation is over。

Performance of the resolution,The Security Council refuses any attempt to change the population or territorial change of the Gaza Strip,At the same time, reiterate the firm commitment of the vision of the "two countries"。

Palestinian Presidential Palace issued a statement on the 10th,The passing of the resolution is a step ate in the correct direction,helps to stop the current war against the people of the Gaza Strip,All people should bear the responsibility for the implementation of the resolution。This resolution meets Palestine's stop war、Israel withdraw troops from the entire Gaza Strip、Introduction to the requirements of assisting and preventing people from being separated,Gasha Strip is an inseparable part of Palestine's territory。

Hamas also issued a statement Europa League winner odds 2024on the 10th to express welcome to the Security Council's resolution,and express willingness to cooperate with the mediation party,Direct negotiations on the implementation of the principles that meet the requirements of the people and Hamas。(Participate in reporters: Huang Zemin)

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