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Multi -measures in our city to strengthen the guarantee of college entrance examination services
2024-06-07 09:22:18  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

 2024 college entrance examination today starts the exam。Come on for even day,Relevant departments at all levels in our city strengthen coordination,Pocket cooperation,Do a good job of guaranteeing the service work of the college entrance examination,Create a good environment for the successful college entrance examination。

To ensure that candidates have a good study European Cup Online Football Betting OddsDuring the college entrance examination and middle school entrance examination、Rest and exam environment,Previous,Our City Ecological Environment Bureau、Public Security Bureau、Housing Construction Bureau、Transportation Bureau、Water Conservancy Bureau、Cultural Tourism European Cup Online Football Betting OddsBureau、7 departments including the Urban Management Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Noise Pollution during the 2024 College Entrance Examination and High School Entrance Examinations。May 27th to June 21st,、The area of ​​the county's construction area and the area around the middle schools in other areas,Strict control of entertainment、Construction noise,Strengthen the source of noise pollution to prevent checking,Create a order for candidates、Clean and comfortable living environment。

Good physical condition is also an important factor affecting candidates。The city issued the "Safety Tips for Dietary Entrance Examinations",Organize the special inspection of food safety for school cafeteria and operating units around the campus of the test site,Ensure that the sanitary status of the school cafeteria and the operating units around the campus、Disinfection of tableware、Food samples and other situations are fully implemented。"As a student representative,Delivery with law enforcement officers to the school cafeteria immersed experience food safety management,Good doing in all aspects,European Cup Online Football Betting OddsPatching of vegetables and vegetables,Parents rest assured that children dine。"Candidate Parent Li Donghua said。

During the middle and college entrance examination,Market Supervision and Management Department is stationed in professional law enforcement officers、Food fast detection car, etc.,Supervisor the entire process of purchasing and processing of food,Fully guarantee the "safety on the tip of the tongue" European Cup Online Football Betting OddsDuring the college entrance examination。

"Fan" decompression,Help candidates scientifically prepare for the college entrance examination。Our city organizes a psychological and health tour guidance group,Through group tutoring、Psychological Health Course、Expert Lecture、Case supervision and other forms,Public welfare counseling for students who are about to take the middle and college entrance examinations。Each high school to carry out various types of psychological counseling and release of decompression activities,Help candidates to relieve test anxiety,Welcome the college entrance examination with a positive attitude,Realizing scientific preparation。

It is another year of love for the test season! European Cup Online Football Betting OddsDuring the college entrance examination from June 7th to 9th,All counties in our city (city、Area) Simultaneously carry out the "Love Send Exam" activity, Where,Set up of Shanghecheng to No. 2 Middle School in the urban area、Nine Middle School,Small blast furnace to the second medium line love to send free special cars ,Invest 400 "Love Sending Test" taxi,Crypto routes around the test site,escort the majority of students to go to the exam with peace of mind。

You are responsible for "ride the wind and break the waves",We are responsible for "escorting"。Current,Public Security、Wei Jian、Fire、Power supply and other relevant departments are also actively acting,Something spare no effort to grasp various nursing tests,Go all out to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination in 2024、Steady、Sweet。

(All Media Reporter Wu Wenkai)

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