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Let the concept of modern civilization take root in the countryside (saying new rural areas)
2024-06-07 09:21:09  Source: People's Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

Wang Hao

Comprehensive revitalization of the countryside,Both shape,Also to cast soul。Let the concept of modern civilization be rooted deeply,For farmers to live a modern civilization life、Modernization of advancing the coordination of material civilization and spiritual civilization is of great significance

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when inspecting in Shandong: "We must practice the core values ​​of socialism extensively,Continue to deepen the construction of the spiritual civilization of urban and rural areas,Grasp the rural migration and customs,Let the concept of modern civilization be rooted deeply。”

Recent,Shandong and Meimei Rural Basketball Tournament opened,Villagers become "Stars",Followe Qi Qi,"Land Production" as a prize,Villagers have "where you want to go" where you want to go "。From "Village BA", "Village Super" to "Village Late",A rural sports event 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionwith farmers and farmers in a field frequently out of the circle,enriched the peasant spiritual and cultural life,shows the positive spirit of the villagers。

The peasants in the new era are deeply changing the needs of a better life,From "Are there" to "Okay",Not only must we rich pockets,Also rich head。From a hoe to taking the mouse,From around the stove to the stage,Farmers in the new era actively embrace optimism and health、Against modern life concept。New technology、Get in new format,Working "Specialty Products",A batch of high -quality farmers actively embrace professionalism、scale、Standardized modern business philosophy。Red and White Council、Points、"Villagers' Speaking" and other management methods such as pragmatic management,Promoting the continuous improvement of rural governance modernization。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,From the in -depth development of the core values ​​of socialism,To the construction of a rural cultural hall、New Era Civilization Practice Center and other positions,Vigorously promoting rural civilization,Keep sinking to high -quality cultural resources in the city,The concept of modern civilization is gradually integrated into all aspects of rural life,Injecting new kinetic energy into the promotion of comprehensive revitalization of the countryside。

The core of modernization is human Europa League winner odds 2024modernization,The modernization of ideas is an important part of human modernization。Let the concept of modern civilization be rooted deeply,For farmers to live a modern civilization life、Modernization of advancing the coordination of material civilization and spiritual civilization is of great significance。

Let the concept of modern civilization be rooted deeply,To develop rural culture,Promote the organic combination of farming civilization and modern civilization。On the one hand,We must continue to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas,Promote the sinking of high -quality cultural resources in the city,Accelerate the shortcomings of rural cultural infrastructure,Rich public cultural product supply,Meeting the diversified cultural needs of farmers。On the other hand,Strengthen the protection, inheritance and innovation development of excellent traditional culture in the countryside,Increase national costume、Folk activities and other rural intangible cultural heritage mining and finishing,Pay attention to the protection and use of traditional villages,Let the rural traditional culture be rejuvenated。

Let the concept of modern civilization be rooted deeply,We must continue to promote rural migration and customs,Promote the civilized native style、Good Home Wind、Simple Minfeng。It is necessary to take precision strategies for farmers' anxiety,Policy measures must be grounded、There is "soil smell"。For example, continuously rectify high color gifts,To persist in the combination of blocking、Specimen and Treatment,Make full use of the binding specifications such as the village regulations and the people's treaty,At the same time, it is European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsnecessary to provide inclusive social services,Reduce the burden of rural people。I should also pay attention to,Promote the concept of modern civilization,Must respect the traditional rural culture,Fully consider the lifestyle of the majority of farmers、Cultural behavior and thinking habits。For example, you can use folk music、Literary performances and other ways of love,Pay attention to digging at the neighborhood、Watch Xiang help、Integrity and etiquette and other farmers' daily use and unknown value concept,Promoting the new wind of civilization into Wanjia。

Let the concept of modern civilization be rooted deeply,It must give full play to the role of the peasant's subject。"Village BA" one of the revelation of the fire out of fire,is the main character of the peasant singing,Spontaneous Organization,spontaneous participation。Comprehensive revitalization of the countryside must be prosperous for farmers,Rural construction should be built for farmers。What kind of rural culture is needed、What kind of villages are created,Farmers have the most right to speak。To mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers,Give full play to their creativity,Let the majority of farmers create more cultural products with both native and fireworks with both hands。

Comprehensive revitalization of the countryside,Both shape,Also to cast soul。Mian Mian force,Full Kung Fu,Let the civilized new wind blow the wild,"Cultural Seedling" thrive,The concept of modern civilization must be deeply rooted in the countryside。

"People's Daily" (18th version of June 07, 2024)

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