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The development of China's new energy industry is a global contribution and opportunity
2024-06-07 09:13:05  Source: People's Daily  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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2023,China Foreign Trade "New Three" new energy vehicles、Lithium battery、photovoltaic products,Total exports throughout the year exceeded the trillion yuan mark,Among them, the production and sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 9 million vehicles,ranked first in the world for 9 consecutive years。

In the first quarter of this year,China Photovoltaic Power Power Generation added grid capacity 45.74 million kilowatts,Among them, the concentrated photovoltaic added 21.93 million kilowatts,distributed photovoltaic newly added 23.81 million kilowatts。

Drive transcripts,Reflecting the strong motivation of China's new energy industry's development,It also reflects the surging vitality of benefiting the world。

"China's new energy industry has practiced the real skills in the open competition,It represents advanced capacity,Not only enriches global supply,Relieve global inflation pressure,It also contributed to global response to climate change and green transformation。From the perspective of comparative advantages or global market demand,There are no so -called ‘China production excess problems’。"The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping,Deeply explained the development logic of the open competition and mutual benefit and win -win development of China's new energy industry。

From the world's vision、Era vision、Historical vision look,Development of China's new energy industry,It is the vivid epitome of China's unswervingly taking the road of green development。Look at the future,China's new energy industry will achieve new greater development in open cooperation,Inject new kinetic energy into global economic development。


Development of China's new energy industry,Relying on the scientific guidance of new development concept。

Since the new era,Under Xi Jinping's economic ideological guidance,Full of Chinese manufacturing enterprises、Accurate、Comprehensive implementation of new development concepts,Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern,Efforts to promote high -quality development,Accelerate the development of new productive forces,greatly improving the efficiency of resource allocation and full factor productivity,Efforts to promote high -quality workers and entrepreneurs,Intelligent、Digital -enabled labor data and a wider range of labor objects optimized combination,Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsSo as to continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the industry and the competitiveness of the enterprise。

Competitive advantage of China's new energy industry,Original innovation from "ten years grinding a sword"。

More than 10 years ago,Global green industry is still in the starting stage,In developed countries in technology reserves、Industrial accumulation and other aspects occupy an advantage。China adheres to the market lead、Encourage full competition,Guide enterprises to accelerate innovation,Promote rapid technical iteration。

48 hours、Lock orders exceed 6000 units,SAIC Group released a new new energy model on May 14 -Zhi Ho Ho LS6,Digital chassis、Smart four -wheel steering system、ultra -long -distance high -precision lidar ... Many new models of the new model "Black Technology",It is the result of the ten -year innovation investment of SAIC Group。

As early as 2014,SAIC Group starts the pre -research of the original point architecture of Zhi Ho Ho Ho Kwen Automobile,Software system from 1.0 era to 3.0 era,Smart driving from available to good use,The battery exceeds 1,000 kilometers of long battery life ... It is relying on aspiration innovation、Jugs into a tower,Breakthrough breaks into Chinese vehicle advantages。

Xi'an Longji Green Energy Battery Factory,Smart handle robot travels through,Precise and efficient operation of robotic arm ... Here,On average 0.8 seconds, there will be a solar cell offline。New productive productive forces with technological innovation as the core element,Is a magic weapon to promote the high -quality development of the enterprise。For the past 5 years,Longji Green Energy R & D investment has reached 18 billion yuan,More than 4,000 R & D personnel。

China's new energy industry rises rapidly,It is an advanced representative of the world's capacity layout。

Competitive advantage of China's new energy industry,Origin from the complete industrial chain supply chain system。

Shanghai provides chips、Software,Jiangsu Changzhou provides power batteries,Ningbo, Zhejiang provides an integrated body die -casting machine ... in the Yangtze River Delta region,A new energy vehicle vehicle factory,It can be equipped with all components in 4 hours of drive。

China is the only country that owns all industrial categories in the United Nations industrial classification,More than 200 mature industrial clusters have been formed,The scale of the manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world for 14 consecutive years ... from raw materials procurement to manufacturing,Then to sales and after -sales service,The cost and efficiency of China's new energy industry realize the advantage integration of each link。

"In China,A batch of high -end、Intelligent、Green emerging industry rises rapidly。"Japan" Daily News "is reported。

"In recent years,China's emerging industries have achieved European Cup Online Football Betting Oddscompetitive advantages in the international market,It is an active innovation research and development of Chinese enterprises、​​Results of controlling production costs。"Cai Weicai, senior vice president of Kaitai Bank, Thailand, bluntly said。

Competitive advantage of China's new energy industry,Full opening from China's oversized market。

China's development of new energy industry,Not closed the door to build construction,Instead of opening the doormine development。More and more global companies actively embrace China's new energy industry,Share development opportunities。

April,Mercedes -Mercedes -Benz announced its upgrade of its Shanghai R & D Center,Further speed up intelligent innovation in China; Volkswagen Group (China) announced,Investment of 2.5 billion euros to expand the production and innovation center of Hefei; BMW Shenyang Production Base has invested nearly 100 billion yuan since 2010。

From the orderly adjustment of the negative list of new energy vehicle foreign access access to the full cancellation of foreign policy restrictions in the automotive field,From the introduction of more new energy industry foreign investment projects to encourage domestic new energy brands to strengthen global cooperation,China is committed to through efficient market mechanism and benign industrial competitive ecology,Injecting vitality for the development of the new energy industry in China and the world。

One sentence,The competitive advantage of China's new energy industry in the international market,It depends on "sincerity+hard work": sincerely promote green low -carbon development,Sincerely deepen reform and opening up,Sincerely promote the win -win cooperation;,Really grasped product optimization,Really grasped industry upgrade。


Development of China's new energy industry,In order to benefit the global power responsibility。

China is the beneficiary of economic globalization,more contributor。China's new energy industry has promoted global technological progress,Improving the efficiency of resource allocation,Created a new economic increase in the future,strongly promoted world economic growth,The positive effect is obvious to all。

The contribution of China's new energy industry,It is reflected in the construction of a new model of green low -carbon transformation and win -win model for the world。

In South Africa,Daafeng Electric Project grid -connected power generation,Relieve the shortage of local power supply; in Kenya,Gali Saskille Power Station is put into operation,Tens of thousands of households stay away from "electric shortcomings" ... China orderly promotes international cooperation in new energy,Relieve the shortage of local power supply; in Kenya,Green "Belt and Road" construction has achieved remarkable results。

Current,China and more than 100 countries and regions carry out green energy project cooperation。International Renewable Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsEnergy Department Report display,For the past 10 years,Global wind and photovoltaic power generation projects have fallen by more than 60%and 80%,A large part of which is attributed to Chinese innovation、Made in China、China Engineering。

The contribution of China's new energy industry,It is reflected in increasing high -quality supply to benefit global consumers。

With continuous technological innovation、Comprehensive production chain system and full market competition,China's new energy vehicle industry to the world,With high quality、Efficient energy、High cost -effective products,Meet more consumer needs。January to April this year,China New Energy Vehicle Export 421,000 vehicles,increased by 20.8%year -on -year。

"Previous,New Zealand residents are not familiar with Chinese brands,We need to do a lot of background introduction when selling cars,Now,More and more New Zealand residents will come for Chinese electric vehicles。"Richard Van Durioner, the head of the Rotorua MG store in New Zealand,Vividly reflects the changes in local consumers' understanding of China's new energy vehicle brand。

"More Chinese electric vehicle brands enter the UK,Not only reduced the price of electric vehicles,It also encouraged industry innovation,Both the consumers and the automotive industry benefit。"Mike Hos, CEO of the British Automobile Manufacturer and Trade Association, commented。

BYD ATTO3 model was selected by British News as British Best Electric Motors of 2023,Geely Geometry E model is loved by Rwanda consumers,Great Wall Haval H6 New Energy Model won the Best Power Award of the Year in Brazil ... Spanish media reports,China New Energy Vehicle Quality Multiply,Almost half of the Spanish people will consider buying Chinese cars as their next car。

The contribution of China's new energy industry,It is reflected in bringing new motivation for world economic growth。

Zambia Photovoltaic Power Station、Floating Photovoltaic Power Station in Thailand、Uzbekistan 1 GMW photovoltaic project in 400 MW and other projects has realized grid -connected power generation ... China cooperate with the concept of building a community of human destiny,Long -term rooting、Deep integration、Actively serve local economic and social development,In -depth interaction with the cooperative country,Technical progress through technological transfer and localization of projects,Help partners to cultivate new economic power。

2023,Global renewable energy new installed capacity of 510 million kilowatts,China has contributed more than half; wind power exported by China、Photovoltaic products in 2022 are about 573 million tons of carbon dioxide in related countries and regions.,plus about 2.26 billion tons of emission reduction in China,Total about 41%of the global renewable energy converting carbon reduction displacement。The continuous development of China's new energy industry,Provide strong support for the stable supply chain of the global 2024 European Cup match predictionsindustrial chain,bring new economic increase to the world。


Development of China's new energy industry,OK is the Bright Avenue of Open Cooperation。

Today's World,Human destiny and common,Not by countries on more than 190 boats,Instead, take it on a big ship that is fate and common。Whether it is economics theory or human trade practice,Repeatedly tells us a fact: free and open international trade and investment can optimize resource allocation globally。Only through the global industrial chain supply chain,Improve global productivity,can we continue to make the cake of the new energy industry bigger and bigger,Realize the common development of countries。

The cake of the new energy industry is getting bigger and bigger,China will accelerate the development of new productive forces,Promote high -quality development。

On the Plateau Mountain in Shiga, Tibet Autonomous Region at an altitude of 5,193 meters,,China nuclear Saga 300,000 kilowatt laseration storage project is pressed "Fast -forward keys"; the world's first Jianghai Direct Pure Electric Container Ship "COSCO Shipping Green Water 01" completes the first flight; "Global Lighthouse Network,Become a new energy vehicle "Lighthouse Factory" in the world ... from south to north,From coast to inland,New energy industry has become a key area for China to shape new kinetic energy。

Current,Green and low -carbon technology of more than half of the world is not yet mature,The large low -carbon development demand and low -cost green technology supply of serious insufficient contradictions。China New Energy Technology is constantly upgrading、The element endowment structure is profoundly changed、Digitalization and green transformation combination,and significantly reduce the cost of new energy products through large -scale applications,Explore new paths for the high -quality development of the new energy industry。

The cake of the new energy industry is getting bigger and bigger,China will always adhere to open cooperation,Promote mutual benefit and win -win、Common Development。

Stockholm, Sweden,Frehamn Nen Port。This is located here with Weilai Automobile's sixth power station in Sweden,A connecting Stockholm、Gothburg、The charging network of the three major cities of Malmer has been formed; January this year,BYD Uzbekistan Factory is officially put into production ... Chinese cars can better develop themselves in the in -depth interaction with the world,It also drives the development of related industries around the world。

At the same time,China actively develops mutual benefit trade,Not only exporting new energy products,Also imported Porsche in large quantities、BMW and other new energy vehicles,and the lamps of high -end electric vehicles、brake system、Tire、Shock absorber and other parts。other,China's new energy product export subject includes a large number of foreign companies。Last year,A Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsTesla company accounts for 28.6%of China's new energy electric vehicle export share。As the person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission of China said: "Only strengthen cooperation,can we develop together。In the process of promoting the development of green low -carbon transformation,New energy fields such as electric vehicles contain massive market demand,This will be the common opportunity of the development of various countries。”

Dressing major events such as the new crown epidemic,People recognize more deeply,Facing ecological environment challenges,Human beings are a glory and glory、Destiny community of a damage,No country can be alone。There are industrial competition and trade frictions inevitable,But resort to unilateralism、Protectism,Make a so -called "excessive theory of production capacity" in China's new energy industry,Provide an excuse for protectionism,Restricted China's new energy product export,It will only cause delay in the development of the world's new energy industry、Slowing pace of new energy technology progress and global green low -carbon transformation process delay。

A order of competition、higher efficiency、larger capacity、Innovation over、High Unicom global market,will provide continuous expanding incremental space for countries,Let all countries benefit from it。

"The same intention of the heart,There is nothing to seek。"The global new energy industry is in the ascendant,Breeding the vast market space like the sea。China will always adhere to the concept of the community of human destiny1,While realizing its high -quality development of its own new energy industry,firmly unswervingly promote the development and international cooperation of the new energy industry,Create more opportunities for the joint development of various countries,Make greater contributions to jointly responding to global climate change challenges and improving the well -being of all human beings。

"People's Daily" (01, June 07, 2024)

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