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Short review 丨 To protect green, do not green protectionism
2024-06-07 09:11:59  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 6th. Question: To protect green,Don’t green protectionism

Xinhua News Agency reporter Dong Yue

The United Nations Secretary -General Guterres made a special speech on the World Environment Day on the 5th,Mobilize the world to act,Credit promise,Take practical action to cope with global climate change。Various activities have been carried out all over the world,Wake up the people’s green consciousness,Calling on all countries to protect the earth's homeland。

Nearly a period of time,Natural disasters caused by extreme climate around the world are frequent。Report issued by the European Union's Climate Monitoring Institution Copernicus Climate Change Service Bureau pointed out,May in May 2024 is the hottest May since the historical record,This marks the highest Europa League winner odds 2024value of the global single month in a single month for 12 consecutive months.。The World Meteorological Organization issued a report and said,In the next 5 years,At least one year of global average temperature before industrial (1850 to 1900), the possibility of 1.5 degrees Celsius is 80%。Facts and data are all showing,Climate change is causing serious impact on human survival in a human sense。Getres warned in a special speech,"It's important to get climatic issues now",Can no country solve the climate crisis alone,Countries should "take action now"。

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April 30,Darka, the capital of Bangladesh,A worker drinks water to cool。Xinhua News Agency

But,Facing the realization of green transformation、Avoid the international consensus and trend of climate disaster,At present, there is a stagnant or even hindering the global green transformation of inverse flow。For a period of time,The United States and other countries violate economic laws and market principles,Protectionism,Double "Green" dual standard,On the one hand, other countries are required to fulfill climate commitment,On the other hand, tariffs are imposed on Chinese new energy products,Suppressing China's green capacity,Destroy the global green industry chain,Create Europa League winner odds 2024obstacles for the world's low -carbon transformation。

Copy climate change,Relying on emission self -discipline,It also depends on the popularization and promotion of green technology。Linking to green in the future requires more high -quality green products support,"No" to Chinese high -quality green products,In fact, it is to create green future manufacturing obstacles。Some countries such as the United States for protectionist purposes,For new energy electric vehicles、Lithium battery、Chinese green products, including photovoltaics for review,Add tariffs,Not only does it deviate from the climate commitment of the country,It also hinders the world to achieve emission reduction goals。It is estimated,Each new energy vehicle is about 1.66 tons of carbon reduction per year,China exported 1.203 million new energy vehicles in 2023,Carbon reduction of about 2 million tons per year。An article about 2022 "Nature" magazine,2008 to 2020,The global photovoltaic component supply chain dominated by China is the United States、German photovoltaic installation saves $ 24 billion and $ 7 billion。If countries turn to domestic production,The price of photovoltaic components will be more than 20%higher than global production,Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsThis will seriously affect the global response to climate change process。

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April 25,At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show held at Shunyi Museum, Beijing China International Exhibition Center,Visitors visit the electric vehicle power station demonstration at the Weilai Automobile booth。Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong Photo

China has always actively fulfilled climate commitment,Green products produced in China are not only a weapon to promote the realization of climate targets,It has also become a valuable force to promote the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development A agenda and Climate Change "Paris Agreement"。The expansion of China's green capacity effectively promotes the popularization and use of new energy products in the world,China and the world sharing advanced green technology to accelerate the process of building a clean and beautiful world in various countries。

Human needs to protect green,No green protectionism。Individual countries should put down their own small abacus,Starting from the common interests of human beings,One with the international community,Working together,This is the positive way of human beings to the future of green。

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