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The BRICS Expert Forum is held at St. Petersburg
2024-06-07 08:59:26  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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June 6,BRICS Expert Forum is held at St. Petersburg, Russia,This forum is co -organized by Xinhua News Agency and today's Russian International News Agency。Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Yang Photo

Xinhua News Agency, St. Petersburg, June 6 (Reporter Chen Ting Liu Kai) The BRICS Expert Forum was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on the 6th。People from the BRICS countries said,BRICS countries are promoting world economic growth、Improve global governance、Make significant achievements in promoting multilateral cooperation,Further strengthening the power of world peace and development。

Editor -in -chief of Xinhua News Agency、Lu Yansong, deputy director of the National High -end Think Tank Academic Committee of Xinhua News Agency, said in his speech,2024 European Cup Football Result PredictionThe world is undergoing a big change in the world today,BRICS countries strengthen cooperation in various fields、Promote high -quality partnership、Explore modern roads together,Challenges to humans together、Creating a better future is important。As a national news agency and media high -end think tank,Xinhua News Agency has been committed to studying the successful practice of the BRICS cooperation mechanism,In -depth explanation of its era value and world significance。May you have a way to you colleagues,Further strengthen the research and announcement of the BRICS cooperation mechanism。

The first vice chairman of the Russian National Duma (the lower house of the parliament) Rukov said,BRICS countries respect sovereignty equality and independent choice of development roads,Consider mutual interests,Adhering to the principle of opening and negotiation,Pursue the establishment of multi -pole world order and fair global financial trade system,Collective solution to the most urgent problem currently,It has become a model for national cooperation。This year,Russia will surround political security during the rotating chairman of the BRICS 2024 European Cup match predictionscountry、Economic Finance、Educational humanities and other issues to carry out rich activities。

Executive Director of the South African Global Dialogue Research Institute, Mantu, believes,BRICS advocates and practiced real multilateralism,Dedicated to promote the world's polarization and international relations democratization,Promote the establishment of a more fair and reasonable international order,Continuously contribute to the world's peace and stability and prosperity。Looking forward to China to continue to play a leading role,Taking the expansion as the new starting point,Promote the strategic cooperation of the BRICS countries,Common challenges、Job on peaceful development。

President of the Brazil International Research Center Borgus said,BRICS countries are important forces to promote the formation of new world order。BRICS cooperation mechanism shows its flexibility、tolerance,Respect the culture of each member、Economy、Religious differences,Carry out mutually beneficial and win -win cooperation。Each member should be reducing carbon emissions、Poverty reduction、Energy transformation and digital transformation and other 2024 European Cup match predictionsfields strengthen cooperation。

Today's Russian International News News Agency president Jixe Lolov said,New Development Center is being formed today's world,BRICS countries are one of the most important forces。Under the framework of this mechanism,Economic and Trade、Humanities and other fields have successfully advanced,Effectively maintaining the common interests of emerging market countries and developing countries。I hope that this forum will meet with the BRICS leaders held in Russia in October this year.,Become a booster to promote the development of the BRICS cooperation mechanism。

This forum is held under the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,It was co -organized by Xinhua News Agency and today's Russian International News Agency。Government officials from the BRICS countries、The head of the international mainstream media and the academic people participated in the forum。(Participate in reporters: An Xiaomeng、Cai Guodong)

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