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China、Kyrgyzstan、Uzbekistan's head of state, congratulations to the signing of the three countries of the China -Jiyu Railway Project,
2024-06-07 08:54:07  Source: Xinhuanet  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 6th, June 6,China -Kyrgyzstan -Uzbekistan Railway Project Signing Ceremony is held in Beijing,President Xi Jinping、Gilgisstan President Zaparov、Uzbekistan President Milz Yoyev Video Congratulations to the Signation。

June 6,China -Kyrgyzstan -Uzbekistan Railway Project Signing Ceremony is held in Beijing,President Xi Jinping Video Congratulations to the Signing。Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren

Xi Jinping pointed out,Zhongjiwu Railway is a strategic project for China to interconnect in China with China,It 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionis an iconic project for the cooperation of the "Belt and Road" cooperation in the Three Kingdoms。Signing of the intergovernmental agreement between the three countries,It will provide a solid legal basis for the construction of the Zhongjiwu railway project,It marks that the Zhongjiwu Railway is changing from conception to reality,Show the international community the three countries to promote cooperation、firm determination to seek development together。China is willing to be with Cyrgyzlastein、Uzbekistan two countries,Repeat it,Prepare to make a good preparation for the construction of the project,Build this one who benefits the Three Kingdoms and the Three Kingdoms as soon as possible、Strategic channel for the economic and social development of regional regional。

Zaparov said,Zhongjiwu Railway is the flagship project of the "Belt and Road" in the "Belt and Road" in the Three Kingdoms,After completion, it will become a new transportation line from Asia to Europe and the Persian Gulf countries,European Cup Online Football Betting OddsInterconnection and interconnection of countries along the line and even the entire region、It is of great significance to strengthen economic and trade exchanges。I hope this railway will be completed and operated as soon as possible,To promote the common development of the region、Promoting the well -being of the people of all countries with new assistance。

Mirziyev said,Today's signing ceremony is historic,It is a pragmatic pace taken by regional interconnection construction。Zhongjiwu Railway will become the shortest land channel in China Unicom China and Central Asian countries,You can also open South Asia、Middle East National Market,It is conducive to further expanding regional cooperation with China to China,Deepen the friendly relationship between the country,Follow the long -term interests of various countries。

Zhongjiwu Railway starts from Kashgar, Xinjiang,Enter Uzbekistan via Kyrgyzstan,It can be on Westia in the future、South Asia extension,After completion, it will greatly Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddspromote the interconnection of the three countries,Drive the regional economic and social achievement faster development。

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