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Time Political Micro Observation 丨 New "Great Wall", novelty!
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Recent,Above 400 kilometers from the earth,Shenzhou 18 Aerobic Gunzer who is performing the task at the China Space Station shot a group of pictures in the Sanbei region。Overlooking Sanbei from space,A "Green Great Wall" that stretches thousands of miles is constantly extending and expanding。

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From Xinjiang from West、East to Heilongjiang,The world's largest ecological engineering- "Three North" project,"Green Miracle" on land that spans more than 4 million square kilometers across my country。

Last June,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected and hosted a symposium on the construction of key ecological engineering such as "Sanbei" for strengthening the comprehensive prevention Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsand control of desertification。At the symposium,The General Secretary's Direction、Mind、For deployment,The call of the era of "trying to create a new era in the new era in the new era in China"。

△ June 6, 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted a symposium on strengthening the comprehensive prevention Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsand control of desertification and promoting key ecological engineering construction symposiums and delivered important speeches。

Implementation of the "Three Norths" project is a major national strategy。It is the Sanbei region with nearly half of China's land and land area,New hope below。

How can the "Three Norths" project "10,000 Miles" into "Green Great Wall"? "Political Micro Observation" interpret for you。

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Landscape Forest Lake Grass Sand is a community of life。In order to open this symposium,General Secretary Xi Jinping is in the trip of Bayannaoer,I watched the lake all the way、Tian、Lin、sand、Water。

Examine the first stop,General Secretary came to Wu Liang Suhai, which is located 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionat the top of the "Several Bend" of the Yellow River。The reeds were flooded here、Huang Zao dens,"Disease" is not light。Now,The water quality of the Huxin section remains in Class IV。Not on the shore,I heard bird language。

△ June 5, 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects Wu Liang Suhai。

Before the exhibition board,Local responsible comrades reported to General Secretary Xi Jinping the change of governance thinking: initially "treat water",Late see it。Follow the system governance concept of General Secretary,Put the mountain、Water、Lin、Tian、Lake、Grass、Sand Put in a coordinated consideration,pattern and effect obviously changed。

General Secretary affirmed: "The direction of the governance and protection of Wu Liang Suhai is clear,Governance of intention、Careful care,One of them、Jiu Jiu is a merit,Guarding this ‘outer Pearl’,Leave a mountain green for future generations、Water Show、The new beautiful home of the air。”

"To adhere to the system concept,Solidly promote the integrated protection and system governance of landscapes, forests, lakes and sand。"at the symposium,General Secretary instructions,To coordinate forest、Grassland、Wetland、Desert ecological protection repair,Strengthening sand control、Water treatment、Rich Mountain Full Element Coordination and Management,Efforts to cultivate health and stability、Complete functional forest、Grassland、Wetland、Desert ecosystem。

General Secretary Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to the comprehensive prevention Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsand control of desertification.

2021 National Two Sessions,General Secretary talks about protecting the ecological environment of Inner Mongolia,When building the ecological security barrier in the northern northern country,Language: "It is necessary to coordinate the governance,Add a ‘sand’ character here。”

△ Early summer,Xinjiang Aksu Koco Town,A row of poplar lush lush。Once,There are 100 days of sandstorm storms a year a year,It can destroy 10,000 acres of farmland overnight。

Look at the history of the development of the "Three Norths" project,We can understand the significance of the comprehensive prevention Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsand control of desertification to the national ecological security。

The 1970s,Forest coverage rate in Sanbei area 5.05%,The number of winds and sand every year exceeds 80 days,Even in the late 1970s, a Wanlifeng sand line from Black Dragon Jiangxi to Xinjiang from east of 1970s。

"Three Norths" project since its implementation in 1978,Unremitting efforts by generations for several generations,Cumulative completion of afforestation preservation area of ​​480 million mu,Cumulative treatment of 500 million acres of sandy land。Forest coverage in the project area increased to 13.84%,The quality of the ecological environment is stable and good。

Sanbei region firmly establishes "one game of chess" thought,Twisted into a "one rope",Coordinated coordinated governance、joint defense and joint treatment。Since this year,"Three Norths" project tackling battle to accelerate,Current progressive progress。

Highlights -Fully play the three major iconic campaigns

"The ecology of the Sanbei area is very fragile,Sand prevention is a long -term historical task,We must continue to grasp this job,You can afford our ancestors and offspring。"" in Bayannaoer Xinhua Forest Farm,General Secretary Xi Jinping walks into the sandy land that is being governed,Jiu Jiu Duan in those year after year、Trees planted day after day。

"You can't rest for this matter,Can't relax。"General Secretary will compare the sand prevention and control as" Rolling Stone up the mountain ","Roll down without leaving the stone without leaving it"。

△ Inner Mongolia Cubana Yannaoer Linhe District State -owned Xinhua Forest Farm

my country is one of the most desertification countries in the world,"Three North" project is the main position of national ecological restoration。2021 to 2030,It is the sixth phase of the "Three Norths" project construction period,is the key period for consolidating and expanding the results of sand prevention and sand,It is a tackling period to promote the high -quality development of the "Three Norths" project。

"Strive for about 10 years,Fighting a 'Three Norths' Project Tackling Battle "。At the symposium,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to fight three major iconic campaigns — the Yellow River "several words",Korqin、Hun Shandack'European Cup Online Football Betting Oddss two major sandy wiped out wars,Hexi Corridor -The edge of the marginal barrier of the Taklama -Gang Desert。

The Yellow River "several words bend" across North China、Northwest,Inner Mongolia、Shaanxi、Gansu、Ningxia、Shanxi and other five provinces and regions,It is an important sand source area and path area that affects the sandstorms that affect Beijing -Tianjin and the Eastern region,It is also the main source of mud in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River。Since 2023,Mao Wu Su Sand Land、Kubuqi Desert、Ulanbu and desert governance as the key,Focus on sandy problems、Water suffering、salt stain、Prairie overloaded ecological problems,Multiple ways、Multiple ways to increase green、Expansion,The Yellow River "Several Words Bend" fights well to achieve a good start。

Korqin、Hun Shandack'European Cup Online Football Betting Oddss two major sandy wiped out wars are involved in Liaoning、Hebei、Inner Mongolia、Jilin and Heilongjiang and other five provinces and regions,It is the source of sand from the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei area。For a year,Five provinces and regions coordinate the edge and hinterland of desert、upper air outlet and lower air outlet、Syllabic governance governance,Millets continue to achieve new progress。

△ September 23, 2023,Hexi Corridor -The edge blocking battle of the Taklama Ganan Desert was officially launched in Wuwei Citizen Qin County, Gansu。

Hexi Corridor — The edge of the Taklama -Ganan Desert blocking war area involved in Inner Mongolia、Gansu、Qinghai、Xinjiang and other four provinces and regions and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,It is the most frequent event in northern wind and sand in my country、The most serious sand and dust source area。Last year,Starting in Minqin County, Wuwei City, Gansu。Four provinces and regions deploy key projects in key areas,Grasp the construction of windproof and fixing forest straps on the edge of the desert,Strengthen the repair of degraded forests and degraded grassland,Make sure that the sand source does not spread。

From the map,,Fight these three major battles,Unplug these deep yellow dots,You can connect a section of green line,The "Three North" project will also 2024 European Cup match predictionsbe connected to a more complete and heavy northern Xinjiang Great Wall、Ecological security barrier。

Adactions to local conditions -combination of sand control and sand

Recent,Central Radio and Television's "Tickling" Three Norths "show" Desert Pingsha "picture,Treating heated discussion among netizens。

In the vast sandy sea of ​​Ordos, Inner Mongolia,Nearly 200 soil machines go back and forth,Push the ups and downs、continuous sand dunes,so as to install photovoltaic boards here。This is exactly one of the latest photovoltaic sand control models now。

Desert、Sandy Land Lares,It contains huge wind energy、Solar resources。Photovoltaic Sands are generated through solar photovoltaic boards,Planting sandy plant under the board,Use the photovoltaic board to cover the sun,Reduce surface water evaporation,Help surface vegetation recovery,Dual effects that can be reduced by "gold" and can achieve desertification and land desertification。

This is the vivid epitome of the "Sanbei" project to explore scientific sand control.

The sand control manual in the Sanbei area,Write the effort and wisdom of the people: repair terraces、Repair Basin、Repair Reservoir,Drimpy Lisha,Locking Sand fixation,Spiral Diamond Planting Method,Water -saving container planting method ...

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the symposium: "Adapt to local conditions、Effective governance mode of scientific promotion and application。For more than forty years, we innovated and explored Ningxia Zhongwei Shapotou Mode、Inner Mongolia's mouthpage mode,and Kubuqi mode、A large number of effective sand control models such as Koko Model in Xinjiang。”

In the late 1970s,Wind and sand harm is serious,For green,If you have any trees, you can plant any trees,Often ten trees and seven dry。Now,Yi Qiao Zeqiao,Yicao is grass,should be irrigated,Yisha Cezha,Precision sand prevention and sand。

△ June 7, 2023,Ningxia Lingwu City Baili Beach National Nature Reserve。

Baili Beach, Lingwu City, Ningxia Lingwu City, located in the southwestern edge of Maowu Su Sand,Change the past season of afforestation、The passive sand control mode of surviving Europa League winner odds 2024the sky,Exploring the use of grass squares、Three Seasons Forestry、Model of Forestry Foresting in the rainy season,All rely on rain,The success rate of the year can reach more than 75%。

Komaizi area of ​​Xida River in Minqin County, Gansu,Grassnet grid double -eyebrow -like sand barrier、Straw beam upright sand barrier、 sand barrier, etc.,Disperse interlaced staggered arrangement。Researchers measure the width of the sand barrier one by one、After height,According to local water resources and other conditions,Planting shuttle、Mao bar、Shaguan jujube and other tree species ...

People live up to Qingshan, and Qingshan is not upset.

China takes the lead in realizing land degeneration "zero growth" in the world,Desertized land and sandy land area "dual reduction"。A eye -catching green,or connected into line,or connected into a forest,A magnificent poem that is coexisting in harmony with nature and nature。

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