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People's Caixing Review: Let the "Dragon Boat Festival" become "Dragon Boat Festival" and broaden the new space of cultural tourism
One of the comments of "strong Chinese flavor Dragon Boat Festival"
2024-06-06 09:26:44  Source: People's Daily Online  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  


Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming,Tourism boom is up。Display according to relevant platform data,As of June 1,Dragon Boat Festival holiday Cultural tourism pre -order volume increased by nearly 70%year -on -year。Where,"Folklore Town" is favored by "surrounding tourists" tourists,Foshan, Guangdong、Yichang, Hubei、Fujian Quanzhou and other Chinese cultural tourism pre -orders soaring。

As the first traditional festival in my country to be included in the world's intangible cultural heritage,The cultural and folk factors of the Dragon Boat Festival itself have become one of the 2024 European Cup match predictionsimportant factors that attract domestic tourists。When the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming,Multi -places nationwide combined with local Dragon Boat Festival,Create special tourism projects,Let tourists experience the unique charm and historical heritage of the Dragon Boat Festival in the atmosphere of traditional culture。

Experience the cultural charm of the Dragon Boat Festival,Shape unique tourist highlights。Qingdao Library during the holidays,It will pass multiple lectures on the Dragon Boat Festival、"May Wind -20124 Dragon Boat Festival Guqin Concert"、Follow professional lecturers to learn the history of incense culture、Related activities such as incense tools and techniques,Invite audiences to immerse themselves to experience the long history of Chinese culture and the extensive profound,Copy a Dragon Boat Festival full of "book aroma" and "knowledge fan" together。

"May 5,is Duanyang; eat rice dumplings,Hanging sachets;,Xiangmantang。"Dragon Boat Festival customs recorded in nursery rhymes,Not only historical memory,It is also the people's beautiful hopes for happiness and health。Hunan Province has released the Dragon Boat Festival 2024 European Cup match predictionsCultural Tourism Activity Plan,Dragon Boat、Bao Zongzi、Make traditional festivals such as sachets and other traditional activities exciting,Prepared a Dragon Boat Festival holiday for tourists。Mention Dragon Boat Festival,Can't miss the Dragon Boat。In Dongguan,"Dragon Ship" as a national non -heritage,With the longest national dragon boat moon and the lively dragon boat atmosphere。On the Ctrip platform,This year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday,Dongguan destination tourism search heat increased by more than 40%year -on -year。In Hunan,Yueyang 汨、Yongzhou Road County、Huaihua Mayang、Hengyang and other places will hold dragon boat activities。

In recent years,From national tide to Hanfu,From Wenbo Tour to Guzhen Tour,Volkswagen pays more and more attention to traditional culture。Dragon Boat Festival has rich cultural connotation and strong ritual sense,Visitors can get a richer emotional experience。The innovation of cultural tourism products in various places also gives new vitality to traditional festivals,Enhanced people's willingness to re -understand cultural traditions。Sichuan Province around the Dragon Boat Festival,The theme 2024 European Cup match predictionsof "Rongxianshu Baizhou Crossing" theme,Mass more 700 mass cultural activities at various local conditions。On the holidays of various places,Dragon Boat Run、Food Journal、Literary performance、Dragon Boat Festival Cultural and Creative Product Exhibition and other activities will be staged one after another,Open a new way of playing traditional culture in a variety of activities。At the same time,During the extension meeting of various places、Rich experience scenes up and down,Promoting the "Dragon Boat Festival" to "Dragon Boat Festival" transition,Provides more room for exhibition space for the fusion of style travel。

"Heavy Wushan Village Good,Dum Flower Suddenly Fanban。"" Dragon Boat Festival brings to people,It should not just eat rice dumplings,It should also have a richer understanding and feeling of China's long traditional culture。When ancient festivals blend with modern cultural tourism,It is expected to collide with a different spark。

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