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District leaders led the team to Yantian Town to carry out research
2024-06-04 09:03:43  Source: Sanyuan District Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

In the afternoon of June 3,District Mayor Xiao Shilong and his party to investigate Yanqian Town,Demonstration of the transformation of agricultural science and technology achievements in Zhongshan Village、Oukeng Village tobacco rice wheel work and tobacco leaf baking base、Yuanxi high -speed relocation and road traffic safety、Wanshouyan European Cup Online Football Betting OddsNational Archaeological Site Park Reconstruction and Promotion Project,and hold a symposium in Yanqian Town,District leader Xiao Fangjie、Liu Mingsheng participated。


Xiao Shilong emphasized,Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsPlanning work in a down -to -earth,overall planning to take into account project construction costs and sustainable benefits,Keep refining the work style in the real grasp。We must condense the development.Pilot pilots of agricultural reforms,Actively promoting successful experience,Think of ways to increase village wealth and farmers' income,To strengthen the docking communication with the park,Actively solve problems for the enterprise,To do a good job of the protection and use of Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park,Cultivate more triad formats。To build a safe bottom line.Pay close attention to weather changes,Keep an eye on key areas,Strengthen emergency preparation and exercise。Carefully check and rectify the hidden dangers of traffic safety,Increase law enforcement and publicity,Guarantee the safety of the masses。

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