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Flying,Village Youth -Multi -Party Customs Working Committee of Sanyuan District Customs and Working Committee to donate funds to donate a small banana primary school juvenile Palace
2024-06-03 09:30:41  Source: Sanyuan District Customs Working Committee  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

On the evening of May 31,Sanyuan District Xiaoya Elementary School launches "Red Scarf Love Motherland,Celebrate "June 1" exhibition talent rural school youth palace report performance "。


Dance with the whole 2024 European Cup match predictionsperformance、Singing、recitation、Musical instrument performance。In the cheerful music, children enjoy the joy of art,Parents dance with the children's laughter。


Xiaoyana Primary School is located in the Urban and Rural Combination Department,The source of the students is mainly from the children of migrant workers。The purpose of establishing a rural school youth palace is to promote the balanced development of urban and rural education,Make children of migrant workers can also enjoy the same education like children in the city。At the beginning of its establishment, due to lack of funds,It is difficult to carry out various activities。Sanyuan District Customs Working Committee learned about this,Call funds to all parties of the society,Donation of 30,000 yuan per year to school,For the use of activities European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsfor the Youth Palace。and starting with the school in 2022, "June 1st" "big hands holding small hands,Gongyuan Music Dream "theme education activity。As of now,Donated for three consecutive years,Donate a total of 90,000 yuan。

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