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Four collars and one promotion | Red collar salary fire ,Star Torch to the Future
2024-05-31 21:10:33  Source: Sanyuan Group District Committee  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

In recent years,、The strong leadership and care support of the Young Working Committee,Sanyuan Group District Committee、The District Young Working Committee adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Careful implementation of the central government、Provincial and Municipal "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the New Era of the New Era",Focus on the main responsibility,Promote the reform of the young pioneer in depth,Constantly guiding the majority of young people to listen to the party、Sentence party、Go with the party,The young pioneer career in the district will go to a new level。

Gao Yang Fire Red Banner, ideological and political leadership is even more prominent

The 70th anniversary 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionof the establishment of the Chinese Young Pioneer Team Congratulations to General Secretary Xi Jinping's book、To the eighth National Young Association Congratulations,important time nodes such as "May 4th", "June 1", "10 · 13" and other important time nodes,Organize the young pioneers of the organization to actively carry out the "Red Scarf's Heart Fighting the Party to Be a New Era", "Learn the Twenty Struggle to Do a good job" and other theme teams.,More than 3,000 people participated in it。Deepening Ritual Education,The main line of the glory of the young pioneers around the enhancement of the young pioneers,Do a good job of segment education、Divide application team、All -child joining the team and pushing the team to join the team,At the same time, 5 "Fujian Provincial Red Towel External Experience Experience Demonstration Base" is relying on Wanshouyan, including Wanshouyan,Hold the Qingming Festival Heroes、Literature and Art Show and other theme activities of more than 30 games,Covering more than 1,200 young pioneers。


Holding the theme team of the "Red Scarf Love Motherland" theme team in 2024

Shao Pioneer Demonstration Concentration Entry Ceremony


​​Hiring in Sanming City "Fight for the New Era" and celebrate the 74th anniversary 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionof the establishment of the Chinese youth pioneer team on the theme team

persistenceGubenStrong base, the young pioneer organization is more sound

Strictly implement the regulations for the team,Build a small pioneer member step -type growth incentive system,Seamless docking from "front education" to "team connection",100%of the 36 schools in the district established the school and the work committee。Strengthen the school squadron、Team Construction,Strengthen the Mobilization of the Young Pioneer Organization,Fully Carry out the "Red Scarf Medal" battle。Give full play to the role of advanced typical demonstration,Establishing available、Volual、"Examples around you"。4 collectives in our district obtained the National Red Scarf Squadron,3 collectives and 6 individuals are commended by the honorary provincial young pioneers,34 collectives and 148 individuals who have been evaluated by the municipal young pioneer honor commendation,The Provincial Young Working Committee identified 13 individuals and 4 large (middle) group collective four -star chapters。

2023 Sanming Young Pioneer Advanced Collective and Individual



Consolidate the team building, the counselor's ability to perform the job significantly improves

Select Youpiece and Qiang Shao Pioneer Counselor Team,Primary and secondary school brigade counselors have 100%。In 2024 European Cup match predictions-depth implementation of the Young Pioneer Counselor Layer Training,Promoting the incorporated into the "Green Horse Project" training plan,Realize the full coverage of the training of the Young Pioneer Brigade every year。Joint District Education Bureau organized the training activities of the young pioneer backbone counselor training and the young pioneer master studio,Help improve the comprehensive quality of the young pioneer counselor。The political status of strengthening the counselor in the regiment,Continue to grasp the implementation of policy documents for the construction of the counselor team.,Provide support guarantees for the healthy growth of counselors。


Three Yuan District ShaoPioneer special training activities


Communist Youth League, Shao Pioneer's Calling and Work Summary Meeting

2024,Three Yuan District Young Working Committee will thoroughly study and implement the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of children and young pioneers,Strengthen the work institutionalization of the young pioneer、Standardized operation,Promote the implementation of the key work of the young pioneer,Create the characteristic highlights of the young pioneer,Leading the majority of teenagers in the region to listen to the party、Go with the party,Surrounding the overall situation European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsof central service,Strive to be a good boy in the new era。

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