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District leaders led a team to Jingxi Street to carry out research
2024-05-30 16:58:27  Source: Sanyuan District Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

On the afternoon of May 29,District Mayor Xiao Shilong and his party to investigate Jingxi Street,Look at the renovation and improvement project of the old factory building of Sanming College New Engineering Department、Jingdong Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion Project、Jingxi Railway Road Pingjian Reformation Project,and hold a symposium on Jingxi Street。


Xiao Shilong emphasized,Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsContinuously improve the institutional mechanism of the "Near Neighbors",Practical promotion of normal long -term long -term。It is necessary to effectively solve the actual difficulties of cadres' work and life,Let the cadres have no worries,Really use your mind and energy for development、Grasp the implementation。To promote party building to lead economic development.To further change the ideas,Give full play to the leading role of the team,Promote the development of the economy。Give full play to the college discipline、Talent and intellectual advantages,Plan the integration of production and education carefully、Deepen school -land cooperation; fulfilling the responsibility of territorial,Active serving the development of enterprises in Jingdong Industrial Park,Solve the problem of corporate development,Promote the upper limit of the enterprise,Promote the separation of the owner of the manufacturing company; based on the street characteristics,Increase project packaging planning and funds for the project。Keep a safe and stable bottom line.To highlight road traffic safety、Fire safety and enterprise safety production。For the three -in -one place、Rental house、Old house、Investigation of hidden safety hazards in key areas around the college and low -lying areas and other key areas,Establish a list of risk grading management and control,Continue tracking and eliminating hidden safety hazards。Take the initiative to take responsibility,Lead to promote the work of insurance and solve the problem of historical problems,Create a safe and stable development environment。

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