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Celebrate "June 1" to show bamboo culture
2024-05-30 16:39:05  Source: Yangxi Kindergarten  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

2024 European Cup match predictions2024May 30Day morning,Yangxi Center, Three Yuan DistrictKindergarten has been carried out"Celebrate Six One "Bamboo" Dream Childhood and 5th Bamboo Product Expo "theme activity。

This gardenAroundBamboo is good enoughBambooVitalityGame"Bamboo is fun enough" — displayBamboo is fun enoughExperience4BigChapters to prepare this activityEuropa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsLet your child feel happy childhoodIt is worth mentioning this eventYangxi bamboo baby"Planning and Design of the entire process,arrange the venue with the teachers、Creative art works。


in"Show", the children are wearing Hanfu, inOn the runwayGrandly show the bamboo creative artwork in the hand; in"Game Chapter",Children's confident pace shuts down in the rhythm of the opening and closing of the bamboo pole; in the "Display",Children holdingVoting post",Voting the favorite bamboo toy”;in"Experience", the children passedObserve the flexible of bamboo artistsWeavingTechnology, with your parentsHandshakeTryBamboo Basket Weaving...


It is reported, Yangxi GardenThe next step willContinue toYangxi Bamboo Resources andTraditional culture, red resources, special artPerformFusion, create a series of courses, helpYangxi bamboo babyKnow the hometownFeatures, inherit the hometownCulture

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