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Liedong Street carried out traffic safety entry into campus centralized publicity activities
2024-05-13 16:44:49  Source: Lidong Street  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

2024 European Cup Football Result Prediction-Betting and OddsTraffic safety is a question of general attention in the whole society,Students' traffic safety is more related to millions of households。Let children know danger,Will avoid risk,It is of great significance to improve self -protection ability,At the same time, it can effectively drive parents,Promote the concept of civilized travel for family society。To strengthen 2024 European Cup match predictionsthe publicity and education of traffic safety,Improve the coverage of publicity,An Office in the District Road、Traffic Police、Education and other departments with the guidance support,Liedong Street Communication and Coordination and Coordination of 14 Schools Organizing the "Small Hands Leading Traffic Safety together" traffic safety enters the campus for centralized publicity activities this week。


May 13th,College Affiliated Primary School、College Affiliated Primary School、City in the city、Chonghe Elementary School combined with the speech of the country。Campaign preach with traffic safety knowledge,Send a civilized security traffic initiative to the students,Watch traffic safety promotional short videos and other forms。In the event,Students listen carefully,Actively interact with the aunt of the traffic police,Signing a promise on the 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictiontraffic safety signature wall。Students said,I have improved the importance of traffic safety by participating in the activity,It will consciously abide by traffic rules,Take the lead in promoting the new wind of civilization and traffic,Advisors of civilized transportation、Communicationer and practitioner。


Next,Lidong Street will actively link relevant departments and units,Working on strengthening traffic safety publicity and education,Efforts to create safety in the jurisdiction、unblocked、Order traffic environment!

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