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The first quarter work conference of the Sanyuan District Committee and deepened the expansion of the "three disputes" action,Promoting the "Four Collake and One Promotion" work promotion meeting will be held
2024-04-30 22:00:00  Source: Sanyuan District Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

April 30,The District Party Committee's first quarter work conference and deepen the expansion of the "three disputes" action,Promoting the "Four Collake and One Promotion" work promotion meeting will be held,Summarize the first quarter work,Analysis of the current situation,Deployment work next stage。Secretary of the District Party Committee Wen Yi attended and spoke。District Chief Xiao Shilong hosted and made specific deployment。District leader Lin Cuiling、Li Shifu and others attended。


Wen Yi pointed out,In the first quarter, the economic and social development of the region was good,Economic operation continues European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsto rise to a good situation,All departments at all levels must accurately grasp the new situation,Take advantage of the potential work in the second quarter。He emphasizes,To promote the efficiency of industrial efficiency with higher quality,Accelerate the formation of new productive forces,Consolidate industrial support,Expansion of the advantages of the three production,Constantly improving agricultural characteristics。To grasp the project stable investment with greater efforts,Strengthening project planning reserves,Accelerate the construction of key projects,Increase project attraction。Deepen reform and opening up with a wider field of vision,Continue deepening the reform of key areas、Huming's counterpart cooperation and the integration of cross -strait cross -strait,The dynamic vitality of continuously enhancing economic and social development。We must ensure improvement of people's livelihood with more truthful measures,Constantly enhance people's livelihood,Improve urban and rural quality,Accelerate the formation of a good atmosphere for the creation of co -construction and sharing civilized cities。2024 European Cup match predictionsTo keep the red line with stricter standards,Consolidate the foundation of food safety,Carry out hidden dangers investigation and rectification,Improve the quality of ecological environment,Go all out to maintain social stability。The work style must be changed in the whole district,Combined with the party disciplinary study and education activities that are currently carried out,Reinforcement Awareness,Pay close attention to work implementation,Anti -formalism,Focus on opening a new situation in the entrepreneurial entrepreneurs。

Xiao Shilong requirements,Relevant units at all levels should study the rules of the policy,Fully promotes the "double half" in the first half of the year; it is necessary to highlight the development of steel and equipment manufacturing and fluorine new materials industry,Continue "doing big three for the third birth、Stronger Three Products ",Implement the construction of key project construction; we must use "I solve problems for enterprises" and resolve the work leftover.,Focus on solving the problem of difficult points in the difficulties of enterprises and regional development; to implement the "three European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsfighting" working mechanisms,Constantly promoting fiscal revenue increase and expenditure,Continue to be superior to strong state -owned enterprises; focus on ecological and environmental protection、Protection of cultivated land and food safety、Safety production and other bottom lines of red line,Coordinated to do a good job of preventing risks and benefiting people's livelihood,Plide the bottom line of no systemic risk without having a systemic risk。

The meeting notified the economic and social operation of the whole district in the first quarter and the deepening of the "three disputes" action in the first quarter、Promote the work of "four collars and one promotion"、Continue to promote the "1620" action situation。

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