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Make a big three for production、stronger three production | Xinkou Town: The project of commercialization processing center (Phase II) after the picked by Xiji Village is progressing smoothly
2024-04-25 09:37:27  Source: Xinkou Town  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

In recent years,With consumers' demand for high -quality fruits, it continues to increase,Xi Ji Mingson used its unique taste and nutritional value,It is enthusiastically sought after by the market。

This year,Xiji Village 2024 European Cup match predictionsinvested 2 million yuan in Xiji Village Citrus Citrus Citrus Treatment Center (Phase II) project has completed the main framework,The main body of the steel structure is being built。The project construction area is about 986 square meters,Construction of a steel structure plant,Purchasing a set of citrus intelligent equipment。


This project is used through intelligent equipment high -definition fast photo and resolution technology,The size of the fruit、Color、sugar degree、Surface defects and other features for rapid identification and measurement,and classify according to the preset standard。Fruit after classification will be automatically transported to different packaging areas,Packing and packing,Finally shipped to the market for sales。

After the project is completed,Not only enhances the 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionpopularity and reputation of Xiji Millet,can also bring professional management concepts to fruit farmers,Provide consumers with more high -quality honey oranges; it will further expand the market share of Xiji honey orange,Make positive contributions to the development of Sanyuan District Honey Orange Industry。

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