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District leaders carry out special research on education work
2024-04-15 20:57:00  Source: Sanyuan District Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Chen Yitong  

In the afternoon of April 15,District Mayor Xiao Shilong went to Sanming and Eight Middle School、Dongxin Primary School,On -site inspection of the construction of education projects,and hold a symposium at the District Education Bureau,Help coordinate and solve difficult problems。District leader Liu Mingsheng participated in the survey。

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Xiao Shilong emphasized,European Cup Online Football Betting Odds"Three -year Action Plan for High -quality Development in the Three Yuan District" has strong guidance、Leading and targeted,Everyone must continue to be effectively refined and implemented in an orderly manner,Provides a strong guarantee for the development of the three yuan education work。To grasp the point,Grasp the direction。The main responsibility of the school education is important,School education should return to this position,The school must grasp management,Teachers must teach books and educate people,Build a good ecology of education。To sort out the question,Cracking difficulties。Carefully take stock of the promotion of various key tasks of education,Further sort out the problem、Check the leakage and supplement、perfect list,Relevant departments and units must perform their duties seriously,Do a good job 2024 European Cup match predictionsof supporting service,Make sure to achieve real education results。Pay attention to planning,Grasp the project。Establish and improve project planning、Strive for funds、Implementation coordination mechanism,Constantly optimize and improve design、Fund platter、Construction and other full -process supervision and management,inverted plan,Speed ​​up,Guarantee quality and safety。

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