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Xu Bi Street: Building a flood prevention "Safe City"
2024-04-08 09:47:30  Source: Xu Bi Street  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

Come on for even day,Facing rain love,Xu Bi Street heard "flood" and move,Quick response,Do the real flood prevention measures,Go all out to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people。


Keep an eye on the point,Strict precautions。Carry out dredging and dredging work for the Wulu Community and other areas that are prone to waterlogging,Timely clearing water resistance,Eliminate hidden safety hazards。Combined with the touches,All staff members of Xu Bi Street sink the community (village),According to the investigation situation and resident feedback Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsinformation,Update and improve the risk account in time。At the same time,Established a member of the community (village) as the head of the person in charge of the emergency duty team,Go to the flood prevention risk point for hidden dangers for investigation、Point inspection,Make sure the situation is controllable。

three -dimensional publicity,Raise consciousness。Street and village (residential) two levels make full use of WeChat group、LED displays and other methods to release disaster weather warning information in time。Organize streets and village (residential) cadres at the same time、High -steep edge slopes and other hidden dangers near the dangerous areas of dangerous areas conduct households to popularize flood prevention and hedging knowledge、Notice of Disaster Risk of Direct Direct Discipline,Ensure that the people in the jurisdiction should be known for rain and water conditions and related risk shelter、Knowing。More than 1300 pieces of the disaster weather warning information this time,Release of more than 136 copies of the risk Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsof disaster risk during the flood season。

Timely response,Powerful combat。Xu Bi Street quickly disposes the danger reflected by the residents,April 4,According to the residents of the third phase of Jinlan Bay,The water flows near the Bihu substation is too fast,Water flow has spread to the road,seriously affects the normal travel of residents,and cause large hidden safety hazards to the substation。The street starts the emergency plan for the first time,Immediately organize street emergency rescue teams to rush to the scene for processing,At the same time,Contact the city land collection and storage center、The relevant personnel of the Fujian Geological Brigade researched and viewed the maintenance of the emergency rectification project of the Geological Disaster Station of Bihu Lake Transformation Station,Coordinating related departments to deal with hidden dangers and other problems。other,Clocking the water pipe in the area of ​​the jurisdiction、Village power outage、Branches inverted、Road collapse Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsand other hidden dangers,Through dredging the pipe、Contact the power department to grab power interruption、Coordinating the construction team to deal with branches and clear the landslide to eliminate hidden dangers in time。As of now,Xu Bi Street Sinking Cadres 52 people,Investigate the risk of risk 18 places,Discovery 7 places and all have been repaired。

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