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Jingxi Street: Continue to promote the problem of resolving historical problems to solve the work
2024-03-19 08:48:53  Source: Jingxi Street  Editor in charge: Tang Wentao  

Luyuan is here, and it is difficult to do.In order to implement the deployment of the "three disputes" action deployment and the "four collar and one promotion" work,Jingxi Street actively responds to the call of the mobilization meeting of Sanyuan District to promote the problem of historical leftover.,Implement "A leftover question、A hanging bag leader、A job special class、A "Four One" working mechanism of a solution ",Make sure to properly solve the problems left over from European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsthe history of the jurisdiction。


A few days ago,Jingxi Street held a research deployment meeting on promoting the problem -resolution of historical problems,Established the promotion problem of the party's party secretary as the leader of the party committee secretary to solve the work leadership group,Comprehensively and systematically investigate and sort out the existence of urban development and construction in the jurisdiction、Park service work, including 6 historical problems, leaves,Create a problem work account。

For the Sanming Beautiful Life Home "Insurance Building" for Sanming in the jurisdiction、Original Sanming Intelligent Machinery Equipment Industrial Park、The construction of the construction of the Jingxi Red Wine Town plot and other historical problems,Work Leading Group actively reports and communicate with the leadership and responsible departments of distinguished management,By conducting on -site 2024 European Cup match predictionssurveys and on -site office,To understand the actual situation of the problem,and the blocking point of the existing problems、Difficult point,Provides strong support for solving the problem of historical leftover。


(Relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic Development Zone went to Guanyangkeng to investigate the original Sanming Smart Machinery Equipment Industrial Park Project)

Jingxi Street said,Putting on the work leftover of historical lesions to solve the work in important positions,Resolutely implement the "four one" working mechanism,Constantly improve work method,Improve work efficiency and quality,The responsibility of "not leaving the problem left over to history" is responsible for the responsibility,Go all out、Perseverance,Ensure that the problem of historical problems is resolved to get a new breakthrough。

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