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Holding scientific and technological activities in Shanghecheng Primary School in the district
2024-03-07 17:14:49  Source: Sanyuan District Shanghecheng Primary School  Editor in charge: Chen Yitong  

March 6,District Shanghecheng Primary School held the theme of science and technology activities with the theme of "Science and Technology Lighting Children's Innovation Achievement"。

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This event is performed by the scientific show、Visit Experience Toban Exhibits、Small production 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionof on -site technology。Setal model pull cigarette performance、liquid nitrogen experiment、Madiburg Hemisphere Experiment、Table Tennis Agency Artillery Experiment ... Under the demonstration of scientific teachers,The students experienced a visual feast,Over enough "scientific addiction"。

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Subsequent,Under the guidance and complaint of the staff of the Sanming Science and Technology Museum,Students visit science exhibits in an orderly manner,Learn the scientific principles and practice operations,The magical power of experienced technology。

This event,Scientific seeds in the hearts of students,Let the consciousness that advocates science subtly infiltrate into the depths of the children's hearts,Students' practice、Creation、Continuous learning、Continuous Europa League winner odds 2024learning、Questions and other abilities and other abilities and scientific literacy have been further improved。

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