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Three Yuan District Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Learning Conference was held
2023-12-19 21:16:00  Source: Sanyuan District Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Chen Yitong  

On the afternoon of December 19,Secretary of the District Party Committee Wen Yi presided over the study meeting of the district committee theoretical learning center group,Surrounding Xi Jinping's cultural thought,Combined with General Secretary Xi Jinping's publicity and culture、Important instructions made by network security and informatization work and national online 2024 European Cup match predictionsinformation work meeting、The province's publicity and ideological and cultural work meeting、The province's Internet message work meeting、The spirit of the city's propaganda ideological and cultural work and online information work conference,Carry out a special discussion。District leader Xiao Shilong、Lin Cuiling、Li Shifu and other participation。

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Conference emphasized,Xi Jinping's cultural thoughts and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important ideas on online power,Provides us with a good guidelines for promoting ideological culture and online information for us to do a good job in the new era and new journey.。Based on a higher position,Highlight practice leaders。Deep grasp of Xi Jinping's cultural thought and the important ideological practice logic of the Internet power,Take out a more real move,Promoting theoretical learning、Cultural prosperity、Civilization Creation、European Cup Online Football Betting OddsCultural prosperity、Work quality and efficiency in various fields such as network governance。To strengthen the party's leadership,Strengthen responsibility。Adhere to the propaganda of party management、Party management ideology,Further press the main responsibility of the actual subject,Strengthening position management and risk prevention,firmly grasped to maintain ideological security dominance,Constantly create a new situation in publicity and ideology。Focus on key work,Create a strong atmosphere。Combined with the second batch of theme education in combination,Continue to grasp news publicity,Growing mainstream public opinion,Tell the three yuan story,Focus on highlighting the effectiveness of social propaganda,Gathering online and offline power。

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