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Three Yuan District Carrying out the implementation of the "I solve the problem for the enterprise" activity.
2023-12-15 20:59:00  Source: Sanyuan District Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Chen Yitong  

On the morning of December 15,To promote the "I solve the problem for enterprises" activities in our district, further achieve results,Three Yuan District Carrying out the implementation of the "I solve the problem for the enterprise" activity.。 

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Supervisory scene,"I solve the problem for the enterprise" service work leadership group headquarters office and the "two office" supervision room and the National People's Congress office,At the same time invites the representative of the National People's Congress、CPPCC members visited the new material European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsof Baofluoro、Brother Logistics、Three Steel、Xia Shang Department Store and other companies,Listen to the relevant functional departments of the district and the local township (street) on the slope governance of the enterprise、EIA approval、Project Land、Public Transport、Move、Introduction to the implementation of problems such as idle floor development,Ask if the corporate policy really landed、Is the question really solved、Whether the service is really satisfied,Make sure that corporate problems from collecting from collection to processing,From feedback to supervision,Forms a full -chain closed -loop service mode,Effectively solve problems for the enterprise,Help comprehensive and high -quality development transcendence。

It is understood,Three Yuan District organized the "I solve the problem for the enterprise" activity in April this year,Betting with the problem of solving corporate development is the goal,Construction Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsof government -enterprise communication and exchange platform,Improve the long -term mechanism of service enterprises。Since the activity is launched,Sanyuan District organized various types of inspections through organization、Research、Topics meeting、On -site meeting and other forms to carry out tracking supervision,Introduction of external supervision at the same time,Actively invite representatives of the people's congress in the business community、CPPCC members participate。This year has been against 12 functional departments、Inspection of 8 township streets,Find 16 items in the existence,Urges the relevant responsible units through "Looking back" to complete the rectification,Ensure that all tasks are implemented in detail。As of the end of November,A total of 326 issues are collected in the district,238 pieces have been solved now。

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