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The Admissions Committee of the Three Yuan District on the Admissions Measures for Adjusting and Optimizing Municipal Primary School Admissions Measures
2023-11-27 21:31:00  Source: Three Yuan District Education Bureau  Editor in charge: Chen Yitong  

Jingshi、The educational department of the two levels of the district held many special meetings for research,and listen to relevant departments and cities、Some representatives of the People's Congress at the two levels of the district、CPPCC member、Street、Parents、Resident representative opinions,Decided to adjust and optimize the enrollment measures of municipal primary schools in the area of ​​Sanyuan District,It will be announced as follows:

Maintain the three Yuan District Primary School (including the city) points for enrollment、Steel Admissions、"Provide a degree with a degree with a degree only for Europa League winner odds 2024a house within six years" and other enrollment policies are unchanged,Adjustment and optimization of Sanming Experimental Primary School and Sanming College Affiliated Primary School (Kirin Campus,Same below) Enrollment method。

1. Limit the time of new purchase of second -hand houses

(1) The implementation time point of the adjustment method (to be determined,Same below) Former new purchase of Sanming Experimental Primary School、Second -hand housing in the admissions area affiliated to Sanming College (based,The same below),and before the enrollment conforms to the "three unifications",Sorting from high to low according to points is determined to be admitted to the school,Municipal primary schools that exceed some of the remaining degrees or borrow from Sanyuan District Huming Elementary School,Establish a student status from the Municipal Primary School、Select Teacher。

(2) Purchase Sanming Experimental Primary School after the adjustment method is clearly implemented、Second -hand housing in the admissions area affiliated to Sanming College,Holding the real estate in the film for three years and above,Before the enrollment, it conforms to the "three unity",Cabering can be enrolled。If the number Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsof students in the area exceeds the number of enrollment plans,According to the "Points Admission、Volunteer Admission "Method,Sorting from high to low according to points is determined to be admitted to the school,Municipal or district -affiliated schools with surplus degrees exceeding some of the remaining degrees。Admitted to the school's school,Municipal Primary School no longer borrow some school、No more student status、No longer sent teachers。

(3) Purchase Sanming Experimental Primary School after the adjustment method is clearly implemented in the adjustment method、Second -hand housing in the enrollment film affiliated to Sanming College,It conforms to "Three Unifications" before enrollment,But holding the real estate in the film for less than three years,Do not enjoy the city's primary school degree,Press "Points Admission、Volunteer Admission "Method,Accepted the district school school with the remaining degree。

2. Advance to increase the admission method of "long -term young followers"

Children who have already attended elementary school in children's families (excluding the original graduation class),Other new students and daughters meet the requirements of the school's regulations,Apply for the same batch when enrolling 2024 European Cup Football Result Prediction(a total of three batches: the first batch is the "three unity" objects and the educational preferential treatment object; the second batch is the "two unification" objects; Admissions application conditions for appropriate age) children) are given priority to admission to schools for children to study。

The above -mentioned enrollment adjustment and optimization measures are announced from November 27, 2023 to December 5。If there are any objections during the publicity period,Call at normal work hours、Visits and other forms to the enrollment committee of the Three Yuan District。This enrollment adjustment method will be officially implemented after the announcement releases 7 working days。

Contact number: 0598-7991702.

Visit Address: Sanyuan District Education Bureau (72 Building 501, Building 72, Dong'an New Village, Sanyuan District)。

Admissions Committee of the Three Yuan District

November 27, 2023

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